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Lindsay Lohan Judge --

Stay Clean, Or Else

8/25/2010 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan must submit to random drug and alcohol testing, and if she flunks she's going back to jail ... according to Judge Elden Fox.

During this morning's court hearing ... Judge Fox imposed the following ground rules for Lindsay's probation:

-- Reside at home until Nov. 1
-- Random drug and alcohol testing twice a week
-- Participate in psychotherapy a minimum of 4 days a week
-- Attend behavior therapy sessions 2 times a week
-- Attend a 12-step program

The judge said if Lindsay flunks her drug and alcohol tests, she'll go to jail for 30 days -- and she cannot leave the state of California without court approval.

Additionally, two counts of being under the influence of cocaine were dismissed.

Outside of court Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, said that Lindsay is "looking forward to beginning anew, and having a productive life and schedule."



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I'd rather stay in an inpatient program for 90 days than do all that outpatient crap. Most outpatient treatment is worthless. Go inpatient, don't drink or use drugs and go to AA. It works if you work it. Alina lodge 1975 3 months, going to AA ever since. Celebring 35 yrs of uninterrupted sobriety today ( Thanks Bill W). A Drunk

1431 days ago


1) Reside at home until further notice: 'Home' is defined as what, wherever she passes out?
2) Random drug and alcohol testing twice a week: "Hey Linds, we're coming over tomorrow to pick up a urine sample if that's okay, what's a good time for you?"
3) Participate in psychotherapy a minimum of 4 days a week: AKA b*tch session about the judge.
4) Attend behavior therapy sessions 2 times a week: Romps w/Sam and/or random guys.
5) Attend a 12-step program: Exactly 12 steps up to the VIP lounge at her favorite bar.

Posted at 9:42 AM on Aug 25, 2010 by Jeffro11

1431 days ago


the choice is Lindsey's...stay clean and live some type of decent and respectable life...or..throw it all away on enablers and misguided people...Hollyweird is full of them..waiting for you to make that choice...better choose right!!!

1431 days ago


When are we gonna be able to bid on her leftover pee from the random drug tests on eBay?

1431 days ago


Uh, yeah right. Basically this means she'll have to learn to schedule trips carefully and be on time so she's home for all of this stuff, and is 100% sober no less. That'd mean that during her tiny stint in jail and rehab she'll have had to have gone through a complete personality overhaul and suddenly become responsible and respectable. Hahahahaha, yeah right. Dude, she is SO screwed.

If you'll remember, her lawyer wanted to fight the drug and alcohol testing, which means Lindsay had every intention of returning back to her old lifestyle when all was done. It'll be interesting tonight, she'll have her first test if she shows up for the Machete LA premiere.

1431 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Well, Lilo you basically have Shawn Chapman Holley working over time because all of this is a complete joke! Death is NOT funny. Lilo is an addict. All these enablers including the CA justice system. So she can miss classes...but if she gets caught drinking or using then she will be able to go to time out..Like a little kid..She has all of you fooled! She is a great actress but you can not fool anybody when you are dead from an OD! Less than 1 year and Lindsay will be dead. Shame on you Dina you are the main enabler!

1431 days ago


Lindsay, your better off telling the Judge to screw off and just do 30 more days. You know you will never be able to keep those appointments. How long does this probation last ???

1431 days ago


I just wonder how long it will be before she has another procedure (dental or plastic surgery) so she can get back on the narcotics and they omit it from the drug screen because a doctor prescribed it.

1431 days ago


If she doesn't violate it only lasts till November 1st basically when she would have been released from her inpatient rehab.

1431 days ago

No comment    

Okay, let the courts be done with her. Let her screw up her life even more, I am just waiting for the TMZ alert that she is DOA

1431 days ago


She also asked the judge "Can I still be a hardcore ignorant little SLUT?"

Judge said it can't be cured, so okay..

1431 days ago


#23 Jeffro 11
ROTFLMFAO That was Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh

1431 days ago

Soo Bing    

That judge sounds like a complete and total pompous windbag!

1431 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

anyone catch the Vegas odds yet as to when we'll see the first post-rehab drunken upskirt photos?

Put on the pot of coffee TMZ boys, you're in for a LONG night!

1431 days ago


How long until she goes back to jail? She'll be fine for the next 3-6 months. Then she'll forget about what she just went through and she'll slip. Her mother is so much part of the problem, it isn't funny. Until she can get into a serious relationship with someone who cares about her and can help her start a new life away from her mother, nothing is going to change. It's sad but true....

A real tragedy in the making.

1431 days ago
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