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'New Jersey Housewife'

Double My Pay

or I'll Quit!

9/1/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice is "ready to walk away" from the show unless producers cough up "Jersey Shore money" ... and fast!!!

Sources connected to the show tell us "several of the women are no longer satisfied with their deals" and will not show up to begin shooting Season 3 on September 3rd -- unless they get new contracts worth significantly more moolah. 

We're told Teresa -- who's financial issues have been a major plot point on the show -- is the most adamant about the contract situation ... asking for a cut of the DVD and merchandise sales ... freedom to make more paid appearances ... and her salary DOUBLED.

A source extremely close to Teresa tells us, “She would like to be paid more equivalent to what the 'Jersey Shore' kids are getting" .... adding, "If she’s not treated better by Bravo, she’s ready to walk away.”

FYI -- the "Jersey Shore" kids are reportedly pulling in around $30k per episode.

A rep for Bravo tells us they don't comment on contract negotiations.


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Let her go! She and the rest of those low-class women (can't call them ladies, as ladies they are NOT!) are loosers and skanks... they all gang up on Danielle and for what...they don't like her or her past? She has paid for her mistakes, unlike Theresa who owes $11 million to lord knows who all...especially small business owners who can't recoop their losses. I say clean out their house and have an auction of EVERYTHING, not just a few items, and then auction their home. You can tell that short, fat, dumb husband of hers doesn't care at all for her, as he won't even kiss her and doesn't spend any time with her or the kids... why is a husband staying out all night and drinking and is not home with his wife and kids? He can't stand any of them and hates to be home, that's why. He can't afford to pay child support for all those brats is why, too! I'm sure he loves the "love child" more than all those brats of Theresa's... and how come the parents all have brown eyes and the kids bright blue? Could it be they're not all Joe's?! LET HER WALK and take the rest of them with her... keep Danielle, though... she deserves it because you all let the others gang up on her and didn't even pull Theresa off her when she got up in her face on the Reunion show earlier this week. Shame on you for not doing that. And Kim G - she's a backstabber - she was Danielle's friend and then got caught up with "those other women" and turned out to be just like them. TRASH! 100% TRASH!

1475 days ago


dont watch the show...but who is worth that kind of money..certainly not that bimbo

1475 days ago


FIRE HER! She's just awful and a terrible role model for her kids. It's amazing on the Reunion show how she can dish it out but when asked about her financial issues she shuts up quick.

FIRE HER! FIRE HER! FIRE HER! And, take that "Jackie" girl with you! Both of them need to go...

1475 days ago


I want to hear MORE about Jacqueline and her being an ESCORT in Vegas...and her screwed up daughter....

1475 days ago


I don't get why people even watch this show. It's nothing but a bunch of spoiled women on camera. I've never watched this show...and have hoped continually all of these "Real Housewives of..." shows would just die already.

1475 days ago


I think BRAVO should trash the 'cromagnum, no-forehead cavewoman' that is called, Teresa. There's nothing feminine, attractive, appealing,interesting or engaging about her - she's a selfish idiot and cannot even form a complete sentence. People like 'it' have no business being in the media and I'm sure BRAVO can find beautiful, engaging and (perhaps??)educated NJ housewives that can earn more ratings for the network, other than 'it.' I have stopped watching and so have my friends.
Why should BRAVO double her salary for her irresponsible, wreckless, selfish and immature spending behavior?
Yet another example of talentless, undeserved and rewarded fame in America: the fat, greedy, spoiled 'reality star pig' who has it all and yet still isn't satisfied. Give it a rest, Teresa!

1475 days ago


I have read several other blogs that the “nephew” in question is actually Teresa’s brother’s son with his African-American wife. Apparently her family did not approve of the union and disowned her brother. Posted at 8:04 AM on Sep 1, 2010 by Mikey

Mikey...I was wondering what set Theresa-pig off. I heard Danielle comment about her nephew but couldn't make a connection. Now it makes sense. How tolerant of her. But then again, her outbursts at various events clearly proves she has no tolerance for anyone or anything.

1475 days ago


she is sooo ugly d.a.m.n gremlin!

1475 days ago


I am organizing a boycott of the RHONJ. Please join me. These women are an embarrassment to women and girls - females everywhere.
They pretend to be wealthy - and they are not. They knowingly spend money without paying their debts and then expect the rest of us (taxpayers) to bail them out.
They are terrible mothers. I would never put myself in a situation where a 19 yr old would want to yank my hair out; however, if any of my kids did such a despicable thing - at the age of 19, I would put them over my knee and teach them plenty.
They dye their hair red and wear it in spikes! They attack the character of those they despise and go as far as to "research" any dirt on their enemies - then they ridiculously appear flabbergasted when they are "researched" or attacked.
They have husbands who refuse to be on the show, which should be a huge indicator that he does not support you being on the show. However, it is a well known fact that said husband has cheated on wife over 6 times (straight from the horse’s mouth on national TV). This clearly would raise RED flags with even the most idiotic of people. You have huge skeletons in your not appear on any TV show, throw stones at others - and then play the victim when your glass house is ****tered.
Finally, they expose their children (daughters in this case) to the humiliation of having their mother filmed in the most vulnerable of situations - something that all girls should be taught is a sacred, intimate, and very private thing that is shared between a husband and a wife.
Please join me in boycotting RHONJ.

