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Paris Hilton

Arrested --

Photos and Video

8/29/2010 4:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of Paris Hilton as she was being arrested by Las Vegas police last night.

Paris Hilton Arrest Photos
Hilton and her boyfriend, Cy Waits, were arrested a little before midnight last night. Waits was booked on charges of DUI, while Hilton was busted for possession of a controlled substance ... cocaine.

Paris was released on her own recognizance shortly after her arrest and has hired Vegas legal eagle David Chesnoff.

UPDATE: We've also obtained video of Paris as she was talking to cops. The crowd can be heard muttering about Paris -- one person even remarks she looks better in person.


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And guess what! She is on Twitter telling everyone to turn on the news! She is getting a huge rush out of this I am sure. She hasn't been in the news for awhile after all. This is really pathetic. And I dont know why everyone compares her to Lindsay Lohan. HUGE DIFFERENCE. Before she squandered it away Lindsay was a TALENTED child actress whoe WORKED for her money. This Paris has not contributed anything to society. Tigers mistresses have a higher standing than Paris. She'll end up dead very soon and won't make it to 35.

1517 days ago


Just goes to show you. . .you can have money and still be a LOSER!!

1517 days ago


Cocaine's a hellava drug!

I'm rick james bitch, enjoy yourself...

1517 days ago

Throwback kid    

How many times has Paris been caught with drugs this year? Her parents should get her into a rehab facility before it's too late.

1517 days ago


Hello. . .my name is Paris. . .and I'm a DRUG ADDICT.

1517 days ago


BORING...very typical of her.

1517 days ago


LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! Oh this is CLASSIC RICH BITCH BEHAVIOR! Baaahahaha What comes around goes around princess. America's sick of you & your overpriveleged undeserving asses... Have fun in jail - cause that's where you ought to go with your record girlfriend... WOMAN UP!

1517 days ago


So her defense is "That's not mine because I stole somebody else's purse"? "Oh, okay, have a good day, then, Paris. Take your boyfriend with you, because he stole somebody else's drunken stupor."

1517 days ago


I don't care what anyone says. Paris Hilton is amazing. Not only a supremely talented singer, actress, and model; but an entrepreneur and self made mogul with her yummy perfumes. I can't wait for her next scent: "Allure de Nose Kandy".

1517 days ago

Giz Mo    

Paris is a jerk, no two ways about it. The girl has no class but thinks she does. Same thing with her mother. I laugh at these silly girls. Actually, they behave like 7th, through 12th grades idiots. I am wondering why this generation has no morals, not to mention the rest of the generations growing up. They are getting more dumb and stupid instead of the opposite. Such a shame. Paris, you obviously have a coke problem. Eventually, because of it, you will most likely lose most of what you inherited, lol. We all know you didn't earn anything. Well, not true, you do have your so-called businesses which will also suffer, in the long-run. I think the courts are tired of hearing, "oh, that isn't mine." lol. That statement starts in preschool. You seem to think people should take you serious but you do not have a clue. lolol.

1517 days ago


Dear TMZ,

That video just stole 2:19 of my life. I seriously hope you didn't pay for that.

1517 days ago


What reason does she have to get out of bed for each day? Empty life, completely void of any purpose. It's not glamorous, it's actually sad.

1517 days ago


Whatever the cir***stances ~ I am so glad I am not famous in this day and age! It would suck!!!!

1517 days ago


Paris is out - did she leave her boyfriend in to fend for himself?

1517 days ago


Hey, remember after her first jail fiasco she whored out all over the media telling everyone she had changed her ways and wanted to devote her "celebrity" status to helping Africa? Haha, what a dumb bitch.

1517 days ago
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