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Sheriff on Tila Incident -- 'Things Got Out of Hand'

8/15/2010 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila says she plans on suing the people behind the Gathering of the Juggalos -- the concert event she was attacked at over the weekend -- and she'll have the Sheriff of Hardin County on her side if she does.

Sheriff Tom Seiner tells TMZ "things got out of hand" during the show this weekend. Sheriff's deputies were on scene at the time of the Tila incident because they were already responding to reports of a stabbing.

Seiner tells us there is no way to single out perpetrators in a crowd of thousands, but officers will be searching YouTube over the coming days to see if there is video of the incident and if they can ID anyone that way.

The Sheriff went on to call the Gathering of the Juggalos a "nightmare" event and said he'd be glad if the event never came back. Seiner said he felt the event's organizers chose Hardin County because they don't have any type of entertainment ordinance -- meaning no permits are required.

Reps for the event have yet to return calls.



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Michael Knight    

Are you sure that's blood? Looks more like Hot Sauce to me. Doesn't even look real.

1532 days ago


lookin good .....

1532 days ago


Wow - Does snorting Ambien turn your blood orange?

1532 days ago


Crap she is still around after that. Will you please go away for ever you rice picker.

1532 days ago


Oh! "Things got out of hand." Ya think so Gomer? I'll tell you something, things got out of hand a long time ago, but most recently when grown men dress up like clowns and scream lyrics to "songs" about killing, stabbing, raping, and whatever else these obvious once upon a time over-achievers happen to think about. What's worse is that this crap has any sort of following whatsoever.

I wonder if the Insane Clown Posse was the brainchild of some drunk music executive that bet one of his buddies that kids are so stupid that they'll literally buy anything.

What crap. Sorry that happened to you Tila, but really...common sense tells me that you shouldn't have expected anything less that what you experienced.

1532 days ago


She should stay off the stage, noone wants to see a fake suicidal immature idiot up there and I think they just made their point. They probably didn't even hit her, she more than likely ran into the trailer and did a quick makeup job for more attention. This woman makes me sick.

1532 days ago


What does yellow skin and red blood equal idiots. Orange. So shut up.

1532 days ago


She's a waste of space--who cares.

1532 days ago


I'm still laughing.....

1532 days ago

Miss Tila Chlamydia OMGPOW!     

What is the bitch going on about?!

Her injuries are not as bad as she is making it out to be. Tila is notorious as the HO WHO CRIED WOLF (not enough fingers and toes to count on) too many times. This is a "person" that THRIVES on controversy and is rather quite the professional victim player.

How many guys has she attempted to destroy the lives and careers of? How many lawlsuits (typo and it stays) has she threatened against anyone that questions her or exposes her lies?

For those that sympathise with her sob tale, mayhap you aren't clued in on the fact (yes, it's a fact as it comes straight from the alien whore's mouth and everything she lies on about has been doc.umented), that she CONDONES violence against women. That she is a misogynist. That she ridicules victims of violence and domestic violence and incites her Army of Morons to act with venomous hate against all whom oppose their "leader" ::snicker::

Case in point. (inc c/p)
"Tila filed a lawsuit against the NFL star back in November. The charges against Merriman included assault, battery, false imprisonment, and emotional distress."

To which the case was eventually tossed out due to insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Tila subsequently has claimed that she won this case but the TRUTH says otherwise.

Not too long AFTER this alleged incident, the Chris Brown/Rhianna DV story broke out. Initially, Tila was all up in Chris' grill. Calling him every name in her Itty Bitty Wonky McTitty Dictionary For Whores and Midget Moguls. And rightfully so. But soon after, she turned against Rhianna and became a vociferous supporter of Chris Brown. Saying Rhianna deserved it.

Uh huh. So, whilst you pass around Tila's Pity Party torch amongst yourselves, you might want to rethink any empathy you have or may have for her. A bit interesting that she has failed to type up her exaggerated story on her own Flog but rather chose to SELL her hyped up version of a story and doctored photos of her sustained injuries.

How much did Harvey pay for her latest publicity shenani.gans? Tila was FOREWARNED days in advance about what to expect at GOTJ. Lil Kim was smart enough to drop out at the last minute but this douchewhore CRAVES attention of the notorious and infamous kind. ANY attention is well and good according to chapter 2 of her Tila Army handbook subtitled 101 Ways To Get Your Excloooosive Lie Tellings On TMZ.

Why is her blood in one of her pics of a close up of her laceration orange? Someone asked about the pink stains on her shirt. I'm assuming that's from being sprayed with Faygo. Also, compelling to me is what is that arrow-like marking on the side of her torso? And why is it MYSTERIOUSLY missing from one of the 3 sets? FAKE!!!! FAKE!!!! FAAAAAAAKE!!!!!!

1532 days ago

Bill C.    

As much as some of you dislike her, she does not deserve to be stoned.

1532 days ago

Miss Tila Chlamydia OMGPOW!     

Nice make up job you've done to fake a bruised eye. Well played, mate. Exactly like those fake bruises on her arms during her abused allegations against Shawne Merriman. We all know how that turned out.

Since when is the colour of blood orange? FAAAAAAAAKE!

1532 days ago


shocking she is goin to sue. the juggalos told her not to come b/c she has nothing to do with what they are about even if I think killing clowns are silly. she is an idiot and is probably thrilled this happened.

1532 days ago




1532 days ago

Holly G    

Wait what was she doing at an ICP event? Most people know not to go to the Juggahoe events.

1532 days ago
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