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Baby Talk in Mel Gibson Court Case

8/19/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the financial needs of baby Lucia were front and center yesterday in the Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva custody hearing.

Mel Gibson Oksana Custody
We're told yesterday's marathon court hearing involved a request by Oksana Grigorieva and her lawyers to increase Mel Gibson's child support payments.  Sources say Mel's lawyers argued the kid is 9 months old and doesn't need more than Mel is paying -- we're told $5,000 a month plus other living expenses.

In the end, Judge Scott Gordon decided not to decide on the spot, but to think it over.

There was a notation on the court docket plastered on the door of the courtroom that the issue of Lucia's passport was on calendar, but we've learned the matter never came up.

As for Mel's deposition ... sources tell us a date still has not been set.



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Good luck, Mel! Team Sweden!

1528 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

old Oxsana Givakashova needs more cash? For what? Mel pays for everything in regards to her living expenses, me thinks this is a way of getting a little more spending monety for herself. I can't see the judge approving this unless she can show her living expenses have increased, and we all know that isn't goign to happen...Unless you account for when she needs to record herself when she see's her mug on T.V., and she could needs some cash to get someone to run credit--er-- I mean back round checks on any men she may eventually want to take--er I mean date when this is over

1528 days ago


RoL reports

earlier today oksana was spotted at the local ralphs recycling drop off center where she began drawing a crowd after baring her chest then yelling at the worker for refusing to accept them in return for payment.
sources overheard her saying they cost more that he made in a year, and storming off back to her dodge then rolling down her car window yelled at everyone....kiss my ass TMZ comment peoplez who are mean to me! and almost ran over three people trying to leave the parking area.

1528 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

@ wondering ....Hey I was there for that...I remember when she pulled out of the lot and that guy was running behind her car yelling "INS....INS....INS"

1528 days ago



1528 days ago


MS O CAN'T DEPEND ON GETTING CHILDREN for too long (called up there in age)
Learn another skill.

1528 days ago


This is tricky. $5000 seems like more than enough per month to support a baby, but Mel is LOADED. I've never thought it was fair for kids of divorce to alternate going between one rich parent who tries to buy their love, and one not-so-rich parent who can't provide the same luxuries. This isn't an issue now, but becomes a problem when kids get older...

1528 days ago


if the house is paid for and the maintenance is taken care of, as in utilities, insurance for home auto earthquake theft etc, pool & gardening, auto maintenance, food? bodyguards? cook? new babysitter or nanny? therapist? pr rep? lawyers? plastics upkeep?
personal trainers (both zigfried and roy)? paid fake pap photogs?
will 5k be enough .....hmmmm

1528 days ago


Who gives a rat's ass??? Both just need to crawl back under the rocks they slithered from...Put that in your church and teach it Old man...

1528 days ago


Greed, greed, greed!

1528 days ago


obviously you do if you are here continually commenting tortelini.
seeing how you only post to provoke then run away.
somehow i bet the only email your inbox recieves is the automatic ones tmz sends out after selecting the checkbox....

1528 days ago


Yea, I am certain the baby needs more botox and those diapers, they are sooo expensive. The Nanny costs so Oksana can pay her PR people, are horrific. OMG.....ROFL.

It is Okskank that doesn't have enough money!!!! I hope the Judge sees that. The $5,000 cash sounds low, until you add the rest of the stuff into it (car, house, insurance, etc.)...and then it is HUGE. Who needs more casy that $5,000 for a baby a month? She is a miserable woman. This is soooo pathetic. She needs to stand in a line for housing support like the rest of our American citizens. That is truly all she deserves as a woman. She has made zero of her life, and her goal of celebrity and riches, is a very low goal that has lead her nowhere. OMG she is pathetic.

1528 days ago


go team mel!!!! :") <3

1528 days ago

Are you sure?    

He is worth around 500 million dollars and he is only paying five thousand a month? He should be paying a lot more than that!!!

1528 days ago


Are you sure?
You might be forgetting that Dalton has a child with her as well
is he not paying her child support as well? and what about the house david foster bought her? and her other assets she bilked the other men for over the past number of years?

1528 days ago
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