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Tiger Woods

Talks Divorce

'It's a Sad Time'

8/25/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods held an incredibly candid news conference today -- the same day Elin Nordegren's People interview came out -- saying he "understands that [Elin] is sad" ... and admitting his golf game's taken a back seat lately.

Tiger faced cameras and reporters today for the first time since his divorce was finalized two days ago.

During the news conference for a New Jersey golf tournament -- aired on ESPNews -- a reporter repeatedly asks Tiger if he still loves Elin.  Check out his reaction.

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Anthony, did all those white guys you mentioned use a condom when they cheated? Were you there, or did the women mention it like Tiger's harem of porn stars did? Were the white celebrities you mentioned totally reckless and ignorant by putting their wives health in jeopardy as your Saint Tiger did by not wearing condoms with unclean women??

1498 days ago

solar panel    

NOTHING coming out of Tiger Woods mouth can be respected.

Tiger Woods doesn't speak for Elin Nordegren or the kids.

1498 days ago


He obviously never loved her to start with. I can understand her not loving him anymore after what he put her through but for him to avoid the question, which basically meant he no longer loved her, seemed strange. Did he ever love her or was she a sweet looking girl who could solidify his image as a good guy?
He's the reason why I don't understand famous men getting married. They know they won't be happy with just one woman so why marry? George Clooney has the right idea. Stay in the relationship as long as you want then leave with no guilt. He's made it clear he'll never marry so the girls have been warned.

1498 days ago


What a loser!!!!

1498 days ago



So you think famous white guys banging women in the 1920's thru 1980's were using condoms? You think they did not expose their wives to STDs or even worse? Maybe like Lili, you think the world was only existed when the internet generation came of age and so STDS did not exist at that time? Are you ****ing delusional?

If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

This is a perfect example of the assine racism that is underneath these comments. TW's marital trangression must be the worst because I feel it is so!!! LMAO! You are like the ****ing ******gers. Logic and facts means nothing to you.

Christ, you people make me feel that there is no hope for this country!! With people so dumb, how can we thrive?

1498 days ago


He looked like he was about to cry, especially after that reporter asked if he still loved her. Not sure why it's so upsetting to him though, I mean surely he didn't think he could screw that many women and his wife wouldn't ever know or would be fine with it. He's gotta lot to learn about women.

1498 days ago


Tiger is incapable of loving anyone, there is something wrong with his circuitry so he lacks empathy, sympathy, compassion and feelings for other peoples and the pain he inflicted.

1498 days ago


He is not a sexual addict. He is an incompetent human being.

He became a star athlete at a very young age. He was pretty much doted on and had everything he wanted when he wanted it. He never had to learn about responsibility for one's actions, or the feelings of others like the rest of people had.

As a result, he probably got into the marriage, didn't care much for his wife, who in turn grew cold. And after that emotional connection was severed, rather than working to fix it, he filled the void with his sluts.

Well, go ahead Tiger. Whore yourself out. With every Rachel, your pain, loneliness, and isolation will only get deeper and deeper as you see that these women only want your money and fame and could care less about you, your feelings, your wishes and your desires.

Elin had the potential to do that for you, but rather than making an effort to make things work and have that, you completely destroyed your marriage, all because you wouldn't lift a finger to stop being a selfish and spoiled child.

Like I said, people like Tiger were never taught to be aware of the pain they cause others. As a result, they make little effort to ease anyone's pain. With all the neglect, cheating, and bad treatment he gave to his wife, what did he expect? Emotional closeness? And on top of that, he decided to punish HER for HIS actions by cheating on her.

Yikes, what a screw-up. I'm glad I'm not as naive as Elin.

1498 days ago


#8 Murgatroyd have you ever stopped to wonder why white women LOVE black men? Or bi-racial men? As a beautiful former model I'm going to tell you why... Beautiful white women want to be satisfied and a little white cracker thing between your legs just does not cut it... Being with an ugly cracker like you would be like me sleeping with my pinkie finger! Not going to happen when real men are available... "once black always go running back! OMG u have to know it is for a REASON. Take your racist ugly small penis and racist loser ugly fat self and NEVER EVER post here again! I am a white female but I hate idiot cracker males like you & when I read a post like you have written - I immediatly know it is becuz ur tiny penis is the size of a normal males big toe! go die quickly pleae

1498 days ago



" So you see, ahole , he was protecting his wife and child by using protection."

I'm sure. The selfless gentlemen that is Tiger was most certainly sacrificing pleasure for the purpose of protecting his wife and children. After all, his holiness is known for putting his family first...

LOL, are you for real?

Perhaps you don't know this because you're a kid and never had sex with a condom or something, but, it's never the woman that insists on not wearing it. A condom makes no difference to her, it's the man's enjoyment that gets decreased so he's always the one pleading to not use it.

You're telling me that the man who is cheating on his wife with a woman that could potentially have STD's is busy thinking about his wife's safety? Come on, you can't really believe that. If he wore condoms, it was to protect his own selfish ass from both STD's and bastard children.

But if you seriously think he never had unprotected sex, once again, you're rather naive. In the heat of the moment, selfish men like Tiger Woods, who haven't learned to take responsiblity for their actions, are very likely to have sex without protection. They could care less about bringing a poor child into the world only to suffer from lack of a father figure. They could care less about their wife at home getting AIDS and passing it on to her unborn child. All that men like Tiger Woods care about is 5 minutes of their own pleasure.

1498 days ago



"about Tiger is his emotional detachment from what he did to his marriage and his kids...even in his press conference about his infidelity...he is so emotionally blank...so empty inside...he probably had to have s e x with a million different skanks to feel anything.."

Probably the most intelligent post on TMZ yet. Exactly to the T.

These kids on here think his lifestyle is some kind of fabulous ride. They don't see the other side, where he's an empty shell of a human being, unable to connect to anyone due to being too egotistical and selfish. As a result, they fill the void with anything pleasuring they could find. If it wasn't hoes, it would have been booze or drugs.

It probably should have been booze or drugs. That way, innocent people like Elin and their children wouldn't have had to suffer so much.

1498 days ago


@ 'Anthony' I think its safe to say now that you can go take the tampon out of your a$$. Please go away no one cares at all what you have to say, your opinion does not matter what so ever. YOU should have been aborted you f***** tool! Telling people that kind of stuff are you insane? Stop sitting here pathetically trying to make your points cause no one gives a flying f***!

1498 days ago

F haters    

"Anthony" please go away no one cares at all what you have to say. Please go take the tampon out of your ass and do something more productive other than site on your a$$ here pathetically trying to make your points because, well, they just dont matter and no one on here gives a flying f***!


1498 days ago



I don't care if Tiger is black, white, hispanic, Asian, other, or mixed. I don't care if he is American, African, Thai, Mexican, all or none of the above. I don't care if he is Christian, Jewish, Muslim, devil-worshipper, atheist, agnostic, or other. I don't care if he is straight, gay, bi, transgender, transexual.

He is still a pathetic excuse of a human being in the eyes of myself and many others.

Just because you have low enough standards that he is worthy of worship in your eyes simply because he can make a lot of money, doesn't mean the rest of us have to feel the same way.

You call Elin a gold-digger. It is quite clear from your posts who the person who cares about money is. Tiger is a good person, as long as he's rich, right? If he was Joe Nobody, I highly doubt you would spend even a second of your time defending him, no matter if Joe Nobody was non-white.

1498 days ago

Throwback kid    

Tiger Woods seems to have lost a tremendous amount of hair in the last year. Is this from the stress of cheating on his wife and the divorce, or is Tiger suffering from male pattern baldness?

1498 days ago
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