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Tim Tebow's Rep -- Chamber Pic Was Photoshopped

8/12/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The photo of Tim Tebow standing next to a hyperbaric chamber was "photoshopped" in a diabolical plot to use the NFL star for some quick advertising ... this according to Tebow's business manager.

Tim Tebow Photoshop

Tebow's rep tells us that the owner of Pikes Peak Hyperbaric "couldn't have been further from the truth" when he told TMZ that Tebow purchased the chamber in 2008 for roughly $20,000.

Tebow's rep explained that roughly 6 weeks ago, Tim signed a "rental agreement with the manufacturer."

The rep tells us Tim had the machine in his possession in Florida ... but had it shipped to Colorado in an effort to help the Denver Broncos rookie "acclimate to the high altitude in Denver."

The rep says someone from Pikes Peak Hyperbaric helped set up the chamber in Tebow's hotel room "3 or 4 nights ago" and then asked for a photo ... not knowing that someone would later "photoshop" PPH's website onto the machine.

TMZ spoke with a rep from PPH -- who admitted photoshopping his logo over the original manufacturer's logo and told us, "It wasn't a well thought out process."

As for the 2008 statement -- the PPH tells us it was "misinformation" on its part.

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I thought that sounded funny.
Where was Tim Tebow going to get $20,000 in 2008?

1503 days ago


Why is no one questioning how a college student affords a $20,000 chamber? I'm sure the media would be all over it if it was Reggie Bush!

1503 days ago

Bill F. Murray    


1503 days ago


Well I'm glad tmz bothered to check their facts before posting a doctored photo on their website along with inaccurate reporting. Epic fail, once again

1503 days ago


This is BS... Tebow's head has been shaved for over a week now? Hey has plenty of hair in that pic. I hope TMZ looks further into this.

1503 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

What happened was, the executive's assistant quit this week via dry erase board photographs. Spencer, the PPH executive, had incorrect information he got off an "Ask Jeeves" search.

It's ok, Tebow has already forgiven them, he's that kind of guy. Now, try that with Pacman Jones and see what happens. Someone would get cut.

1503 days ago


Yeah Yeah, but he still cries when he loses. Big cry baby.

1503 days ago


#6...that is a great point. Something doesn't add up here.

1503 days ago

james way    

Why is no one questioning how a college student affords a $20,000 chamber? I'm sure the media would be all over it if it was Reggie Bush!

Posted at 12:40 PM on Aug 12, 2010 by M-Wil

JUST say it Will i am You HATE teow because he is whitey ..as you said you are mad because of course if it were reggie bush you feel they woud be all over him because h is black....Big difference buddie boy...Regiie got hundreds of thousands of dollars ..Teow rented this unit 6 weeks ago and nevr got ilicit money while in College... Maybe you also hate him becaue he has some kind of Religious Faith..Yes i also realize it would be because he is a christian..if he was muslim you would support his rights to the death... How typical you liberal racist bigots are.

1503 days ago

james way    

Tebow that is will i am.. Pity yoru hatred causes you to attack everyone throught your daily life too.

1503 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

They are trying to cover their asses by calling it a rental agreement and denying the $20,000. I am sure they will call that a deposit that will be refunded now that the story has broke.

1503 days ago


lol yeah ya think someone from TMZ would have figured out this story is BS considering he's had a bald head for about a week now and in this pic, which was supposedly taken a few days ago, he still has his hair.

1503 days ago


How would a hyperbaric chamber help you acclimate to higher altitudes. Hyperbaric chambers supply MORE oxygen than what is in the atmosphere. High altitude locations like Denver have LESS oxygen than low altitude locations. Your body isn't going to adapt to low oxygen conditions by being in a high oxygen environment. If anything it will take him longer to adjust.

1503 days ago


What a hunky man! I'll kneel and pray to Jesus for their forgiveness right in front of Tim! Please Lord!

1503 days ago


I don't gave a damn if he bought it or rented it. He's a football player with a multimillion dollar contract. His body needs to be in tip top shape. I think they just got weirded out because when you think of a hyperbaric chamber you think of Michael Jackson.

1503 days ago
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