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Sam Ronson

Named in Deadly

Dog-Eat-Dog Attack

8/30/2010 5:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan's ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson has been named in a brutal dog attack that occurred near her L.A. apartment ... an attack that left one animal dead.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ someone called 911 around 11:10 AM ... claiming a "pit bull" attacked a smaller dog ... and then attacked the smaller dog's female owner.

We're told when officials arrived at the scene, the smaller dog was dead ... but its owner suffered only minor injuries.

We're told law enforcement has reason to believe the aggressive dog belongs to Sam Ronson ... because the dog's home address corresponds to Sam's apartment.

UPDATE 1:30 PM PT: Sources at the scene tell us the attack dog was not a pit bull, it was a bulldog. Sam Ronson is known to own a bulldog named Cadillac.

We're also told the dog that was killed is a "very small Maltese" ... that looked to weigh roughly three to five pounds. Animal Control has just arrived on scene.

UPDATE 1:50 PM PT: We're told Animal Control left without Sam's dog.


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Ok, I don't obviously know Sam Ronson, but why all the mean comments? Someone even said she should be raped? WTF? Maybe the dog ran out of the apartment when someone opened the door. Does not mean she is irresponsible.....dogs get out sometimes-it happens.

1493 days ago


No excuse at all to let one animal kill another. These people are TRASH! Throw them to the sharks!!!!

1493 days ago

solar panel    

Bulldogs are OK, but pitbulls should all be done away with.

As for the maltese, apartment mini-canines are NOT "dogs"! Anyone who wants a mini-dog is a flake, not a "dog" owner. "three to five pounds" indicates a gopher, a rat or possibly a cartoon character but definately not a "dog".

1493 days ago


what was this skeleton druggie thinking? she can't even feed herself how could she take care of that dog? that dog was neglected and prolly starved! i wished it turned against her instead. she makes the perfect doggie bone.

jail that waif lesbo for good!

1493 days ago


sam is thin as she is (drugs?), why would she get a bulldog or a pitbull? she prolly starved that dog. oh how i wished that dog turned against her instead. she would be a perfect doggie bone!

ship this trainwreck back to the u.k.

1493 days ago


If animal control left without the dog, then I think it's safe to assume her dog wasn't involved. She's not dating Lindsay anymore, so can we please forget about this nobody and move on to some other nobody? Preferably a pretty one?

1493 days ago


That's really terrible that the small dog died. Someone should be punished.

Obviously the bulldog was not well trained.

But to those saying that breed has absolutely nothing to do with it.. I agree the dog was obviously not trained well, but even so, I still believe that some dogs are naturally more aggressive than others.. It's been bred into them to some degree.

I've had experience with both Lab and Pitbull puppies. Even at a very young age, the pitbull showed vastly more aggressive behavior towards my other animals than the lab ever did. Just sayin'.

1493 days ago


A friend of mine has a little dog that's a mix of a poodle and a maltese. She won't even take the dog for a walk in her neighborhood because she's afraid of something exactly like this happening. A bigger dog on the loose attacking her dog. Sad ... this is a dog on dog murder basically. I suspect that Samantha might be getting sued for this.

1493 days ago


We don't know the whole story, small dog owners are notorious for having their dogs off leash. If that was the case Sam wouldn't be held responsible since the other owners dog wasn't under control.

One of those dogs had to be loose or else there wouldn't have been an issue.

1493 days ago


@ SOLAR PANEL -"Bulldogs are OK, but pitbulls should all be done away with.

As for the maltese, apartment mini-canines are NOT "dogs"! Anyone who wants a mini-dog is a flake, not a "dog" owner. "three to five pounds" indicates a gopher, a rat or possibly a cartoon character but definately not a "dog". "

So easy you are to do away with an entire breed. where does it stop?

Also you make a good point. These people with tiny "dogs" need to realize that to a large dog your "dog" looks like a rat, squirl, rabbit, etc. Dogs are animals with instincts. The dog probably saw the little "dog" run by and instinct kicked in. Soo many of these owners don't put their dogs on a leash or if they are still let them run right up to any person or dog. JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE LITTLE DOESN'T MEAN THEY DON'T NEED MANNERS. And then when the big dog gets mad that the litle dog has run up and bit them it bites back...and the little "dog" ownner blames the big dog. right...

1493 days ago


Lindsay cant even get a decent looking lesbian

1493 days ago


Skeletor strikes again!

1493 days ago


Quote: " Bulldogs are OK, but pitbulls should all be done away with."

Really? A Bulldog is to blame, and it's still a Pit Bull's fault? Where's that logic coming from?

"Oh, your dog got attacked by a Penguin? Blame it on the Pit Bulls!"

1493 days ago


Just another reason that the average citizen should always be armed.

1493 days ago


I can't count how many times I've been in Petsmart with my 100lbs unaltered male pit bull and had a 5 lbs little dog barking, growing, & showing its teeth at my dog. What's great & funny is my dog just stands there confused like "what's wrong with him mommy?". The worst part is the owner thinks its cute and does almost nothing to stop it. If my "big mean killer" dog did that people would freak out.

I don't care how tiny, pretty, or fluffy your dog is its still a dog and should be raised & treated as such. This is how problems arise.

1493 days ago
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