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Ex-UFC Fighter War Machine Gets Jail Time For Assault

8/24/2010 7:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former UFC badass War Machine was just sentenced to a year in jail for felony assault -- and he's also been banned from bars and nightclubs.

War Machine Jail
Mr. Machine (that's his legal name) had pled guilty to two charges of assault by means of a deadly weapon after a bar brawl in San Diego earlier this year.

Today the judge sent him to county jail for one year, and gave him 3 years probation.

The judge also banned War from drinking alcohol during his probation -- or going into any establishments where "alcohol is the main focus."

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a little ironic, no?

1518 days ago


Wow! If This Is The Guy That Beat Down The Guy That Punched A Girl Then This Suxs!

1518 days ago


Wow! If This Is The Guy That Beat Down The Guy That Punched A Girl Then This Suxs!

Posted at 3:40 PM on Aug 24, 2010 by RichieRich

Its not the same guy.

1518 days ago


Let's see no bars and nightclubs for THREE YEARS!!! This judge needs to be assigned to Lindsay Lohan's case.

1518 days ago


He's going to be popular in prison with those plump, pretty lips.

1518 days ago

solar panel    

Prime candidate for Taliban recruitment?

"I'm innocent! If you don't believe me, I'm going to blow up your bar and stab everybody until you believe me. I'm innocent of the rage and drinking and weapons charges, dammit, now listen to me or else I'm attacking everything with flamethrowers and grenades and ya, even the outhouse. They'll get it too! I'm innocent!"

This was a good educational story. Parent-Teacher Union rates it 5.6/9 for intrinsic relevance. Good for grades 9 through 11. Pop quiz on Thursday.

1518 days ago

Paul Crik    

Anyone got the vegas line on how many days before his first prison fight. I'm taking the under at 3.

1518 days ago


Now that his fighting days are over he can do some more porn.

1518 days ago


Your about a month late to the party TMZ. Warmachine has been locked up for over a month and had 3 twitter posts about his time in jail already, but had to remove them because the judge found out them and threatened to add on 5 years to his sentence.

1518 days ago


That's sad... The judge pretty much said "How dare you defend a woman! Off to jail with you!" So, what about the guy that PUNCHED the girl and started the whole thing? He probably didn't even get a single day there? Must have taught that other guy a lesson that it's okay to hit a woman!

1518 days ago

They need beatins    

What a moron! He knows as a pro he can't get in a street fight. Yeah he beat the drunken guys ass, big deal, pro vs fat drunken moron. Moron vs moron. It was deserved but not worth it. Kicking in the head is like a weapon and always gets extra time. We knew he wasn't too smart to begin with but. In jail they carry weapons too which they don't in MMA. See ya toughguy, hope it was fun. If you survive jail, then 3 years of no fun. You will be even more angry with no career. You did it to yourself. Dope.

1518 days ago


Jon had a very abusive childhood. That fact doesn't excuse his behavior, but I think he would have turned out alright had he been given any decent guidance.
On another note, the law that a trained fighter is a lethal weapon is BS. They aren't allowed to defend themselves because they fight for a living... it's ridiculous. The lesson should be careful who you eff with. Are speeding tickets more severe for those who professionally race in motorsports? I didn't think so.
If you start a physical altercation with someone who is more proficient at fighting than you, you deserve the beating, and hopefully, learn a lesson.

1518 days ago


Those are some ugly lips, especially on a guy. He must use woman's lip plumper. Gross, nasty!

1518 days ago


Oh ooops, so this ISN'T the guy that got into a fight with another guy that punched a woman in the head outside a club right? I was shocked because I thought THAT was the guy going to jail for a year. That guy definitely wouldn't deserve it. This guy seems like he deserves it though.

1518 days ago


For all the macho ones out there saying WTF, this guy did a service by beating a man who was running away from him, who he chased down through the streets because this pro fighter thought he hit a woman and he was defending her - you need a reality check!! No woman wants another thug, a highly trained one at that so his victim could not defend himself, beating the living crap out of some other guy and then kicking him in the head while he was down on the ground defenceless using her as an excuse for a no doubt intoxicated pro fighter!! IF he had been sooo concerned about the woman, who was left on the ground in the crush, then instead of chasing a bully down to beat him to a pulp (if this guy even hit her), HE would have been over making sure SHE was o.k and waited with her for an ambulance if she was hurt!! HE would have stopped her being trampled on, but no, Mr Macho rips off his shirt, chases a man not threatening him down then becomes a lethal bully himself!! No pity for this man and you can give him your high fives all you like, HE knew as a pro fighter he had the ability to cause serious damage, if not death with those hands!! In a sense what he did was far worse than the minor jolt the woman got - remember that when you're out getting drunk at a club and someone else in the line pushes you into a woman, she falls and accuses you and some bruiser beats the crap out of you without knowing the full story hm?!
For the women who think he's wonderful - grow a braincell, he's an abuser just as much as any man who hits a woman!!

1518 days ago
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