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Jesse James' Ex -- I'm Following Jesse to Texas!

8/9/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James is going to have company in Texas ...because his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder claims she's moving to Austin to be closer to their daughter Sunny.


As we previously reported, the judge in their child custody case had ruled that Jesse could take Sunny to Austin, so she could be closer to her former stepmom Sandra Bullock ... who has a close relationship with the 6-year-old.

But this morning in an Orange County courtroom, Janine's attorney announced that the former porn star intends to follow Jesse to Austin ... and wants some money to help with the transition.

Janine wants $9,000 a month in child support -- with $3,500 of that earmarked for Janine's living expenses.  But she didn't get it .

For now, the judge ordered Jesse to pay Janine $50,000 for attorney's fees ... and set his child support rate at $2,000-per-month.

As for custody -- Janine will get Sunny on the weekends ... right after school lets out on Friday afternoons.

UPDATE: The judge just upped Jesse's child support payments to $3,000 a month. Outside of court, Janine told TMZ she considered today's hearing a "win" ... and that she's ready to head to the Lone Star State.



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This sounds good for Sunny, to have both parents nearby.

Nothing unusual about the child support Jesse has to pay. Read up on family code. It's the same in Texs. The judge ruled within the law.

1514 days ago


This whole thing just pizzes me off to no end. That nasty beotch of a mother needs to get her sh*t together and get a REAL job. If she is so has she paid for all of those tatts? She just disgusts me-along with all of the other dead-beat parents out there!

1514 days ago


Trouble seems to follow Sandra Bullock.

Note to: Ehécatl #9 post
Have you ever been to Texas? Hillbillies? Your ignorance is showing.

1514 days ago


Jesse, you will always be welcome here in Austin just straighten up your act like you have been trying to do. Your exwacko wife Janine needs to keep her freak drug induced insane porno self in California, we do not need her here. The Austin Police will love dealing with her. I am sure she will be a frequent flyer on American Jail.

1514 days ago


Not understanding the idea of him paying child support when he has custody, but we are talking about the California court system aren't we!

1514 days ago


What the hell is wrong with that judge? If Sunny is living with Jesse then that skank should be paying him child support though he doesn't need it. If I were him I'm fight to get the child support and use that as leverage to get her to shut the hell up. Who would ever want a porn star as a mom? It's only cool if your child is a boy then when the friends spend the night.....I'll just end it at that.

1514 days ago


Why is she getting child support when she only has weekend visitation? She is not entitled to child support, unless she has custody, which she doesn't. She just was granted visitation not to long ago. Either your facts are BS, or this judge is unfair or jesse had to offer that money in order to win his case. That is a bunch of crap TMZ, and you need to recheck your facts. In addition, what about Jesse's other children, is he planing on leaving them behind or what? Hello!!!! THis story is filled with holes and makes no sense.

1514 days ago

Barbara Davis    

Just what Austin need one more worn out meth head stripper with a lot of nasty tats and her trashy sex addict ex husband. Sound like typical triler park drama to me.

1514 days ago


Good for her.. she deserves it after all the pain and suffering she had to endure for the nasty behaviour from both Jesse/Doug and Sandra Bull-head. I'm glad she is going to move for the sake of her daughter. A mother and daughter need and deserve to be together. Not a mother and step-mother. Jesse you are one ugly inconsiderate mindless creep.

1514 days ago


Divine(Stripper Name),
I am guessing you are either Janine herself, or you are a mom who lost custody and your kid prefers the step mom. Just because you give birth does not make you a parent. A parent is the one who takes care of the child. It is better to be a parent than just a birth giver, loser.

1514 days ago


Why is she getting child support when he has the kid and why would he need to pay her living expenses...that is just crazy!

1514 days ago


THAT is CRAP! She doesn't have custody, why on earth is she getting child support????????????????? Something is seriously flawed with that court ruling!

1514 days ago


If She went to court to change the custody, If she went to court to get more visitation, If she went in with a lawyer and had no money? Why is the judge making Jesse pay the fees?

Janine was a Ex "girl on girl" only star when he met and married her. She was going to produce back then. She was retired.

1514 days ago


I like so many others, don't understand the child support. She only has her daughter on the weekends. AND what a circus...poor Sandra! Boy has she managed to collect a lot of trash in her life like fly paper.

1514 days ago


On what world do we live in where a judge forces the parent with primary custody to pay the parent without primary custody child support and legal fees!!??!?! Stupid!!! I may not agree with what he did but come on now, How much is she paying him for child support since he has primary custody??

1514 days ago
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