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'Big Brother' Star's

House Burns Down

9/15/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She just got burned inside the "Big Brother" house -- but this morning, the Arkansas home where contestant Britney Haynes was set to return to after tonight's finale was heavily damaged in a fire.

According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Haynes' home caught fire early this morning while her fiance was still in the home ... though he managed to escape the blaze without injury.

Even though Britney was eliminated from the BB house last week -- she's still sequestered in the "Jury House" and cut off from the outside world -- until the season finale concludes tonight.

The cause of the blaze is still under investigation -- but officials claim the cause doesn't appear to be suspicious and believe it may have originated from a grill at the home.


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I'm amazed at how much someone can read into 4 brief paragraphs.

The live finale is tonight, and if you had read the complete article from the Arkansas newspaper, you would know that her fiance is flying to Los Angeles tonight to attend the finale, and see her after the show.

1409 days ago


I hope that she gets americas vote..... which either her or lane should.... poor girl by far my fav of this season!

1409 days ago


dani, he wrote on jokersupdate in the forum that he is going up today for the finale and her parents are taking care of the pets and he will deal with everything after he gets back.

Good thing he woke up!! He said he had to go in twice for the dogs. Brits he got the first time out, he had to look for his, it was hiding scared. Neighbors were yelling for him not to go back in, but according to him he thinks they lost 50 to 60% of their stuff, but it could have been worse.

Brit had the best exit video of them all, it was funny.

1409 days ago


Yeah her soon to be hubby did it cause he was mad at Brittney for getting so close to lane to fishy in my eyes since he was the only one there Cooking so its his fault

1409 days ago


My heart goes out to Britney. She is by far the smartest and prettiest of all the BB female contestants so far.

In the end - the house and all belongings are material.
It was good that no one was seriously injured.

Poor girl. It will be sad for her to hear the news after Jury.


1409 days ago


say what steve? lol.....

1409 days ago

me not you    

I love how TMZ labels this "BREAKING NEWS!" like it's something important. No disrespect to the chick who lost her house but no one knows who she is.

1409 days ago


anyone know if lanes dog got found from a week or so ago?

1409 days ago


Why do some people say Nick did it on purpose ? It was a rental house so it's not like he gets a lot of money. House fires happen all the time.

1409 days ago


For those saying others haven't read the article...I did and it says, quote "Laura Grisham said. She said her son will fly to Los Angeles later Wednesday to meet Haynes after the show."

He's flying out to meet her AFTER the show. Says nothing about Nick flying out FOR the show.

Please, read the article carefully before putting words into what is NOT there!!

Also, if you watched the show, you would know even Britney wonders if she still has a fiancé once the show is over due to HER actions. I like the girl but, she did do a lot of flirting with Lane for someone who has a fiancé at home. And, it looks as if he had NO intentions of even going until he burned down their house. Maybe, he called off the wedding and no one even knows and maybe it was an accident and maybe it wasn't. Just saying!

1409 days ago


What is so strange about waiting until today to fly out there ? And none of the houseguests will have time with family until after the show.They are still in the jury house until driven to the show.

1409 days ago


Those Haters.. Step off of Britney,

She's smart, hilarious, and is a darn great rachel impersonator!! lol... she is atleast a hotel manager therefore im sure she's not homeless. how could anyone here blog about someone losing their personal stuff in a fire.. have you not any shame!

Britney was a pure sweetheart... and as for her dude.. i hope she leaves him and gets with Lane after HE wins BB!.

Fellow Texan Lane go for Britney when you get out dawg!..

She's cute, has a smile that can light up the most darkest days.

britney its your world!... you were the nicest thing ive ever seen in a razorback shirt..

1409 days ago


Also, he was cooking!! He wasn't asleep. Please, read the article first and stop making crap up!!

"The blaze was started by a small grill in the backyard that ignited the grass, spreading to a trash can and then the house, investigators said. Laura Grisham said her son was grilling and that the fire started despite his dousing the coals in water."

All I'm going by is what was in the PAPER!! Not TMZ!!

1409 days ago


dani, he said he was sleeping. and never go by what is in the paper, half the time they don't put the right story. Although maybe he was grilling earlier that evening, that I don't know. When the fire broke out he was asleep.

1409 days ago


Some people are so cruel. The girl lost her house, and yes I'm sure she will find another one, but it's still sad. How can you make fun of her and this situation? I wish her nothing but the best. I was rooting for her to win, she seems like a really sweet girl.

1409 days ago
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