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FOX: Someone's Sabotaging 'American Idol'

9/14/2010 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

FOX execs think someone is trying to sabotage "American Idol" by dragging Jennifer Lopez through the mud ... well-connected sources tell TMZ.

FOX execs at the highest level have been complaining that the negative stories about Lopez -- who should be signing on the dotted line any day to become the 3rd judge -- are being planted by people with a grudge against "A.I." and people who are in direct competition with the show.

There have been a number of stories about Lopez's alleged "diva demands" -- that she's demanding way too much money and insisting on movie deals -- but we're told the negotiations have actually been "normal."  We're told there is a movie component to the deal -- as well as the possibility of other TV projects -- but the centerpiece has always been "Idol."

Our sources say it's all but a done deal ... and that Lopez will be at the judge's table next week for "A.I." auditions.


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So what you're saying is the "rumors" that have been "planted" have actually been very accurate considering they are confirming there is a movie deal and other items included?
I see...

1500 days ago


The backlash is simply over the pick of a horrible personality that is a has been and gets sub zero approval numbers. Their choice not ours. Live with the feedback or use your brains to pick someone we want to see. Not leatherface Tyler and the no talent hack turn it on and off hispanic.

1500 days ago


#1 You are so right, if rumors of movie deal and other TV projects included in deal, she is being a diva. l don't like Jennifer Lopez & hope the dead fly, her husband won't be appearing on AI promoting himself. Can't stand either one. Won't watch any season she is on.

1500 days ago


If she is the judge I will not watch.

I've watched almost every season.


1500 days ago


I quit watching when Kara was added and I won't watch it again. But I can't believe they can't find ONE person with ungodly REAL talent - say a Christina Aguilera or Leona Lewis, etc. You know, someone that actually knows how to sing, someone that actually writes their own songs, someone that knows how to play an instrument, or at least read music. SOME form of talent. Maybe then the show would gain some credibility again. With Jennifer Lopez? Sorry, hot happening. Idol will be considered more of a joke now than ever among those over 18. Luckily you will still be able to fool the little 14-year-olds that make up your show's fanbase, but do any of them really care about Jennifer Lopez? Most were too young last time she did anything significant.
This is a very very very bad decision for AI.

1500 days ago


AI really over now. The show should have let the viewers vote for the new hosts. They haven't listened to the public's dissaproval.

1500 days ago


how about getting past A/I contestants as judges
such as clay aiken ruben studdard and fantasia and maybe get rid of randy jckson and put taylor Hicks as the other judge whole new panel

1500 days ago


I don't really have anything against Lopez, I just wish A.I. would finally go away.

1500 days ago

two cents    

I won't watch her. Her 15 minutes are just about over. Name one movie she was in that didn't flop? The public doesn't like her. Period. I can't stand her. She's absolutely useless.

1500 days ago


I thought she always was in the "mud". BTW, nobody wants to see her! Which is good, because I hate "reality" shows and want all of them canceled!

1500 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

American Idol is sabotaging themselves just fine.
No one likes Jennifer Lopez and they still hired her anyway.
This show is toast.

1500 days ago


The judges all have years of experience, and have made millions and are stars, so what! I personally love to watch the show for the young talent and how they evolve over the couse of the show. What a great experience for all these kids. C'mon folks life is so short be happy for others.

1500 days ago


People have been accusing Lopez of being a spoiled diva for over a decade now, which is longer than AI has existed

1500 days ago


Without Simon you have no show!
JLow is a self important, no talent celeb with NO soul.
I quit watching when Kara was added and I won't watch it again.
Hated Kara, can't stand Ellen.

1500 days ago

spelling bee champ    

what's "SABATOGING"?
never write when wasted.

1500 days ago
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