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Fantasia Barrino -- Overdose Confirmed

8/10/2010 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia Barrino's rep has officially confirmed reports that the "American Idol" champ was rushed to a North Carolina hospital last night after a "medication overdose."


UPDATE: Fantasia's manager says the singer is in stable condition.


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Bernadette Wickliffe    

Fantasia my heart goes out to here and her family. With her being my idol from the very start i feel sad that this took place. Get well soon girl this to will pass weeping indure for a night joy will come. God is not going to put to much on you then you can bare. Go with God and you will be blessed.

1540 days ago


Ok Everybody want to blame Fantasia, well guess what she didnt hold a gun to his head and say sleep with me, He's a grown man, who knew he was married, plus he lied to her and the wife. So quit alling her a homewrecker, she's a woman no different from a lot of yall out there. its just that we know her because they pt it out there, but check yourself first before u judge her. Fantasi keep your head up girl, let the haters hate.

1540 days ago


I do not feel sorry for Fantasia in any way!! I don't know why people that is famous think that they can do what they wanna and the world has to many single men for her to be dating a married man. She is a whore and that is my personal opinion. I seen her movie and I can only say this much " You can take them from the hood, but ya can't take the hood outta them".. Spoken from an african american married woman point of view......

1540 days ago

Sonya Squires    

Girl you are a child of god that is how you made it this far god did not bring you this far to leave you for all you haters out their GET YOU SOME BUSINESS AND STAY OUT OF HERS!!!!!!!!!!!

1540 days ago


well i for one love fan, she is a beautiful singer. god bless you Fan.. this sure looks like she was set up by to Cooks for a financial gain...

1540 days ago


for those who are being negative towards fantasia lets be for real only FANTASIA knows what happened and us as society have only the media to go off of so instead of criticizing her lets pray for her. now i smh at all of you for judging

1540 days ago



1540 days ago


FB, I say a prayer for you, IF IT'S TRUE, which I can't image her doing. I think it's a joke that a women would want to sue another women for supposedly taking her man....You can't take nothing that's not available. Just listen to yourself. Yes she is very upset and angry her husband left her, BUT it's your HUSBAND you should sue stupid, not the other women. I was in a similar situation but I blame my ex, not the other women even though I was mad at her, HE's the one that cheated. To me, suing is just shows me you want money because that is the only way you think you can get back at her, and because she is in the spot light and you want to make everyone think she is a bad person. This happens every day lady. I truly believe if it were any normal working person she would not consider suing. HOPE THE THOUGH OF GETTING HER MONEY MAKES HER FEEL BETTER. Get well FB and be there for your daughter. AND for those NEGATIVE HATERS, get a wish you had her success. Yes she has had some hard times, but haven't we all. GOD BLESS YOU FANTASIA.

1540 days ago

monique rivera    

I'm so disgusted at the posts saying that fantasia deserves to die and basically lose it all because she had a relationship with a so called married man no one knows but them what went on and if he was married at the time or seperated. Truth be told at the end of the day its there business. And Dont forget most men lie and us as woman sometimes get caught up with emotions and fall fast . give her the benefit of the doubt people. Fantasia i wish u a speedy recovery and a long career god bless you and your daughter

1540 days ago

Sonya Squires    

The more they hate on you the more it should motivate you. And for all these people on here making these SICK COMMENTS about her you need to get yourself a life and stay out of HERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

1539 days ago


You *******s, Not one of you said anything about the husband. Why did he engage in such acts when he knew he was married. It takes two to tango.

1539 days ago


Ok all of you need to bag up off of Fantasia she didn't steal that lady husband how can you still a human!!!!(not possible). Stop pointing fingers because if the shoe was on the other foot and it was some one you knew you wouldn't be saying all that B-S.If Fantasia didn't have money & she was a average female then his wife wouldn't be blowing this out of the world.Men lie all the time & he could have told her anything!! . Fantasia I stand behind you 1000% you have came to far to let some one steal your light sweet heart.. May god bless you!!!

1539 days ago


i love u i hope u get better

1539 days ago


God bless u FB wishing u a speedy recovery...

1539 days ago


For all that has negative thoughts about fantasia, she is a person like everyone and because she is famous she has to be judged for wat she did if she was a woman wih no fame it wouldnt be big deal dis **** happens every day so why judge her.fantasiakeep ur head up. and i think she wouldnt take her life she has her child to live for.

1539 days ago
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