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Tiger Woods

Talks Divorce

'It's a Sad Time'

8/25/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods held an incredibly candid news conference today -- the same day Elin Nordegren's People interview came out -- saying he "understands that [Elin] is sad" ... and admitting his golf game's taken a back seat lately.

Tiger faced cameras and reporters today for the first time since his divorce was finalized two days ago.

During the news conference for a New Jersey golf tournament -- aired on ESPNews -- a reporter repeatedly asks Tiger if he still loves Elin.  Check out his reaction.

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Kind of obvious horndog never loved Elin, which is why he didn't answer the question if he still loves her, because he never did. He is an immature, selfish narcissist who loves only himself. He merely used her. Period. And what's he so "sad" about? He's totally free to continue running around with his **** leading the way.

1489 days ago


Whamo, if you don't care about this, then don't post, fool! Go away if this does not interest you!!

TIgers a fool! A loser! He chased Elin and pursued her, and disrupted her life and broke her heart!

Tiger is the one who pursued her to have the ultimate status symbol on his arm, which is a Swedish Blond, and you all know it. He couldn't even answer did he love her, what a prick!!

No, he never loved her. He USED her. He USED her to help his FAKE IMAGE, and he actually had her bear his children. May he live happily with that VD that he has the rest of his life. GROSS, EW, YUCK!!

No amount of money would get me in his bed, yikes!!!!

He's revolting, pathetic, and the only person he loves is himself!

No, it is not USUAL for men to cheat this early on in the marriage with so many HOOKAHS and SLUTS, all of which are ugly and cheap. Elin was a dignified and class act. A normal girl looking for love, and got hurt. May she find a nice European man with values, and culture, who knows how to treat her, and shares the same interests.

Tigah's past times include Vegas lounges with drugs, hos, and sluts. Elin hopefully will find a man who is actually educated and intellectual, and can spend quality time with her...

Tigah's as gross as Magic Johnson, and his VD...GROSS!

What's with these ANIMALS?!?!???!!!!!!!

1489 days ago


@ Anthony the jackass who cares what you think ??? Get lost fu$$ing idiot . Not everybody in this world is in love with the serial cheater. Are you gay ? Because you seem to love this guy so much you are ready to jump in a bed with him.

Are you paid by his PR team to support him and to bash Elin ?

Remember : behing every Tiger lover there are 100 Tiger haters.
Better get used to that because it ain't gonna slow down anytime soon.
The truth must hurt don't you think ????

1489 days ago


Guy is an *******, he could of at least said "She's the mother of my children so I'll always have love for her" Hes' golf games sucks anyway.

1489 days ago


by Anthony sounds like a real jackass feeling sorry for himself because hes not white ..People don't dislike Tiger because hes half black dip **** ....It kills me the insecurity of some blacks .. This is another OJ syndrome ...Those mean white people ..LOL

1489 days ago


I believed they married for love and planned both their children if not for more and it all fell about when he lied, disrespected and betrayed his family for his own pleasures. It happens all the time in marriage, business and relationships. The positive thing is now she knows for sure the cut of his coat and so do we. Gifted golfer with little if any integrity. Sad thing to see. They seemed so well suited for each other.

1489 days ago


I have zero respect for that man.

1489 days ago


"Anthony," #64 --- Since you're so disturbed about it all, why don't you line up some black women for your hero Tiger, who is actually less than half black by the way. It seems he needs some help meeting black women. You sound like you'd be good at procuring for him. Tiger is dark because he spends so much time on the golf course outdoors. His lips are full because he's half Thai. I'm mentioning this because you're so obsessed with race. You're quite the racist and sexist.

1489 days ago


He is such a CAD! He should have said "yes, I love still love Elin & I will always love her". What a jerk! After all the hell he has put the mother of his children through the LEAST he could do was be GRACIOUS!!!!! Elin is LUCKY to be rid of him! I really felt bad for Tiger in the beginning & really hoped he & Elin would work things out. But now he just sickens me. I wish he would hire me to advise him. JERK! All he cares about is himself!!! If he really loved his kids he would not have risked Elin's life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1489 days ago


He obviously doesn't love her --- his answers are weak -

1489 days ago


Good point regarding the hiding behind Elin Woods and the reason he chose her to bear his offspring...she has one of the largest feminine shadows in recent memory to hide behind, i.e. COURAGE, grace, innocence, dignity, and natural beauty. No woman in recent press deserves more respect and to have her feelings expressed than Elin Nordegren Woods. Tiger Woods lost the biggest (genuine) trophy of his career.

1489 days ago


After the press conference Tiger is going to hire an hooker

1489 days ago


Whamo, you're a psycho! yikes, get some help. We all know that Tiga pursued the Nordic chick. Had to have her locks draped on his arm, never loved her, loved how she made him look.

He used her, period.

He's an overpaid, overvalued, overrated 'athlete' of a VERY BORING 'SPORT.'

A surgeon he is NOT. He's a dumb overpaid 'athlete' with far too much money, living a hedonistic lifestyle, who brought in 2 innocent babes into the world. His kids have suffered for it, while he was snoging UGLITEL, his kids were wondering where their daddy was.

Typical selfish 'athlete.' Doesn't care one bit about his family, just about his LUSTS. What a rotten animal. Too much money too fast, and does not know how to behave.

1489 days ago


"Anthony," Wow, like your childish insults matter. I wouldn't depend on some men to come to the aid of women and children. I guess that's a big reason a lot of women are offended by Tiger's misbehavior (towards his wife and children). You obviously are a cheerleader for him simply because he's part black. How ridiculous.

1489 days ago


NEVER was a "tiger fan" before (and I golf) and certainly not now but, wow, what a smug SOB!!!! He'll eventually get what he deserves.

1489 days ago
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