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'American Idol' Back-Up Plan -- Shania Twain

8/12/2010 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" sources tell TMZ ... the Jennifer Lopez deal isn't dead yet, but if it does flatline ... "Idol's" next choice is country star Shania Twain.

Shania Twain American Idol
Shania was a hit on "Idol" this past season when she served as guest judge and mentor.

We're told Shania is Plan B.

TMZ has a thought ... What about Britney Spears? She's fun, she kinda knows music and you never know when she'll go off the hinges. And she's endlessly entertaining. Just sayin' ...



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solar panel    

American Idol is a stupid program with contestants who typically have very little talent. It's boring, the novelty wore off ages ago and people stopped watching it.

No musical talent with any future or self-respect will want to be associated with it. It's a show on a flaming downward spiral. Instead of trying to claim that Shania Twain "might" be a future judge for it, why not get someone suitable and on par with it, like the corpse of Rin-Tin-Tin. Too bad, so sad, all forgotten.

1530 days ago


I think Shania would be a great judge. I hope American Idol picks her.

1530 days ago


If you have watched all the seasons, you may remember that Jennifer Lopez was the most helpful to contestants and seemed to take her mentor position very seriously. Shania did well, but Jennifer was way better. After all, mentoring is what the judges are really there for.

1530 days ago

solar panel    

The way to revive that show is by assuring that a high degree of talent is prerequisite to competing, instead of bringing on these totally undeveloped, awkward characters who can't provide interest or magnetism for the viewing audience of what, 12,000?

Didn't you get the message over the last few years when the talent brought no interest and it was (judge) Simon's wisecracks and passionate responses that hooked the audience for a few seconds here and there? Talk about living precariously!

The producers of that show must be the DimWit Champions in the annual Hashish Overdose Olympics.

1530 days ago


After Ellen fiasco Shania could really save the show unfortunately she will never agree to be a full time judge.
So I am thinking Natasha Bedingfield or Linda Diane Thompson and Zack Werner

1530 days ago


SARAH PALIN BITE ME: I think you completely misunderstood, I'm full on liberal and was just trying to tell you about a good place to hate on Sarah Palin, but after that gem you just wrote, F*CK YOU!! What a moron, you couldn't even tell I was on your side. W

1530 days ago


Shania Twain is nobody's Plan B!!!
Get your facts straight TMZ instead of spreading lies. Idol Execs have been trying to get Shania since she mentored and guest judged early in the year. Shania has gently declined and turned them down.
But Idol won't give up and they are asking again because Nobody wants J Lo and she is not even close to the star Shania is,.
People magazine is resporting that Idol has been trying to get Shania for quite some time.

Jennifer Lopez was their plan B.

1530 days ago


WTF are you talking about? I have no f*cking issue, you can comment on her all you want, i just thought you'd be funny on HuffPo and wanted to tell you! Sorry you're so dim.

1530 days ago

JR Jake    

No one LOVES Shania more than I do.....let me count the ways! However, with ALL due respect and admiration for her accomplishments, the show needs someone with the dynamic personality who can take it up another level, not maintain the status quo. Shania has a lot on her plate with a possible revival of her music career, her new show on Oprah's network and her young son.

I have felt since the beginning that Harry Connick Jr. might be the most representative of a 100% bonafide professional. He has the credibility, charisma, charm and personality to make even losers feel like winners because he is a special man. No offense to any of the others, but Harry can relate to ANYONE between the ages of 15-70 years old.

1530 days ago

South Beach    

Forget J Lo, too much the drama queen, long lists of demands no doubt, she'd make everyone miserable. She's a has been hasn't worked in forever. Barely above Paris Hilton now.

1530 days ago


Shania is not nice! She would make Simon look like the good fairy...

1530 days ago


Let stuck up self absorbing J-Lo it's all about me and not the kids go find herself a corner and sob because she cannot get all her demands. Idol and the young talent do not need her whinning and demanding. She is not as talented as Shania.

1530 days ago


Palin Bite me-
It's people like you that make the left look bad. But, I laughed at your last comment, that was pretty good. Especially the bridges on stage thing...did you see the interview with her where turkeys were being killed right behind her, that was f*cking awesome!!

1530 days ago


I think Shania would make a excellent judge...better than lopaz. you got randy and steven and shania they all are connected with the music industry yet they all bring a different flair to the table...this would make a great panel..just get rid of kara or whatever her name is she is a no no for sure. almost could not stand to watch idol because of her.

1530 days ago


Shania's the best option of the 3. She's a much better singer and the only real musician in the group. Britney is immature and doesn't have the ability to effectively communicate but she would create much hype until the end of the 1st show. Someone mentioned Janet J - I'm a fan but she, like Brit, doesn't communicate well. BTW, who the heck is Paula, Britney or JLo to judge ANYONE'S singing ability? They're all dancers and suck at singing. Team Shania!

1530 days ago
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