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Adrianne C

I Was 'Molested' Outside Star Wars Expo

8/16/2010 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "America's Next Top Model" champ Adrianne Curry called police in Orlando this weekend ... claiming an allegedly drunk man reached up her skirt and "molested" her outside of a Star Wars convention.


Curry called police around 3:00 AM on Sunday to report the incident that allegedly went down in front of the hotel where the Star Wars expo was going down ... but claims it took more than an hour before cops arrived on scene.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, the officer who arrived at the hotel claims he "came in contact with the male as he lay in the bushes at the entrance to the hotel."

The officer claims he spoke to multiple witnesses -- one of which said the suspect "attempted several  times to fight several other people as they stood outside waiting to be picked up for the Star Wars convention."

The man was eventually arrested for disorderly intoxication.

Curry later Tweeted, "cops are here..molesting pervert drunk in the back of their car...going to bed ... i cannot believe last night starwars...but ready to leave.”


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I like her and she's from nearby joliet but I don't think it's wise for a female to be out by herself at 3am in the streets.

1531 days ago


Interestingly, a discussion ensued about how women deserve rape if they dress like Princess Leia in a costumed designed to get her into he lair of Jabba the Hut to do what? -- rescue our Hero, Han Solo - which made it ok for the chaste and honorable princess to be dressed like that - she was on a mission. Maybe in another forum (somewhere far from TMZ) the conversation would have been much more informed. Anyway - she didn't scream "rape", folks...she said he stuck his hand up her skirt. Now, everybody lower their jerky knees. Women get groped fairly frequently in the big city - has very little to do with what they wear - and most of the time you never hear about it and very rarely, if ever, has anything to do with slave girls at Jabba'a lair.

1531 days ago


Hya Orangista ? - the only photo attached to what I read is a stock photo of models dressed like Princess Leia - none of them wearing a skirt and no caption to explain anything (and I still say that none of them look like Adrienne). Apparently, I wasn't treated to the same photos that some of you got to see. Doesn't make any difference. Who gives a piggie's patoot what she was wearing? While we are wasting our time arguing about this nonsense, does anybody realize that TMZ put this article here just to get us fighting over one more absurdity in the artificial world of "celebrity". Who really gives ....???

1531 days ago


1) She is an attention whore that uses her body to gain attention...inarguable.

2) Of course she chooses to wear the Slave Leia costume, not the traditional one..refer to 1) if your are confused here

3) No one has the right to touch anyone, especially in the manner in which this person did

4) Doesn't change the fact that 1) is's just a matter of what kind of attention one wishes to have. Clearly she is so shallow that she thinks constantly showing her body in a provocative manner whether by tweeting them, posing for them, or walking into a public place, validates her.

It doesn't, it simply reeks of massive insecurity.

It's no different than the guy who buys a sports car to make him feel more of a "man" and boost his ego.

5) The beach argument is horse****. It's all about social etiquette. People go to the beach in a what? People seeking attention find any way they can to make sure they get seen and talked about. Two entirely different scenarios.

If it were one instance, MAYBE, there might be some validity to her notions of "innocence". But this attention whore uses her tits and ass as currency, and not just financial, but social. And in doing so, sometimes you buy things with that currency that just may not be something you wanted. Period.

1531 days ago


That is her and that is, I guess technically a skirt, if you look close you can see the fabric under her legs.

It's not acceptable to assault a person even if you think they deserve it, forbid that you should find out what some stranger thinks that you deserve.

1531 days ago


Am I reading some of this right? In this day and age we are still blaming women for what clothes they have on? So its ok to touch and molest.. maybe even rape someone because of what clothes they have on. Here is a newsflash for ya.. how about the guys actually friggin learning to oontrol themselves. I can choose to walk down the street absolutely nekkid if i want to.. doesnt give one person on this planet the right to put their hands on me. The COSTUME she had on was for a Star Wars convention. She is a professional MODEL. Nobody has the right to touch her in ANY way.

1531 days ago


Uh-Oh!! The "Original Reality Show Skank" needs some publicity!! Haven't heard hide nor hair about her or her Brady Brunch Husband in years. Surprised they are still married. Are they?

1531 days ago


I do not care if you are a prostitute walking naked across the street. That does not give anyone the right to touch you without permission. How antiquated to say because of the way she was dressed or not dressed, she deserved it........

1531 days ago


What?! A drunk man was incited to grope her? That's shocking! it isn't. Dress like a whore, expect to be treated like a whore.

1531 days ago


Some of you crack me up. Of course nobody has a right to grope someone but--it happens--all the time--to both men and women. To lessen the possibility of being gropped one has to use some common sense--like not being out on the street partying with drunk people at 3 AM. Personally, I won't believe this ever happened. Odd that the officer talked to "multiple witnesses" who saw the man attempt to pick fights with "several" people but not even one person saw him molest Adrianne.

1531 days ago


An attention whore actually complaining because of the attention she got?!?!?

1531 days ago


Good to know her career is on the rebound. LOL

1531 days ago


The drunk guy better watch out. Remember what Peter Brady did to Buddy Hinton...

1531 days ago


So this is what happens to your career after winning America's Top Model? This girl is going nowhere fast. She does seem like kind of a tramp. Is she still married to that Peter Brady? Is she going to be the mother of his children? That's a scary thought.

1531 days ago


You deserve what you get for wearing that, at a Star Wars convention, you're lucky you got out of their alive.

1531 days ago
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