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Fantasia Barrino

Named in

Divorce/Sex Tape Scandal

8/7/2010 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Court documents filed this week by a woman in North Carolina allege her husband had an affair with former "American Idol" champ Fantasia Barrino -- and that the two made a sex tape.

According to docs obtained by WCNC, Paula Cook filed for child support against her estranged husband Antwaun Cook last week and cited an alleged affair between Cook and Barrino. She claims the two met at a T-Mobile store and, beginning in August 2009, began their "covert adulterous affair."

Cook goes on to claim, "Throughout the course of their adulterous affair ... Defendant/Husband and Ms. Barrino have at times recorded their illicit activity."

Rumors of an affair between Barrino and Cook have been around for months -- and Barrino has always denied them.

Calls to Fantasia's management were not immediately returned.


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Fantasia was one of my favorites! Please Fantasia pull yourself together, and get your career on track.

You can sing...wish you'd get back to that instead of the drama.

1506 days ago



1506 days ago


So true about the hair thing. She'd be cool with a big afro like back in the day. She needs to pump up the coolness and dim the stupid ego, dramas, and crazy relatives.

P.S. Saw something were Fantasia brushed off learning to dance. Get your butt into dance classes and seriously learn to dance. Make something of yourself!

1506 days ago


she is making her grannies church look bad.

1506 days ago


Someone else looking for their 15 minutes of fame and $$$$$! Does it ever end???

1506 days ago


TRASH! she is totally trash!

1506 days ago

Gsharon 710    

My heart goes out to Mrs. Cook and her children. It is never easy to have a family breakup. This happens throughout each day. When you are in the spotlight, things just seem more awful, but, couples who are not well known hurt and give hurt also.

I hope Fantasia will speak with this lady and say what needs to be said. Truth being, no person can take another person from someone. That man has age, talent, business sense, mobility, and knowledge about his marriage and children.

No one knows if Fantasia knew this man was still with his wife. Do you think everyone who seperates sit back and wait for the divorce before they become attracted to someone else? Sounds like the right thing to do, but it does not always happen that way.

I enjoy Fantasia's music and will continue to do so. Fantasia is young and must realize, you need to know more about a person before you get into a relationship, even if it just friendship, especially when you have fans.

If there is a tape, I just hope the news media will take care where the parents did not. There are children on both sides to consider, and no doubt we all know someone, or we ourselves have taken the wrong road before.

Mrs. Cook needs to be the intelligent one here and not feed the public with all details because she and her children have more to lose. She needs to collect child support, whereas if Mr. Cook is indeed with Fantasia, they are living in a mansion.

Sympathy may sound good for Mrs. Cook, but this could all come back to haunt her children as they age and attend school.

1506 days ago


Talent,Fame,Money,Sex,Tabloids, If any of this is true,seems like it keeps happening in the Illusive Land of the Rich and Famous. Not a Surprise.

1506 days ago


Damn, Fantaisa really does look like Shrek in that picture, LOL....

1506 days ago


And to think this nasty ass thing is someone's mother. She needs to take her no talent ass home and raise her child.

1506 days ago

Whip It    

..whatever, who isn't scandlas that's a celeb nowadays.
They are all/celebs pretty NaSty! When is Hollywood going to get some class 'cause this new generation is totally X RATED. LOLz

~whip it

1506 days ago


You couldn't pay me enough money to watch this time. Jesus, if she howls and screams in the sack like she does when she attempts to sing, anyone who watches this thing is going deaf. I don't even want to think about what that little midget looks like naked. Jesus. Gross.

1506 days ago


I hate to see someone who has opportunity to be successful, and they up over stupid sh... Fantasia has been doing dumb Sh... every since she became famous. African Americans already have to work hard to succeed, but don't get to the top and mess up. Yes people do it everyday, but don't mess up at the start of your career. When you are in the public eye, I'm sorry you can't be doing certain things because it will destroy and damage you. Yea maybe a everyday person can get away with it, but not no celebrity. There are people out there that live for busting your ass. Now what ever little money she has stacked is going to be tied up in some legal BS, because LOL, you know someone is going to sue LOL

1506 days ago


And as far as the undercover ignorant people that is taking this to a racial comment social party, I'm a nurse, and I see people of all nationalities come in everyday for STD's, sorry its just not african americans, we live in a day and age where there are no morales, so everyone in all age groups who's is sleeping around uprotected is getting ****. So please stop using topics like this to get your racist remarks off...We already know that its a lot of you out there so please stop using someone elses **** up as a opportunity to turn this **** black, because that makes you just as dumb and ignorant as the dumb **** she did. And guess what, I really don't care what you say to comment on this, I have said what I had to say and I'm through with it.

1506 days ago


@ comment 42

Gross, white people naked.

May as well watch pigs having sex. White girls are so nasty...

Posted at 3:03 PM on Aug 7, 2010 by dustin

1506 days ago
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