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Lindsay Lohan Judge --

Stay Clean, Or Else

8/25/2010 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan must submit to random drug and alcohol testing, and if she flunks she's going back to jail ... according to Judge Elden Fox.

During this morning's court hearing ... Judge Fox imposed the following ground rules for Lindsay's probation:

-- Reside at home until Nov. 1
-- Random drug and alcohol testing twice a week
-- Participate in psychotherapy a minimum of 4 days a week
-- Attend behavior therapy sessions 2 times a week
-- Attend a 12-step program

The judge said if Lindsay flunks her drug and alcohol tests, she'll go to jail for 30 days -- and she cannot leave the state of California without court approval.

Additionally, two counts of being under the influence of cocaine were dismissed.

Outside of court Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, said that Lindsay is "looking forward to beginning anew, and having a productive life and schedule."



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@Nicole. Thanks, your info is solid. To others, she's tested negative for illegal drugs and alcohol since May 24, that's 3 months ago. So, you may want to keep that in mind with your predictions that she can't stay sober until Nov 1. Thankfully, it doesn't seem like she has to wear the ***bersome and I think unreliable SCRAM device, so no potentially false positives for alcohol. To those that say she can't do the meetings, there's no confusion now. With the other judge there was confusion around her traveling and what being in compliance meant. I can't say for sure, no one can, but I think she'll be making all of her meetings as scheduled. Also, two of Lindsay's DUI charges are dropped since she's completed the Right On program. It is time to show confidence in Lindsay as she did well after May 24 with drug/alcohol testing, did well in jail, and has earned an outpatient program from UCLA where the original judge wanted a 3 month inpatient program. Finally, nothing about scrips, SCH said she had no idea of misdiagnosis and ADHD, so Lindsay may very well have ADHD and may still be taking adderall.

1499 days ago


Clearly the doctors agreed she as addiction issues so DINA HAS BEEN PROVEN WRONG yet again.

Hopefully Lindsay doesn't mess up again.

1499 days ago


She'll be back in jail before you can say, "Anyone for clubbing?" This woman is a waste of air. Noboby should feel sorry for her because she has brought all of this grief on herself. She'll never learn and probably loves all the publicity that she's getting. She hasn't acted in anything good since she was a little girl and no producer in their right mind should even consider giving her a job. They might as well just buy her the alcohol and drugs and eliminate the middle man.

1499 days ago


Participate in psychotherapy a minimum of 4 days a week.

Because she's a psycho!

1499 days ago


So... she doesn't go to court. Now when she messes up, and she will, she can say "no one told me or I would have..." again.

She didn't have a drinking or drugging problem, yet her face is NOT bloated now when it CLEARLY was prior to her jail term.

As for the person who said that no treatment center is more than 28 days... I will explain that to my daughter who has successfully remained clean and sober after 11 MONTHS of inpatient rehab. You have no idea what you are talking about.

Changing your behavior takes time... Lilo has not had the time put in to change anything. I am with those who are counting down her deathwatch. There is no way, with her total lack of family and friend support, she will be successful at cleaning up her life.

NOW... had she chosen to create strong boundaries that clearly state that DINA can come nowhere near her, I might say she stands a chance. Without that, not so much.

1499 days ago

JKames Rowe    

If someone..maybe a tough sponsor would take her to meeting matter what say 90 meeting in 90 days she would have a shot at staying works for me and miilions of others,,Good uck day at a time...

1499 days ago

Laffn Bear    

Is there anyone, in their right mind, being cognitive and intelligent who actually thinks Ms. Lohan can do all of this?
She better have the requirements written on her finger nails, otherwise she will not remember. Or at least it will give her a chance to spin the blame onto someone/something else.
Can we all say "jailhouse bound?"

1499 days ago

Laffn Bear    

As expected, Nicole and her conjoined twin, the person who I decline to name, have chimed in with their amusing and "Through the Looking Glass" comments. Alice would be so proud.
How long can a person continue without any contact with reality?
Quite some time it would appear.

1499 days ago

Peter Sc    

With those conditions they could just as well have kept her in jail. Measured in quality of life it must be even more cruel to be able to watch it all from the sideline.

In jail all the others suffer as well and then you can comfort yourself by this fact.

It is like us living north of Copenhagen. Our country was flooded but none heard about it because all the cameras covering floods somewhere out somewhere in Asia. It is only the news about some having a hard time that makes we forget the damage the water has done to my property. Life is hard and it is especially hard for Lindsay.

1499 days ago


Well unlike most of the idiots on here, I think Lindsay CAN meet these terms, I can see why people would doubt her, but I know the last thing she wants is more jail time. She'll likely do everything she can to avoid going back there, and after everything she's been though, there's NO WAY in hell that she's going to try and tempt fate again, before any of you bring up her SCRAM bracelet going off at the MTV awards, keep in mind that alcohol-monitoring devices are technically ILLEGAL, and those SCRAM bracelets are notoriously unreliable-they can easily be set off by stuff like perfume, which has harmless trace amounts of alcohol, and there's going to be a ton of perfume flaoting at an awards show, so that's the likely reason why her bracelet went off. So anyways the haters can **** off for all I care, I don't give a flying **** what they say, i'll still be praying for ya Linds! Don't give up!

1499 days ago


@Nicole:All she has to do is go to all her meetings and not consume alchol or take any drugs until November and if she relapses after November there won't be any legal consequences.

This sounds like you know her personally, and expect her to abide by the rules until November when she can finally get high again with no legal repercussions.

1499 days ago


I think Lindsey is way past cleaning up. She can stay off drugs and alcohol for the rest of her life, but the damage is done. She really is just gross. I cannot believe she is holding a can of Red Bull. How can she tolerate all of the crap energy boost in that drink after her body has been cleaned out. That is her first mistake. I could care less what happens to her. She and her family are just low life trailer park trash. What I cannot believe is that nobody has asked the big question "Who the hell is paying for all of this treatment, drug testing, therapy, etc." surely the state of California can't afford it and why should we. I think part of her sentance should be that she pay back all costs incurred from the beginning of this mess.

1499 days ago


"Go back to jail for 30 days"???? Really????? You mean go back to jail for 30 minutes!!!! This is all such BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1499 days ago


She needs to drop that lezbo chick Samantha Ronson -- or should i say Meth Queen Ronson. She continues to hang out with that drug addict she will be in an out of rehab the rest of her life. We are the company that we keep, my dear!!! Run for the hills and find some new, decent friends!

1499 days ago


So disgusting. Lets all get away with anything and everything. That's a great message for all young kids. Like she will change. She can get away with anything now, why stop. Who did she "blow" to get the cocaine charges dropped? so disgusting! Lindsay and Judge you make me sick.

1499 days ago
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