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'Deep Dish' to Kobayashi - 'Should've Been Convicted'

8/6/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He got off easy in court -- but hot dog eating legend Takeru Kobayashi is facing a serious backlash from one of his fellow professional wiener gobblers ... a guy who thinks TK "should have been convicted."

Kobayashi Hot Dog Contest

TMZ spoke with Patrick "Deep Dish" Bertoletti -- who placed 3rd in this year's big 4th of July hot dog eating competition -- and dude tells us, "I think the charges against [Kobayashi] were somewhat legit, and he should have been convicted on at least the resisting arrest charges."

As we previously reported, TK was arrested during the July 4th eat-off in New York when he rushed the stage AFTER it had ended ... and then refused to leave.

Bertoletti -- who recently ate 38 Mars Bars in 5 minutes -- said Kobayashi's stage-rushing antics reminded him of "a crazed ex-girlfriend attempting to stop a wedding" ... but laments, "If anything Kobayashi brought more publicity to a somewhat boring hot dog contest."


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big ball    

Bunch of ****ing loosers... All of them...

1538 days ago


Kobayashi must have lost about 100 lbs since this photo was taken. He now looks emaciated and strung out. I didn't even recognize him when he got arrested. He looks like a completely different person and not in a good way.

1538 days ago



1538 days ago


I think i'ts rediculus that they let Lyndsey Lohan out of jail early.Or any celeb matter of fact.....she/they should have spent the entire time in there,Thats why these clebs,DONT LEARN A LESSON!!!!!!!!!! Too easy on them.Just like a young child being punished for something say a time out,just beacuse they cry and break ur heart with their sad little faces doesnt mean shortning the punishment. It wont teach them to think before they react,punishment teaches them that "I dont wanna do that again" so i better be have..There isnt enough disipline in the world today....A regular every day "Joe" wouldnt get it that easy..over crowding jail?? Thats not news!!!I'ts over crowded because no one is allowed to punish kids in public any more.... So they grow up with no disipline..and they are spolied....

1538 days ago


Yum, Mars Bars.......

1538 days ago

Miss Tila Chlamydia OMGPOW!     

Kobi didn't bum rush the stage. He was invited up by the host George or Richard Shea.

1538 days ago


# 2 - the fact that you can recognize before and after photos of that weirdo is a bit frightening. do you also drive around in a white van and tell small children that you have candy and puppies inside?

1537 days ago


Man vs. food . . . on this day, food won!

1537 days ago


why do we care about some weiner eating deuchebags?

1537 days ago


I was at San Diego Comic Con for the Red Faction: Armageddon Mars Bar eating contest and Pat Bertoletti absolutely CRUSHED some chocolate! Hold onto your stomach and check out the video here: http://community.redfaction.com/forums/topic/8513

1537 days ago

Its ME!    

that contest is STUPID. TK your better off with out em, OBVIOUSLY they are threatened by you haha!

1537 days ago


The whole stupid incident seems premeditated or a set-up by the organizer. TK did not rushed to the stage like "ex-girlfriend at the wedding" because TK did so AFTER the competition was over, so it wasn't like he was trying to stop anything.
He responded to emcee and chestnut's invitation to come up to the stage as his fans chanted for TK(this invitation sounds suspicious)
Besides, if the organizer didn't want the ex-champion to appear on the stage so bad to the extent they instantly arrest him (as they almost predicted this would happen...), they should've not let him in, in the first place. The news and videos of TK's arrest brought much spot-light to the contest,
and organizer themselves which was a free promotional advertisement for Nathan's hot dog eating contest.

1537 days ago

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