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Brittany Murphy's Mom -- Shared Bed with Monjack

8/17/2010 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy's mother told investigators that she shared a bed with her daughter's husband Simon Monjack after Brittany passed away ... this according to sources close to the investigation.

Brittany Murphy Mom Dating Husband
The L.A. Coroner's Office just released their report on Simon Monjack's death.

In the report, the investigator documents an exchange with a person whose name has been withheld -- but whom law enforcement sources have identified as Brittany's mother, Sharon Murphy.

According to the report, the investigator and the unnamed person (Sharon) were going through the master bedroom in the Hollywood Hills home that Simon shared with Brittany ... when (Sharon) pointed to one side of Simon's bed and identified it as "her side of the bed."

0817_sharon_simon_britney_excerpt_10Sharon also told the investigator that certain prescriptions in the nightstand -- bearing the names Sharon Murphy and Sharon Monjack -- were also hers.

The report doesn't suggest sexual contact between the two.


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Miami Web Design    

Are you serious? this is way too much.


1525 days ago

Hotdog On a Stick    


Very Norman Bates!

1525 days ago


Personally, I never could understand how he ended up with a doll like Brittany in the first place. The sleeping with "mom" thing kinda casts suspicion on the whole chain of events for me....

1525 days ago


Simon had extensive heart trouble and was due for open heart surgery... could he even perform sexually plus he was all DOPED up on narcotics... Sharon is a WEIRD person and she was all DOPED out.... but why tell the world????

1525 days ago


I don't know what to say. Although something makes me think
that Britney's mom kind of seems like the push over type, that could be manipulated or taken advantage of.

I am not making any judgment calls. It would not be fair.

I remember reading that Britney had gotten fired from her last job or something like that...and they were in Mexico or something..and on the plane back Simon passed out and right after that is when Britney passed away. Could they have come in contact with something in Mexico? Something poisonous? I really think that's when and where the beginning of the end came for them. I really believe they contracted something in the other country.

All things eventually come out. I am sure they will find the real reason of what happened to them. As far as Sharon..I think she is innocent.

1525 days ago

Shady's Lady    

This story was odd from the moment Brittany married Monjack. Somthing seemed very off about her getting married to that looks like a serial killer ug in the first place. Now all this. Both dead under mysterious cir***stances.I am starting to take a harder look at the mom in this case. Sorry folks, something just isn't adding up. I would love to know the real truth as to how these two people actually died.This story is too bizzare for words.

1525 days ago


Oh please they probably re-upped in Mexico and passed out.

1525 days ago


What a wonderful mother
after losing her daughter she had
to silence her grief by sleeping with her
daughers husband
what a truly great mom


SayWhat I totally agree with you
Now thats just sick. Did you think of your dead daughter while you were sleeping in her bed, with her husband?

1525 days ago



1525 days ago


Thats just sick on so many levels!

1525 days ago


That is no surprise. I saw them on Larry King and it was uncomfortable to watch. It was obvious something was going on with them.

Posted at 4:54 PM on Aug 17, 2010 by Gretel

....totally agree

1525 days ago


I'm curious why Brittany and Monjack both had similar symptoms, yet Sharon didn't. Both Brittany and Monjack had severe health problems and had sought medical care.

I'm curious if there are any chemicals or substances Sharon might have been able to expose both of them to that would cause those symptoms without being detectable? Such as formaldehyde? Not sure if small levels of exposure over a period of time would be detectable.

Is Munchausen by proxy syndrome (MBPS) remotely possible?

I still think its weird how long it took her to call 911.

1525 days ago


Good lord the people on this comment board are creepy. That's where your minds go???? Are you kidding me? It never occurred to any of you that he just lost his wife. She just lost her daughter. Maybe perhaps they didn't want to be alone. Your minds IMMEDIATELY go to something sexual. What a wacky world full of people who can't see anything past their noses. You don't know people at all.

1525 days ago

cynical me    

If I died tomorrow I highly doubt my husband would jump into bed with my mother for 'comfort.'
This is just odd.

1525 days ago


Well, nothing surprises me in hollywood! Yuck!!!

1525 days ago
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