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Mel Gibson:

Can You Hear Me Now?

8/11/2010 9:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... L.A. County Sheriff's investigators are waiting on Verizon, AT&T and other carriers to supply them with the last bit of evidence before turning the case over to the D.A.

Mel Gibson Investigation
As we have previously reported ... text messages and emails between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva play a part in piecing together what happened on January 6, during the now-famous blowout.  Although lawyers for both sides have anted up the texts and emails, Sheriff's investigators want to turn over the official records -- under the law, only official records from the carriers are admissible in evidence -- it's called the "best evidence" rule.

We're also told investigators may conduct several other interviews before turning the case over to the L.A. County D.A.'s Office -- possibly the week from next.

One more thing ...  We've learned the domestic violence investigation is being handled separately from the extortion investigation -- the latter is being investigated by the Major Crimes Bureau of the Sheriff's Department.  The goal, we're told, is for both investigations to be submitted to the D.A. at the same time.


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The Heat is On....

(good song for today)

1471 days ago


The reason any Lawyer will tell you to keep your MOUTH shut , is because everything you say can and will be USED AGAINST YOU.

On all the TV shows, 99 percent is PHONY, because, in most of those SHOWS , the "bad" guy talks , when he should be QUIET. And last scene is where the "bad guy" admits it. And the COP just smiles.

Most "bad" guys know, keep you mouth shut. Lawyer Up.

The cops in this case are keeping VERY LOW profile, and probably keeping taps on everything she is doing and anyone she is seeing. They want to make her FEEL relaxed , so she keeps "talking", because "everything she is doing and saying can be used against her in court of LAW".

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if she is hiring lawyers who can defend her on extortion. She is probably trying to cover her tracks, and may not be "computer/security " aware.

Also, the Russia TRIP should be investigated.

I think it's a good thing that 2 different departments are handling he said/ she said stuff.

If Charlie Sheen who was Drunk, held a gun to his wife's head, choked her, and threatened her, and was ARRESTED the very same Night, get's 30 days in rehab, ... Mel who was sober and just made calls and the COPS were never called, and she continued to be with him and attend events, and she never went to police until she decided 15 million dollar settlement was NOT enough, should get 1 hour in rehab.:)

1471 days ago


Krista -

Re this part of your post:

-This is all getting pretty ridiculous- especially the ROL headline that MG kicked down Oikinsana's door. But in the body of the story it says that he kicked the door, threatened to break it down, and she finally let him in. After she let him in he somehow chest butted her while she was holding the baby. If that story is even remotely true, she should be charged with child endangerment for 1) Not calling the police and instead exposing her child to a dangerous situation, and 2) Holding the child during a dangerous situation. Babies aren't shields, and mothers who are in fear of their safety have a duty to call 911. If that fails, put down the BABY FOR GOD's SAKE!!!-

I'm afraid that door banging part was my fault. Yesterday I posted a 911 call from Nicole Simpson where OJ had busted down her door and was yelling and theatening her.

It's amazing how often certain posts here end up as Miss Oksana's next story.

1471 days ago


Oksana's going down. She's dug herself a hole, and the more she tries to dig her way out of it, the more dirt falls on her.

She's not the brightest, is she? All Mel's team has to do is sit back and let herself shoot herself in the foot. The lies and stories are getting more asinine every time she opens her mouth.

Team Mel :)

1471 days ago


I'm curious whether ROL is worried that there could be a trail of breadcrumbs leading from her phone to their phone in the June timeframe.

1471 days ago


John -

According to reports, Miss Oksana has just hired Mr. James Spertus - the extremely computer savvy lawyer.

She had gone to see him last month the night before she surrendered her computer to authorities.

1471 days ago


@ fuddyduddy - Giggles. You are on a roll girlfriend!

@kp - I think we are doing cheeze curls in honor of one of our ruder posters. We like popcorn, but I can't get a Mr. Mel movie from my library because they are all checked out and the waiting list is pretty long.

You guys have been on a roll today! Must be a phase of the moon -- let's hope our outside US posters come on soon.

I sure hope someone (librarian, drooler take note) is keeping track of these funny, scary and contradictory posts. Tee hee

1471 days ago


@Curious - Miss Oksana's story has changed since day one based on what is posted on these boards.

@kpacota - I hope you are correct regarding the court being able to issue a new warrant for a full computer search based on the phone records. The fact that she did not want law enforcement to have full access to her computer was all the proof I needed about who was lying in this case. I've done nothing but harp on that fact for weeks on ROL with my 250 characters per post limit.

