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Sam Ronson

Named in Deadly

Dog-Eat-Dog Attack

8/30/2010 5:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan's ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson has been named in a brutal dog attack that occurred near her L.A. apartment ... an attack that left one animal dead.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ someone called 911 around 11:10 AM ... claiming a "pit bull" attacked a smaller dog ... and then attacked the smaller dog's female owner.

We're told when officials arrived at the scene, the smaller dog was dead ... but its owner suffered only minor injuries.

We're told law enforcement has reason to believe the aggressive dog belongs to Sam Ronson ... because the dog's home address corresponds to Sam's apartment.

UPDATE 1:30 PM PT: Sources at the scene tell us the attack dog was not a pit bull, it was a bulldog. Sam Ronson is known to own a bulldog named Cadillac.

We're also told the dog that was killed is a "very small Maltese" ... that looked to weigh roughly three to five pounds. Animal Control has just arrived on scene.

UPDATE 1:50 PM PT: We're told Animal Control left without Sam's dog.


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Lisa Johnson    

She better be charged and prosecuted for not having control of her dog, what a sad situation, obviously she never took time to train her dog, you think she would, she has millions! I really feel sad for the other dog owner. I hope these hollywood types get prosecuted!

1514 days ago


I work with rescued animals... most are physically abused, all of them are mentally and emotionally abused. In 40yrs of rescuing ALL breeds of dogs, I have never had one that could not be socialized, rehabilitated and become a good citizen. It's not the dog... it's the human on the other end of the leash that needs discipline and socializing. Before you can train a dog, you must train yourself. If you can't... don't get a dog, or a cat. When pets hear aggression in their owners' voices, they become aggressive. When the owner is calm and collected, so is the dog. Any owner whose dog attacks or kills another animal, needs to be caged and re-trained. Unfortunately, courts don't punish the owner severely enough, so the dog is euthanized, and the owner gets another one to destroy.
Meantime, the owner of the Maltese, who loved her little dog, is traumatized... and... oh yeah.. her dog is dead! Laws need to change!

1514 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

If Samanthas dog killed another dog and attacked a person then Samanthas dog will and should be put down. -loopy e

1514 days ago

Shantell Hotchkiss    

I have to say...unfortunately it is the owners fault...If owners researched dog breeds before getting a breed just because it is a cool breed to have at the moment (can you say chihuahua) or because of the way it looks....well...that is just ignorant! I had the sad day of seeing this poor dog attacked, and seeing his poor owner in hysterics! This little dog did not stand a chance against a bulldog. Honestly a dog any size and of any breed is a huge responsibility....too bad it's just not treated that way.

1514 days ago


Oh c'mon, TMZ! She's not a celebrity! Her claim to fame is that she's done Lindsay Lohan. Give us all a break here for crying out loud.

1514 days ago


The dog's breed and level of training is beside the point. *rolls eyes* The main issues are which dog, if any, was on a leash, being controlled by its owner, and where the attack occurred (on public property, on the apartment common area grounds or in a resident's apartment).

I have a small rescue dog who is great with animals his size or smaller, and children, but who is extremely antagonistic towards large dogs. I don't take him to dog parks and I always have him on a leash when outside the house or yard. Many times a large unleashed dog on the street or in a leash-only park has run over to him and gotten the surprise of their life, along with their owner who have to carry their bloody and shaking dog away. I do try to pick my dog up if I see another coming towards us, but if I can't do it in time then it's really not my problem when the unleashed dog gets attacked.

In the Ronson dog attack it may very well be that both dogs were running free. In that case, I have no sympathy for either of the irresponsible and negligent owners.

1514 days ago


i'm maltese and the dog that was killed was from Malta and im not so happy about what happened but u cant say the owner should be guilty coz dogs arent humans and sometimes they do things without control and after all sam twiteed that she was very sorry

1513 days ago

Rue Aloud    

what a bitch! she pay a huge fine for that.

1513 days ago


seriously i ****in hate dis girl she is such a dummy ugh im not even surprised poor baby RIP love

1513 days ago


like #15 said. It was a Bulldog not a Pitbull. Every family should be required to own one. Great dogs.

1513 days ago


This is not any animal's fault. It is the fault of the owners. The Maltese shouldn't have been roaming the halls without a leash, and the bulldog shouldn't have been let out of the apartment without a leash.
A truly awful event. I hope the bulldog is given obedience training, but I don't think it deserves to be put down. Ronson should be put in classes to teach her how to better handle her pets, so accidents like this don't happen again.

But the chances are, that bulldog is going to be killed. :(

1513 days ago


i think sam's dog needs to b put down. don't get me wrong i'm a dog lover, i have 2 myself, but when they get to do horrible things like that there never the same.

1513 days ago


I think anyone who bashes a pitbull or any bully dog in that matter really needs to think before they speak it is a known fact the IT IS THE WAY YOU TRAIN YOUR DOG !!!!! dogs only do what the owner has trained and praised it to do !!!! so when it attacks it is looking for praise from its owner b/c that is what they have been trained to do !!!!!

1513 days ago

Jackazz flatts    

I can't tell Sam from the dog.

1513 days ago


Maybe if the owner wasn't an irresponsible lez, and paid more attention to her s***my dog, than someone elses private parts, this tragedy wouldn't have happened to the Maltese and her owner.

1513 days ago
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