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Dwight Howard's Ex: Daddy Dwight Needs a Guardian

9/9/2010 4:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBA superstar Dwight Howard's baby mama wants someone to watch over him whenever Dwight is with their 2-year old son, according to new court documents.


TMZ obtained a copy of Royce Reed's motion -- filed in Orange County, Florida yesterday -- in which she claims the Orlando Magic star regularly misses scheduled visitations with their son Reed. Royce also alleges that their son "acts out emotionally and physically and resists being taken by" Dwight's nanny ... according to the docs.

As TMZ first reported, cops were called in two weeks ago when Royce claimed that Dwight picked up little Reed from preschool when he wasn't supposed to do so.

Royce is asking the court to appoint a guardian -- on Dwight's dime -- to ensure Dwight follows the visitation schedule and Reed gets proper care. Royce's rep says the motion was filed, "as a last resort."

Dwight's reps have not returned our calls.


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1505 days ago


you want Superman, to save to whores now , come on.

1504 days ago


Hmmm is he working and missing visitation? Maybe set up different times? Sounds like another case of the ex wanting to control. There's a handbook out there somewhere telling these ladies what to do, it's happening way too often, the same things. Sad.

1504 days ago


Naw, she don't want that man....she is too pretty to be bother up w/his ass. I think he is provoking her and she is calling his bluff. He thought he had a jumpoff but he ran into a REAL woman that ain't taking no **** off him. IT'S TIME OUT.

1504 days ago

Mike D    

Please. This broad is not a real woman. She is a skank. She particaptes in booty shaking contests & degrades herself. OOOOO what a woman & role model for her kid. Someone needs to supervise her while she's with her kid. She thought she hit the motherload by birthing his baby.

1504 days ago


I find this ex a very bitter person trying to make him look bad. First of all, you don't go to the press to air out your family problems. Very LOW class. Secondly, she should be grateful her child's father not only wants to be apart of his son's life, but who pays for his responsibility, and pays BIG. She thinks she's the one in CONTROL. These women get GREEDY! The father has rights too. She has no right to call the cops and the tabloids. If anything, it backfired and it shows WHO she is as a person. FAME WHORE using an innocent child to get back at her baby's daddy. As a woman, she is an embarrassment to all women out there. Isn't she the cheerleader on Basketball Wives? Drunk, fighting, nasty dancing at parties? Ya, nice role model.

1504 days ago

Mike D    

She is mad because Dwight shut her down & shut her up. She can't so much as speak his name because she was running around bashing him publicly because he is not letting her control him. Being a mother or custodial parent does not make you the better parent. I will say again that she is the one that needs supervision. That poor child.

1504 days ago


His son's name is Braylon. Where are y'all getting Reed from? That's the mother's last name. Get it together TMZ.

1504 days ago


Royce needs to stop trippin' she knows full well that Dwight is capable of taking care of his son. The pot really shouldn't call the kettle black when she was all up on national tv shakin' her ass and slapping the ass of another female while dozens of athletes and rappers looked on.

1504 days ago


She's not a real woman.... REAL women don't put your business out in the streets. She's been vindictive. The child is going to grow up and see all this crap on the internet; she's not protecting the kid like she's claiming. She needed to GROW UP!!!!

1504 days ago


She is a bored attention hungry gold digger who has nothing relevant in her life other than who she allowed to impregnate her. Her whole self worth and value is based upon who her baby's father is. The more he is in the news, the more she feels left out thus feeling the need to create drama in and surrounding their relationship. She would be this way with any man as she is as calculating as she is deceptive:her "choosing" a high profile athlete is no accident. I feel sorry for DH, she got to him when he was young. Real woman....child please (best ochocinco voice).

1504 days ago


Beautifulone... The fact that "naw" is your vocab is a joke in it's self. This girl will do anything she can to get attention from him and anyone else... Typical hood rat, pure trash! OH NO he picked up his son from daycare what a bad bad... and if he didn't her keebler elf looking a$$ would be talking about that too. Isn't this the girl who said on numerous occasions including basketball wives reunion shoe that she would NEVER want to be a basketball wife... no she would rather have an illegitimate kid by one, lol. She isn't a joke she is the punch line of one!

1504 days ago


He needs supervision all right. He might to something like get stripped down his drawers at a pool party and shake his ass for all in attendance. Oops, that was you, wasn't it, Royce?

1504 days ago


what a dead beat dad

1504 days ago


You guys are some straight up haters. No one knows the relationship they had prior to her having his son, so how all of a sudden she's being labeled as the Bitter Baby Mama? Everyone is missing the point that HE'S MISSING SCHEDULED VISITS, meaning HE'S NOT SEEING HIS CHILD,which is equal to him being A DEADBEAT DAD. So what she shook her ass for a dance contest.... who is anyone to say she's a bad mother for doing that? Clearly on basketball wives she showed she wasn't some groupie ho! She got him while he was young... wtf yeah sure she put a gun to his head and made him f*** her without a condom and conceive a baby.
How did she put their business in the street when TMZ clearly stated THEY RECEIVED A COPY OF THE MOTION SHE FILED!! Dwight Howard needs to get his **** together and be a better Dad. The only ones who got something negative to say about this are the ones that want to be on his d*** themselves! So who's the groupie?.

1504 days ago
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