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U.S. Open Fight -- Who's At Fault?!

9/3/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You gotta watch this video of an insane fight that broke out at the U.S. Open yesterday.

** warning -- the footage contains explicit language **

Here's what's clear:

-- The young man is a loudmouth
-- The woman clearly incites the young dude by slapping him in the face
-- The old man further incites the dude by aggressively approaching the dude and kicking a can

So we ask ...

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....when an older man tried to step in a place the young dude in some sort of a headlock.

Pretty sure the "a" is supposed to be "and".............

1513 days ago

M Wow    

I don't know why all the macho men came running to attack the young guy. The old guy became aggressive, hit first, and deserved to be knocked on his butt as self defense. Then the old broad attacked, pushed the young guy and he simply pushed her away with the same force! No matter what was said, the old couple got physical first -- BOTH TIMES. Frankly, I would have hit back, too -- and I'm the old couple's age.

1513 days ago


Wow, can you get any more dramatic? Waving the arms, etc.? Looks like just another guido douchebag."Where's the spotlight? Where's the stage? Look at me!" By the way, his friend in the next seat was a big help too. A little self control goes a long way. A--hole.

1513 days ago


while the younger guy should ahve kept his mouth shut, the old man and woman were in the wrong they got physical first. the young guy was just shoving them away from him.

1513 days ago


Can the guy on the video be any more of a puss? Heeey... c'mooon! it's the us opennnnnn! Ahhhhhh! Securiiiity!!!!

Just shut the f#@! up and roll the tape. they ain't doing nothing to u.

1513 days ago


The young dude did not throw the old dude down the stairs as it says in the article. The old guy pulled the on the back of the young guys head when he was already off balance which led to the young guy falling into the old guy and knockhing him down the stairs.

Have to wonder why all those people jump on the young guy at the end when all he did was push the woman away after she attacked him... he didn't even push her in an overly aggressive way. If someone attacks you, even if it's a woman, are you just meant to stand there and accept it ?

1513 days ago


Dayum the young italian dude is friggin HAWT

1513 days ago


#6 "Young Buck" needs to learn how to have respect for his elders and STFU!

1513 days ago


Where's Roger Huerta when you need him?

1513 days ago


The old couple got what they deserved, because they assaulted the younger guy first. The older guy simply fell over the seat in front of him while attacking the younger guy. The younger guy could've went to town on the guy but he simply stood up and went back towards the stairs away from the old couple. All of the super heroes who rushed him should not have been quick to rush to judgement. Good thing this happened in the nose bleed section, so it didn't cause too much of a disturbance.

Would've been a better video if the old guy tumbled all the way down the stairs and rolled onto the tennis court, followed by his wife.

1513 days ago

michael toris    

this fight was not over tennis,,it was team osaka vs team mel and the fat lady and the old guy obviously were defending mel and got owned
haha this was a great video
old man take your geritol and leave the fighting to the young bucks you old bastard

1513 days ago


dunno the facts but just looking at the footage I believe that the young guy did what he had to do. If was attacked twice and he defended himself. To the old lady .. please stay home next time, and to the old guy : don't do that again.. for your own good.

1513 days ago


@10 The old man was out of line for getting physical there is no excuse. You didn't hear their conversation, neither did any of us reading this article. While we can guess he should ahve let it go, he is not in the wrong here.

1513 days ago


by "he was not int he wrong" i mean the younger man.

1513 days ago

michael toris    

i wonder if the old guy was banging the fat lady.if he was
good going old man

1513 days ago
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