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Sam Ronson

Named in Deadly

Dog-Eat-Dog Attack

8/30/2010 5:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan's ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson has been named in a brutal dog attack that occurred near her L.A. apartment ... an attack that left one animal dead.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ someone called 911 around 11:10 AM ... claiming a "pit bull" attacked a smaller dog ... and then attacked the smaller dog's female owner.

We're told when officials arrived at the scene, the smaller dog was dead ... but its owner suffered only minor injuries.

We're told law enforcement has reason to believe the aggressive dog belongs to Sam Ronson ... because the dog's home address corresponds to Sam's apartment.

UPDATE 1:30 PM PT: Sources at the scene tell us the attack dog was not a pit bull, it was a bulldog. Sam Ronson is known to own a bulldog named Cadillac.

We're also told the dog that was killed is a "very small Maltese" ... that looked to weigh roughly three to five pounds. Animal Control has just arrived on scene.

UPDATE 1:50 PM PT: We're told Animal Control left without Sam's dog.


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who care about the dog. people are killing each other that's important children not eating and this people worry about stupid dog !

1492 days ago


Seriously, that is the ugliest person I have EVER seen!!! WTF happened to it's face? Why is it so white? Mommy, I'm afraid!!! lol

1491 days ago


Pitbulls are wonderful dogs, any dog regardless of the breed can become aggressive, my bluenose weights 95 pounds wouldn't hurt anyone. But my 9 lb designer dog , can't be trusted...

1491 days ago


She looks like she's got A.I.D.S. I'm sorry, that's what I see when I see her pale, droopy, baggy eyed attempt of a face.

1491 days ago


The thing that is scary about pit bulls no matter what anyone says is that no one really knows if a dog is going to attack or not.

1491 days ago


I cringe with uncomfortably when it comes to the thing with her eating out the ***** of my sweetie Lindsay Lohan !!! :-( ;_; !!!

1490 days ago


I protest how the Pu--ey spelling of the female sexual organ isn't allowed to be spelled on here.

Well... anyway, I'm upset that this skank ever went down on my sweetheart Lindsay Lohan.

1490 days ago


Is it one of those freaky Sigh-Of-The-Beast things in that I was #99 and 100 in Comments on here?

Surely I shan't be Comment # 101, for My sweetie Lindsay Lohan is simply TOO HOT for the Comment stream to have slowed down THAT much!!! is ready for all sexually free and forward women

1490 days ago


I find it VERY hard to believe a bulldog would attack anything. Maybe a PITBULL dog. I think she is calling it a BULLDOG since she has a history of owning aggressive animals and doesn't want to be scrutinized for owning an "aggressive" breed when she OBVIOUSLY doesn't know what the EFF she is doing to raise or train them!

1489 days ago

Catherine in Tulsa    

We inherited a rottweiler who had not been socialized properly, and she had a heightened prey aggression. After two years with her, we made the decision to have her put down. It is just an animal and you have to think about the damage it can do. Some dogs have strength and power that were necessary at one time in civilization, but now they are simply a liability.
Go mutts!!!

1416 days ago


God...this pisses me off so bad!!! People that think the pitbull breed is the problem here are ignorant. It had nothing to do with the breed, I have a pittbull who goes to doggie daycare and literally wouldn't hurt a flee! Its the stupid ass owners that train them to be the way they are. My dog got bit by a golden retriever at the dog park. What do you idiots think about that? Huh???

1210 days ago
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