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Sam Ronson

Named in Deadly

Dog-Eat-Dog Attack

8/30/2010 5:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan's ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson has been named in a brutal dog attack that occurred near her L.A. apartment ... an attack that left one animal dead.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ someone called 911 around 11:10 AM ... claiming a "pit bull" attacked a smaller dog ... and then attacked the smaller dog's female owner.

We're told when officials arrived at the scene, the smaller dog was dead ... but its owner suffered only minor injuries.

We're told law enforcement has reason to believe the aggressive dog belongs to Sam Ronson ... because the dog's home address corresponds to Sam's apartment.

UPDATE 1:30 PM PT: Sources at the scene tell us the attack dog was not a pit bull, it was a bulldog. Sam Ronson is known to own a bulldog named Cadillac.

We're also told the dog that was killed is a "very small Maltese" ... that looked to weigh roughly three to five pounds. Animal Control has just arrived on scene.

UPDATE 1:50 PM PT: We're told Animal Control left without Sam's dog.


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What a nasty looking she he???? Needs some serious work done on her face.

1458 days ago

charlene henshaw    

Pit bulls an bull dogs look nothing alike,but of course let's call it a pit bull in the news so everyone will read it.Sick an tired of my breed being blamed for everything.Why did Sam not have her dog under control.I hate it for the people who lost there little malti,but don't even blame the dog,blame the owner.

1458 days ago


Why didn't the owner snatch the dog up when the bulldog headed in their direction? I always pick my dog up when an unleashed dog comes near, and mine weighs 20 pounds!

1458 days ago


I can't believe someone posted that she should be raped. What kind of a SICK PERSON are you? Anyone who would ever wish that another person be killed or attacked or violated like that is just -- an animal. Rape is not a JOKE -- you need some serious help if you don't understand that.

1458 days ago


How come your site is reporting a completely different version of the events that other sites with much more information are reporting?! hummm...

1458 days ago


Lol It's funny how they tried to say it was a pitbull. Pit's are only agressive if provoked or if they were used as fighting dogs or a bait dog. Bulldogs however, have a short temper and usually snap when bothered. I used to own one until the idiot had to be put down. Now I own two pitbulls, a chihuahua, 2 cats and a crab. Maybe the maltese and owner had it coming.

1458 days ago


"How come your site is reporting a completely different version of the events that other sites with much more information are reporting?! hummm..."

Because what is going on at this site is not reporting. The point of this site is to generate discussions. Accuracy is not required to accomplish that objective.

1458 days ago


Thats odd because different sites are reporting different stories on this, on other sites apparently it was sams dog that got attacked and no dog died.

1458 days ago


well done TMZ for getting the whole story wrong again.

1458 days ago


I agree with the poster who said" if you don't know how to control and train a bully breed..don't ****ing get one!!! They are wonderful dogs ( I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrior)....especially with children but can be aggressive to other dogs and the problem is that they are so strong jawed and can kill a small animal easily where another...possibly even larger dog might not do as much damage.... Despite my dogs sweet nature,Im always aware thatch is a dog for gods sakes and so I have to be alert and in control at all times!!!!

1458 days ago


way to go and attack Sam for this, actually it was Sams dog that was attacked and none of the dogs died, get it right TMZ

1458 days ago


Why do they assume it's a Pit Bull!!!! Pit Bulls, if raised properly, love people.

the local news did the same thing recently - saying a Pit puppy killed a baby - and then it turned out to be a lab puppy - and the segment aired at the end of the news - because labs biting people isn't a story.
Pits are great dogs. Samantha isn't cool enough to have one.

1458 days ago


Yeah, just look at what that dog did to Sam Ronson's face...what, you mean that's just her looks...? Ew, gross.

1458 days ago


It's not the breed it's the owner. Now that being said, just because it's a cute little doggie doesn't mean it's totally innocent. I know Of many many cute lil pups that don't realize how small they are. If any dog invades another dogs territory and acts aggresive towards it, you can bet aggresion will be returned!

1458 days ago

rex kramer    

All I know is that the bulldog really likes peanut butter. I'm not sure why Sam keeps it in the bedroom but she goes through a dozen jars a week.

1458 days ago
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