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Steven Slater's Mom -- The Passenger Was 'Malicious'

8/10/2010 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Slater -- the JetBlue flight attendant who is in hot water after a run-in with a passenger -- told his mom the woman he struggled with "maliciously" hit him in the head.

Steve Slater
We spoke with Cynthia Susanne -- who was married to Steven in the early 90s and remains "great friends" with him.  Cynthia spoke with Slater's mom, Diane, yesterday for more than two hours.  She says Diane, who also spoke with Steven yesterday, told her the passenger in question insisted on getting her luggage before the plane came to a complete stop. 

As the plane taxied, Steven "politely asked the woman to close the overhead and sit."  According to Diane, the passenger responded with an "f**k you" and began defiantly pulling her bag from the overhead.  Slater told his mom he tried shutting the bin, when she "maliciously" pulled the bin down, striking Steven in the head.

Cynthia says Steven's mom was clear -- it was the bin, not luggage, that whacked Steven in the head, causing a cut.

The family is pissed off that a passenger on the plane is making the rounds on TV -- someone they say who was toward the back of the plane and never even saw the incident.


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I don't understand the poll. Go to jail? Seriously? I don't think he did anything wrong, other than his job.

Maybe the crazy passenger should learn to follow directions.

1535 days ago


Basically, I agree with this guy. But it would be useful to find the passenger who started this whole thing and interview her. Someone must know her name. See what her side of the story is.

1535 days ago


When are the passenger going to be held accountable for their actions?

1535 days ago


Shouldn't the piece of crap lady who didn't want to follow the rules be subjected to something such as jail herself for putting others lives in danger by getting up and rustling around getting her luggage? She is the one who should be getting in trouble not him.

1535 days ago

Peter Sc    

If they try to convict him it would be a shift in law enforcement and it could endanger airline safety.

Since 911 everything has been allowed by the flight crew. EVERYTHING.

I remember a case where a Danish supermodel woke during flight while the flight attendant had his nose down between her breasts. She slapped him and she was arrested and later convicted to pass anger management classes. His actions was a fringe benefit.

Also a Swedish supermodel had flying anxiety. She did what doctors in Scandiavia recommend. She drank so she could sleep. Her punishment was to be dumped at a deserted place in Canada where a judge convicted despite that her actions according to the Peter Buck verdict was within the guidelines for passenger behavior.

More news about these two cases can be seen here:

The flight crew today are above the law due to the war on terrorism. If Steven Slater is convicted, it could be a sign that the war has been lost.

1535 days ago


I travel alot and seen alot of screwed up crap on flights! I HATE when people do that! Wait your turn like everyone else because you are not going to get out of the plane any quicker!

1535 days ago


Air borne biotches should be jettisoned! Charge her with federal assault.

1535 days ago


The passenger is the one guilty here. Sounds like he only did what he is paid to do. Seems silly to charge him for doing his job.

Tmz, you really can sound ridiculous sometimes....okay most of the time.

1535 days ago


I first read about this yesterday in the New York Daily News. Hilariously, they ran it with a poll asking, "Have you ever thought about screaming 'I've had enough!' and walking out on the job?" 90% of the respondants said "Yes." For all of those of us who are too level-headed or practical to do what Steven did, he brought a smile to our day as we all secretly admired his actions. Hopefully he just pays a small fine for misusing the emergency exit, and then goes on to parlay his 15 minutes of fame into a more lucrative career.

1535 days ago


Why wasn't the passenger arrested?
Her baggage could have fallen and hurt another passenger.

1535 days ago


I think you need to get your story right before people vote on this. From the other article I read he was arrested because after this whole incident he threw some f-bombs over the intercom, grabbed a few beers and hopped down the emergency slide on the plane. I believe the arrestable offence was due to the fact that he inappropriately activated and used the emergency slide on the plane not that he was a bitch to a passenger...just saying.

1535 days ago


I'm with you anony. Why wasn't the passenger arrested & charged with disorderly conduct? She was wrong. There are set rules when flying to protect all passengers as well as the flight attendants. People these days have no respect, morals or common sense. I would have jumped also. Maybe beat the crap out of that passenger first. Just proves how classless she is.

1535 days ago


This guy is a hall-of-fame'r. I support his actions. I endorse them.
The jail time potential is ludicrous, canning him is appropriately enough.
I think he can make a case between being thwacked on the noggin, altitude decompression and adverse cir***stance.

1535 days ago


if there's a team steven i'm on it.

too bad he couldn't stuff the passenger in the overhead.

i always sit on the last row by the window if possible just so i don't get stepped on or hit by passengers who start unbuckling as we taxi to the gate and ignore the flight attendants when they ask them to politely wait before they get in the bins.

1535 days ago


Why wasn't the passenger arrested?
Her baggage could have fallen and hurt another passenger.

1535 days ago
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