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Family Mourns Tiger -- Shrine Erected

9/2/2010 4:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been three days since a 2-year-old Maltese named Tiger was killed by Samantha Ronson's bulldog Cadillac -- and now TMZ has learned Tiger's owner has set up a makeshift memorial to honor her fallen pooch.


This shrine has been set up in the owner's apartment -- in the same West Hollywood building where Tiger got into that fateful confrontation with Cadillac early Monday morning.

As for Tiger's alleged killer -- we're told Cadillac is still on the East Coast.


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THis is the gayest news story I've ever read on TMZ.

1456 days ago


It is so sad to have lost a beloved pet in such a terrible and traumatic manner. Even worse is the cruelness of some heartless, self-centered posters on these boards.

1456 days ago

Politico Pablo    

I'm sure Tiger's in doggy heaven.

1456 days ago


Make it stop, oh man!

1456 days ago


For all of you that think this is're obviously not animal lovers! For those of us who ARE animal lovers, we can totally relate to what a tragedy this was......I can't even imagine seeing either of my precious dogs mauled by a 3-time offender aggressive thoughts and prayers go out to the owner of this sweet dog...

Note to Samantha: I also feel bad for you that you are going to most likely lose your dog....but if you knew your dog was this aggressive, WHY did you let it roam the hall with no one there???....all the more reason to be a RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNER when you know your dog has done this have no one to blame but yourself!

It's sad for everyone all the way around.....

RIP sweet Tiger....

1456 days ago


Interesting that Sam looks just like her dog, or maybe it is vice-versa, and they both have the same personality.

1456 days ago


hahaha seriously gayest story I have ever read

1456 days ago


1. sometimes pets do become members of the family. They give unconditional love, they forgive you a lot quicker than people when you scold them, or get cross with them, when you are in pain or feel bad they know and they comfort you. (When my sister-in-law miscarried, her dog stayed by her side day and night and wouldn't leave until she finally took the first step to healing.)

you even treat them like kids. You have to feed them, take them to the doctor for vaccinations, if you are a good pet parent you put them in school for training, you potty train them like you would a toddler at potty training age... if they are sick you take them to the emergency doctor...

They are constant companions for children. Kids tell pets things they won't tell their best friends. They bond with their pets the way they'd bond with a sibling.

people who have never owned pets, or who have been raised in the kind of family where they buy a pet to say they have one, then tie it up outside never to think of him again will never understand the bond between people and pets.

2. That being said... everyone forgets one thing... Sam's dog has a propencity for being vicious. This isn't the first time that dog has acted out.

say what you will about whether or not a dog should be treated like a dog or like a member of the family... Sam's dog has a propencity for vicious behavior, she did not take extra care to make sure the dog did not get out where it could harm other pets or people... thus it is her fault plain and simple.

I also question WHY her dog is vicious... I've never come across a bulldog that is treated well, well trained, and treated like a member of the family, who hasn't been a sweet, gentle dog.

anyhoo. that's my opinion.

1456 days ago

extreme animal lover    

Sorry for their loss BUT making a makeshift memorial!! Give me a break...can we say Attention Whore! I am a huge animal lover and unfortunately have had to go through loss from unnatural causes but you mourn in privacy with your loved ones and not looking for a photo op! And wasn't this dog off the leash?!! Don't place all the blame on Cadillac! Tiger's owners failed to protect their loved one so I'm sorry but death happens and that is the chance you take every day! That is why their are leash laws

1456 days ago


I love dogs as much as anyone, but GEEZ, is the passing of this one dog really newsworthy? I understand the pet was loved, but you'd think this was HARVEY's dog the way TMZ is covering it. Even so, it still wouldn't be newsworthy. MOVE ON FROM YOUR GRIEF TMZ.

1456 days ago

hmmm strange    

TMZ has it all wrong. The white dog was the aggressor and was not on a leash. It was self defense.

A bird of prey could have easily have snatched this animal. The world is better off.

1456 days ago


Dogs and Cats were put on this earth as companions and a death of an animal is very hard. I am irritated that a dog who had attack before was not properly handled. I myself have gone thru losing a belove dog to an attack. The attackers were my other 2 dogs. After discussing with animal control as well as with pet analysts and vets. I was looking into re-training but then saw an attack made on my cat. Cat and dogs got along great but one day, they for no reason just attacked. After much sou searching I made the decision to have both dogs put down. It was the hardest decision I have made. I did it for 3 reasons
1. Dogs which attack other animals smaller ARE likely to attack small children when they go into pack or agressive mode.
2. Received creditable info from animal control and several vets, that 2 attacks would lead to more even with training.
3. Dogs are animals and the safety of humans must always be taken into account.

Why this dog who had attack previously was not properly contained nor why did the owner NOT handle things appropriately shows her ignorance. When you are an animal owner (I currently have now 6 dogs for years without incidents), you are accountable for their actions. Thus if an animal has had issues - do the right thing. Legally and ethically you are responsible. Shipping the dog off east was a cop out.

1456 days ago


The owner is at fault just as much as Samantha is. The dog should have been on a leash. And Samantha should have better control of her dog especially if the dog has agression against other animals. I'm truly disgusted that she was able to transport the dog out of state. I'm a dog owner and lover however you must take responisabilty for your dogs. Remember to leash your dogs.

1456 days ago


Poor Tiger...... RIP
So sad - she looks like my dog Chico.

1456 days ago


Obviously most of you never owned a dog before in your life and if you did, I feel sorry for the dog you owned because you didnt give a crap about it anyway.

People that care about their animals treat them like family. Its a big deal when you lose a pet and to lose it in such a manner is just awful.

Let the Tiger's family do whatever they need to do to grieve the lost of their beloved pet. Don't make nasty comments because people make a shrine and show their support.

And to whomever wrote:
"It's a F***ING DOG! How PATHETIC do you have to be to develop human feelings for AN ANIMAL!?! These people are SICK! SICK! Seek emotional help."

You need major major help and I hope you never ever own a dog in your life. How would you feel if you watched your dog get mauled to death? Oh, you prob wouldnt care because it's just a dog, right? I hope you get attacked by a dog and dont complain when you do because its "just a dog"

1456 days ago
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