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Kanye Goes on

Twitter Rampage,

Seeks Forgiveness

9/4/2010 3:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just a few days shy of the one-year anniversary of his infamous Taylor Swift-interrupting rant, Kanye West decided to complete the Twitter step of his 12-step forgiveness recovery plan ... by unleashing a flurry of tweets to express forgiveness, regret and nearly every emotion in between.

Kanye posted nearly 100 tweets in a little over two hours. It started innocently enough with: "Man I love Twitter... I've always been at the mercy of the press but no more...  The media tried to demonize me."

Then it moved on to: "Remember in Anchor Man when Ron Burgandy cursed on air and the entire city turned on him? But this wasn't a joke. This was & is my real life."

And: "People tweeted that they wish I was dead... No listen.  They wanted me to die people. I carry that. I smile and take pictures through that."

Then he finally brought up Taylor: "I wrote a song for Taylor Swift that's so beautiful and I want her to have it. If she won't take it then I'll perform it for her."

Later: "When I woke up from the crazy nightmare I looked in the mirror and said GROW UP KANYE ... I take the responsibility for my actions ... I am not a bad person. Even in that moment I was only trying to do good but people don't always need my help ... Beyonce didn't need that. MTV didn't need that and Taylor and her family friends and fans definitely  didn't want or need that."

After several more it ended with, "I'm sorry Taylor." 

Kanye has gone Twitter silent since then. 


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To all the people who won't forgive* Kanye regarding the Taylor Swift incident: Cry me a river then build a bridge and get the f*ck over it.

Kanye has a big mouth and an even bigger ego but the truth is the truth. Taylor Swift can't sing and is only a so-so songwriter. The only thing she has going for her is the whole young, blond, virginal thing that some American's seem to love without reason and being a "victim" at the hands of big, bad Kanye.

*I don't need to forgive Kanye because he didn't do anything to me personally. The whole celebrities asking/begging for forgiveness from the public is quite unnecessary except to those that think themselves and their personal approval much more important than they really are.

1478 days ago


Kanye,,Put down the crackpipe!

1478 days ago


Time for Kanye to shut up. Expecting forgiveness? It doesn't work that way. It has to be earned. Best way to earn it is by conduct and deeds; otherwise, STFU, stop talking about po' you.

1478 days ago


Okay. Maybe now we should hate on him for his horrible grammar and the fact that he thinks something he wrote is "beautiful".

1478 days ago


I agree with alot of these comments. He has been a ****y jackass since he had one "hit" song. He is racist and selfish. I also believe he is drinking again! The music world doesnt need a guy like him around. I change the channel every time I see him come on for an interview or for a performance of any kind!!!!!

1478 days ago



1478 days ago


Screw Him. Hes Only Saying Sorry So He Can Get "More Fans" Cuz To Kanye More fans = More Money.He's Been A Jackass for way to long. That wasn't the first time he interrupted an artist during their acceptance speech. Hes a fool!

1478 days ago


Gee, most of the posts are negative yet he got a "yes" to forgive? Someone voted more than once! Anyway, he lost me when he said he wanted to change their 'hate.' Uh - WE didn't embarrass ourselves and behave rudely, he did. He's the hater. And Kanye, sweetie - it's "their" not "there." Their denotes people, there denotes things.

1478 days ago


Kayne was a self centered jerk before the Taylor incident. So he apologizes for thinking only of what he wants to do and say for one moment, but to me an apology means you are truly sorry. I think he is more sorry about the backlash on his career and he will always do what he wants. The only thing that might change is he is think twice about doing it on LIVE tv to someone more popular than him.

1478 days ago


At comment #129 -

I rather hear Kanye than Marshall. Marshall is actually the overrated rapper who raps about tranny's, killing and doing weird things to people close to him and dude hasn't been great since his first albums. I don't care anymore if the rest of the country wants to eat ****. Taylor can sing but she has no creative talent at all. If you met Kanye in real life dude is a real nice guy and stays maintaining a positive hope in the pop world (just ask all the critics). The guy is last of a dying breed. People stay on Marshall's nuts just because they find his bizarre raps funny and think his **** is so damn clever. Kanye might not be the best when it comes to writing verses but that guy sure has a real gift when it comes to making music in general. I had a feeling somebody would say Kanye would snatch the mic from a poor young white girl but not from a big strong person. Going on the stage was an ******* move but **** is so messed up right now people are seeing things the wrong way. Dude will never steal a mic from a big strong man because they aren't in the same category, place, or, award show. **** outta here with that bull****. America can eat **** for all I care. You sir support bull**** from the last decade. Plus dude is cool with most of the artists releasing the best albums this year (No Billboard top 200 I'm talking Pitchfork and Metacritic favorites) I bet he wouldn't care if they won because real recognize real.

On Yeezy's next album dude has THE best producers from today and the 90's (Premo, RZA, Pete Rock, Q-Tip, Madlib, No I.D, and Bink!) and current great artists (Jay Electronica, Ricky Ross, Hovito, Pusha T, and **** even Aubrey Drake and Nicki Minaj's surprising verse on Monster) helping him work on his next album and so far 80% overall of people who heard his new stuff enjoyed it. Marshall's last albums Recovery and Relapse ARE his worst albums. **** what you heard, know, and think. If people wanna stay listening to all this bland, soccer mom loving, Kids Bop featured, than **** that.

1478 days ago


What's the song about? How great Beyonce is and how he is a good man... puh-lease. GET OVER YOURSELF AND JUST VANISH

1478 days ago


I'm not a big fan of Taylor's music or Kayne's but this guy is a jacka$$ he is a grown man who acts like he is 7. His mother would be ashamed of him, he's online whining. I think it's fine if he think's she shouldn't have won that's his opinion. Now people have an opinion about him so what get over it I'm sure she did. Sometimes in life we do things that show our character and we've seen Kayne's over and over I mean this isn't the first time he's done something like this I guess this time he just did it to someone that a million teenage girls love.

1478 days ago


I just don't see him as a victim. He did an incredibly stupid, insensitive thing on a huge stage. He will continue to pay a huge price for that act. Expecting forgiveness isn't the way to go in my book.
If he really regrets his actions that forgiveness will come and be well deserved.

1478 days ago


Boo-hoo, Boo-hoo, poor, poor, poor pitiful me.


1478 days ago


Lets see! He has a new album coming out in November and now in September he is getting all sentimental again about his antics with Swift. Sounds like it is all about Kanye again as usual. Poor poor pitiful me!

1478 days ago
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