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Paris Hilton

Mug Shot --

So Pretty

8/28/2010 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the mug shot of Paris Hilton following her arrest Friday night in Las Vegas.

Paris Hilton Mug Shot



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Paris Hilton is look like so better and mostly young man want meet her and she is fan following is being increase and i think behind it only her beautiness.

1523 days ago


This girl has dodge the bullet so many times....I guess if my family had money I can do it too...they need to lock her behind up longer than the last time...and this time Paris make sure you read the bible correctly....when you was on Larry King you really made yourself look like a AIR HEAD when you were so-called trying to quote the bible.

1523 days ago


Isn't Paris Hilton lovely? She is so many cool things; like...she is is sweet, elegant, charitable to pets, politically active ... and wants to run for Pres some day. Paris is sexy, intelligent (even though she only got a GED after she and Lady Gaga got kicked out of Sacred Heart Convent School). Miss Hilton is a high-energy & hard-working young lady (even though she is an heiress). Paris is ingenious & industrious. She earned over 15 million dollars in three years. Paris is elegant fire-ball ... Like she has produced her own perfumes, hi-fashion line of clothes and shoes, her sex tapes, and she sings. Paris Hilton is often called a socialite because she is a charming friendly person with many celebrities as well as other notable people. She has boldly ventured into many circles and professions and succeeded. So now that Paris Hilton is a well-rounded, successful 29 young lady; she is ready to settle down with a good man and raise a family as well as have a career. I love Paris. Good men are hard to find. Most men are narrow-minded, selfish, dishonest, envious, insecure, jealous, violent, destructive and overly controlling. God bless Paris Hilton. I hope she finds a good, loving, respectful man that helps Paris be all that God gave her to be. I hope he and her and their children find the ability to create a positive team spirit where all (each and everyone) can be happy and co-exist.

As for the cocaine ... Well!!! With all of Paris's activities, she probably is exhausted. Paris probably needs a little help from the good earth. It seems to me that the cops stalk and harass her too much just because she is rich and famous. There should be laws against cops stalking and harassing celebrities when there are no signs of motor vehicle laws being broken (signs like reckless speeding, weaving, disobedience to highway signs, endangerment to other drivers or pedestrians, texting while driving, etc.)

I remember when I used to work long hours (12-16) daily. After work, I had a long way to drive home in one of my bright sports cars. I often wished for a little cocaine to help get tired me all the way home. Cops stalked me for miles even though I had done nothing ... no drugs. The cops made me so nervous; that, eventually I weaved. Then the sirens would whine and the cops accused me of all kinds of things which I hadn't done.

I will pray for Paris.

Love from Shalalee

1523 days ago


You Are All Haters For sure! You Guys All Wish You Were Her. Go Girl Live Your Life In The Fast Lane(:

1523 days ago


Show u how dumb Paris is..Should have kept her mouth shut...Who was the friend?

1523 days ago


A smile Plus a mug shot = SMUG SHOT! what a richly dumba** person she it!

1523 days ago


I think it's so funny how people need to make spend so much time making fun of Paris Hilton and at the end of the day, those same people are stuck with their pathetic lives only wasting their time hating on Paris Hilton. People need to find some purpose in their lives other than obsessing about Paris Hilton. Who cares that she had blow in purse? Every thought about this situation is an assumption...unless otherwise caught on camera. But really...who cares? People find your purpose!

1508 days ago
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