*passing the popcorn*

1471 days ago


I've also lost track... did she use the infant as a human shield TWO times? On 6 January and then in February? Did she open the broken down door or did he step over it? Or did she help him move it out of the way so he could get in?

I imagine right now she's hacking away at her garage door frame in order to get a photo to put in tomorrow's ROL.

1471 days ago


Punch her again!

1471 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

Wow, the same 6 'team Mel' people posting all day, everyday. Posted at 3:58 PM on Aug 11, 2010 by lili

Versus the same 2 who post for oksana and just change their screen names.

1471 days ago


By the way Oksana, if you are reading these comments, and based on your ego displays- you probably are, Mel's camp didn't hire me. This is my opinion. My better half happens to think Mel is a s*** bag and out of line. He's not on your team, but he is definitely not on Mel's.

With that said, MG has nothing to do with the public backlash against you. Much of the public is appalled by your lack of discretion and feel that the court of public opinion is not the proper venue for your dispute. Many of us feel that based on the statements you have made and information you have linked that you are either an extortionist or an unfit mother.

Additionally, your continued leaks and statements and manner in which you have handled this has incredibly damaged your credibility. While many of us have either experienced domestic abuse or know someone who has, I don't think anyone of us knows anyone who has ever engaged in your type of tactics. And please stop blaming Mel for trivializing domestic abuse. You are doing a very fine job of that on your own.

Stop abusing privacy, and if you, in fact, only wish to protect your daughter, do what countless abused women with children do- persevere on your own and escape the abuse without a media circus. Your games only piss off real victims who found their back bones and made real sacrifices in order to survive and provide safety to themselves and their children. What sacrifices have you made?

You diminish the sacrifices that have been made and the fortitude of real women who have survived real abuse. You prove everyday by your disgusting, low class, underhanded covert behavior what a user you are are incite people to believe that some people should in fact be hit upside the head with a shovel. As a women, if you did that to me, I would slap you soundly in the face and give you a few more choice words than MG did. I'm sure real victims of DV who are permanently disabled and/or barely escaped with their lives appreciate your pictures of broken veneers and baby pimples.

In the meantime, women all over the world are being beaten and killed with absolutely no resources including friends and family.

Just be glad you didn't make the mistake of pulling this in another country with a person of another religious persuasion with no regard for the rights, life or safety of women and children.

Please, for crying out loud, let go of the attention and have the decency to handle the matter privately and not through the court of public opinion. Maybe then, the world will view you and the issue of DV differently. If you won't do it for yourself, do it for your children and real victims of DV.

1471 days ago


I sure hope someone (librarian, drooler take note) is keeping track of these funny, scary and contradictory posts. Tee hee

Posted at 4:34 PM on Aug 11, 2010 by middleagedcrazy

Actually, my computer has threatened to go ka-pfzzzt!

So we've reached an agreement - it'll let me Google all I want as long as I don't try and make it do a comprehensive summary of all the ka-ka.

1471 days ago

Just Saying    

Hey Fuddy family is fighting for these right NOW..and some lame ass hides behind Taking the 5th on every depo & not showig up pretty much says he knows what he did..what country are you from?? ?Ohh the country of allowing loser like Gibson to continue to exsist..if this happened in Saudi Arabia they would of cut off his thang..his hands and put him where the sun doesn't shine which is where he belongs, you bleeding heart..You are a stranger in the United States my friend...don"t forget that.. because if you really knew history you know what right is right..

Posted at 4:07 PM on Aug 11, 2010 by Andolini

And in Saudi Arabia she would be stoned to death for her skankiness. He'd probably be feted as a hero for "controlling his woman". If you really like Saudi justice, why don't you just move your ass there.

1471 days ago


If Charlie Sheen who was Drunk, held a gun to his wife's head, choked her, and threatened her, and was ARRESTED the very same Night, get's 30 days in rehab, ... Mel who was sober and just made calls and the COPS were never called, and she continued to be with him and attend events, and she never went to police until she decided 15 million dollar settlement was NOT enough, should get 1 hour in rehab.:)

Posted at 4:29 PM on Aug 11, 2010 by john
________________________________________________________________ the way you think and what you have stated!!!

The cops could have arrested Mel at any time if they had evidence of domestic violence. They are the arresting authority. And since this hasn't happened, that that tells me the evidence is either not there or not strong.

1471 days ago
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