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Tila Tequila Attack -- Caught on Tape

8/16/2010 4:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video of Tila Tequila being pelted by objects as she tried to "perform" on stage at the Gathering of the Juggalos this weekend.

Tila Tequila Attacked Video
In the video, Tila can be heard screaming "I ain't going nowhere!" as she tries to sing on stage -- but that didn't stop the crowd from continuing to hurl objects at her. At one point, comedian Tom Green comes on stage to try and defuse the situation. It didn't work.

By the end of the performance, Tila is "singing" -- or is it rapping? -- behind five bodyguards to avoid flying objects.

Tila eventually left the stage, having suffered a number of cuts and bruises to her face.


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man i wish one bottle would've hit her vocal cords and maybe her eyes too so she can just go away..

i wish she was dead.....i hate that ****ing chick...seriously...

1531 days ago


It makes sense that a guy that was last funny in the 90's shows up at a crappy ICP concert.. a band that was last relevant in the 90's.
Was Tila even alive in the 90's? That's probably why the idiot concert-goers went off on her. She's not from their era. Then again, Tila Tequila isn't really even relevant in the modern era.

Whose bright idea was it to book her untalented whore ass at a shi*ty ICP show anyway?

1531 days ago


HAHA what a dirty whore.

1531 days ago

Miss Tila Chlamydia OMGPOW!     

I reiterate that this video once again PROVES that Thien's version of her GOTJ "performance" is nothing but lies! Too bad there really were no flung piss and poos. Bitch deserves a real beat down.

1531 days ago


Uh, from that video, it doesn't really look like the crowd pelted her as badly as she's been claiming....

1531 days ago

Anony Moose    

Wow. That attempted "performance" (if you want to call it that) was terrible. No wonder the crowd reacted the way they did, especially when she egged them on.

1531 days ago


Best. ****ing. Video. EVER!

1531 days ago


One word: Ick....

1531 days ago


One word: ICK....

1531 days ago


As hot as she is, what was she doing there?! She KNEW that was going to happen and still stayed there for the beating even after they started throwing stuff. The only thing the organizers did wrong was not drag her sweet-ass off the stage. And of course, she plans on suing the organizers. Another cash-grab... tis' all.

1531 days ago

Jim Beam    

This story just gets better and better. This Ho-bag got everything that was coming to her. Karma is a bitch

1531 days ago


I dont know who i hate more, juggalos or tila tequila but that was ****ing sweet watching her get **** thrown at her big alien head hahaha

1531 days ago


What a dumb bi##5...All those dumb bodyguards blocking the people's throws are wrong

1531 days ago


I thought this was terrible. She totally sucked and she was pissing off the crowd even more by taunting them. At the same time, where was security? And the cops? Assault to this degree at a concert should not be allowed. OK they got the Biebs with one water bottle to the head but she did get it plenty and video was when it got so bad security had to come up to protect her. She needs to sue whoever put this together for not protecting her. And she needs to stop singing and stop pissing people off. Skank or not. The USA loves their skanks so that's not the reason they did this.

1531 days ago

Yo Mamma    

She got what she deserved! It was obvious they didn't want to listen to hear crappy singing. She should have got her skanky ass off the stage sooner!

1531 days ago
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