1475 days ago



1475 days ago


Bravo doesn't need these Jersey hags, especially "trailer-trash Teresa!" She should take the $ she already supposedly earned and get a forehead lift and take parenting classes to stop turning her kids into spoiled brats.

1475 days ago


I think the proper response would be "don't let the door hit you in the ass." Does it occur to her that there is just much more public interest in those Jersey Shore clowns that there is in bougie housewives?

1475 days ago


You know, I watch this show. It's entertaining. But nothing... and I mean NOTHING would make me happier than to see the whole lot of them fired with "never work in this town again" status.

I do wish the best for Danielle. She's got issues... and I hate when she gets that "Oh yeah... they don't wanna mess with ME" tough-girl attitude, but she seems to be the only semi-genuine, human person on the show.

Danielle: Drama? Check. Defensiveness? MmHmm. Exaggerated everything? Yep. Strong elements of truth, honesty and reality amidst it all? Definitely. I tend to feel for her not just because her childhood was effed up and she's admitted to her poor choices, but because she seems to be trying, albeit not always successfully, to keep her head above water despite those things... and despite the efforts of the rabid Danielle Stalkers on the rest of the show.

Dina: I liked her once. Until she flat out lied, repeatedly, then let her big bully of a hideous clown sister take up for poor, helpless Dina.

Jacqueline: Liked her too, once, and of all those I can't stand, she's probably the least offensive. Mostly I think she's just misguided and is trapped by having married into this skanky and embarrassing family.

Ashley (Jacqueline's daughter): THUG. BULLY. Needs to be taught some serious lessons. Come back when you have your jealousy and anger toward Danielle in order. And respect your parents, you little twit.

The Husbands: Ew. Thugs and Bullies. Wanna-be powerful and threatening, but only silly goofballs. Especially Mr. Chunk, Teresa's husband. And they're really poor actors to boot. (What... you thought this wasn't loosely scripted?)

Teresa and her Small Man Syndrome-havin' mound of chauvinistic crap husband: She's an out of control, mental- and personality-disordered freak to say nothing of being morbidly uneducated and crass. (Psst. Teresa. Stupidity isn't cute. But if your husband thinks so, it's because he needs a vacant-brained woman to make him feel better about himself.) Anyway, just think of how those kids are going to turn out. Ugh. Why doesn't someone spay her? So... she wants a raise? So she can misspend it as well? Doesn't matter if they get more money or not, these fools are going to dig their own graves eventually. I'd love to see them in prison. Oooh, do a show on them (no payroll for THEM!) in prison a la "Lockdown" or something. What fun!

Caroline: Dear Caroline... You are NOT the head of anything. Stop power tripping. You and your "family", "thick as thieves"... what does that mean? I can only infer one thing: that you'll support each other to the extent of lying for them. Repeatedly. And even when you're busted lying (it's happened), you'll continue to lie because admitting that you did is worse than slowwwly and methodically pulling out nose hairs one at a time! What would happen to your beloved Italian Integrity if you were forced to admit you fabricated a bunch of BS in an attempt to save face? Buh-bye! Everyone has a family. Yours is no more special than the billions of others. Stop talking about it, your merciless repetitions sound like you're trying to convince yourself and even your family that A) your opinions matter and B) they have YOUR back. Though someday you're going to need that support. Picture Caroline's family in, say, India. BWAHHAHAHAAA!!! You, your "family", your alleged money/power/ties/whatever, would mean NOTHING there. Manzo entitlement OUT THE WINDOW! Take them out of their protective element and stick them in a country that would peg out their discomfort meter. Make them mingle with REAL people and suffer the consequences of being as****s. Now THAT would be a fun show to watch.

1475 days ago


Teresa is a sub-moronic idiot from hell. Her behavior was disgusting, she's ghetto trash.

1475 days ago


Is this really the best that New Jersey has to offer? This lady is a true skank and I hope she gets her walking papers. Her and her douche husband and sorry, but two of their daughters are UG-LEE! And Jacqueline is just a disgrace as well, with a disgraceful nose job to boot. All the husbands make Tony Soprano look like a teddy bear.

1475 days ago
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