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Octomom on the Brink of

Losing Her House

9/16/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Octomom is accused of falling way behind on her mortgage payments again ... and the man who holds the note to her L.A. area home tells us he's finally "ready to evict."

Octomom Foreclosure
We just spoke with Amer Haddadin -- the man who sold the house to Octomom's dad and still holds the note -- who tells us Nadya Suleman has yet to fork over this month's $4,060 payment ... and still owes an additional $3,500 for previous months. 

As we previously reported, Amer tried to foreclose on the house a few months ago because Octo failed to pay a $450k balloon payment when it was originally due back in March. But Octo's lawyer talked Amer into giving her an extension until October 9 ... provided she made her monthly payments on time.

Amer tells us he called Octo's lawyer about her new debt -- but was told she didn't have the money to pay him ... and will consequently begin the foreclosure process ... "right now."

Calls to Octo's attorney have not been returned. 


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She thinks she is a star..She thinks dumb- good people will bail her out again because she is famous with 14 kids..She has been working on her body to perfect it..She could have been working to pay her bills ..NO she is too selfish..she has free babysitters. FREE diapers, free food etc...Who will help her this time?? I loathe her

1477 days ago


Yawn...another lie...another day in the life of the world's biggest, fakiest con-artist. If it's I meant, SO WHAT? She can go live with her parents like millions of other Americans who DID NOT have 14 kids with no means to support them. We are ALL struggling..however MOST will never spend money on plastic surgery, designer clothes, AND of course a house we never could afford anyway. If you feel sorry for her.. you're just a big ole idiot. The kids..the best thing for them would be getting good loving parents...but, not gonna happen as long as that skank thinks she can make money off them & actually, she is! She gets thousands a month for their disabilities, etc. She always has, & always will, live off those poor kids one way or the other.."mom" doesn't worry..why else would she chance bringing more disabled kids into this world?

1477 days ago


You got that right, spidee! She's probably got some dough socked
away in good old Harmony Enterprises Inc. Her money is for HER.
Let somebody else furnish her a house, and let suckers send their
hard earned money to her,"for the kids". Right! I think most
people has already got her number.

1477 days ago


The state should go after that idiot fertility doctor, sue him till he is broke and make him pay for rent for those kids.

It's all his fault for implanting those embryos in a woman with no money and six kids already at home.

1477 days ago


She is an utterly selfish and disgusting human being. We all saw the pictures of her shopping at Nordstrom, wearing Tory Burch flats and the multitude of plastic surgeries, i.e. the tummy tuck and full-on plastic mask of a mug.

This skank has received PLENTY of money to pay her mortgage and afford the balloon payment. She sickens me so much. Those kids are totally screwed and it is tragic.

1477 days ago


There have been reports of people that falsely claimed they had cancer so that they could deceive the public into donating money. They were charged with fraud. Nadya herself has in the past told people that she had cancer or tumors so she could deceive them for her own selfish purposes. She told a friend that she had cancer so that he would donate his sperm for her to get pregnant. The she lied to her mom when she was pregnant yet again, and said she had a tumor. She's a proven liar. Isn't this a form of fraud for her to go out in public time and time again to declare all these problems when the legal record shows that she is not in danger of eviction, foreclosure or losing the house? She seems to have plenty of money for things she wants. Seems like fraud to me.

1477 days ago


Jenny, she interviewed THREE publicists while she was still in the hospital!

I have no sympathy for this "birthing unit". I have great sympathy for those poor children she shames and hides behind as her "get out of responsibility card". And calls upon when she needs an attention fix.

No child should be subjected to this instability. Get them out of there!

No matter, I predict she will bail on those babies. The HOM scheme isn't paying out. Without a celebrity payoff, they are more trouble then they are worth to her. She will [happily] make a deal to off load them to the state, and then call the paps to witness HER heartbreaking sacrifice. Everyone misunderstood her. Crucified her for her "unconventional choices. It's our fault. Boo Hoo Blah Blah.

Meanwhile, she will be free of her baggage. She might choose to keep some of the older kids. Welfare $$ ya know. Whatever works best for her.

1477 days ago


Edward, I think you are right on the money. This stinks like one of those despicable cancer scams.

1477 days ago


The FTC gives some information about charity fraud. She doesn't have to claim that she is a charity to be guilty of charity fraud. If you believe an organization may not be operating for charitable purposes, or is making misleading solicitations contact your state Attorney General. Also the FTC handles this type of fraud.

1477 days ago


She could probably auction off some of her kids on eBay.

1477 days ago


To Sammy, who said that Octomom doesn't live in an upscale neighborhood. You don't know what your talking about. Octomom lives in the north east section of La Habra, which is in the North Hills neighborhood of the city. And believe me, there's nothing lower middle class about that area, except Octomom herself.

1477 days ago

don rychlick    

a fool and his money!

1477 days ago


what happened to the $100,000 she made a few months ago posing in her bikini, which she told Barbara Walters was the reason she did it? Oh right,...designer duds and plastic surgeries, maintenance injections, fillers, manis pedis, etc. Forget paying off the house, putting it toward the kids, or even saving....she spends it on herself, doublequick.

She's hoping now some sucker will pay her house off for her.

1477 days ago


That home was NOT worth what Nadia agreed to in the 1st place and it's not worth half of that today she should not follow through with that purchase. About 30 miles away a NEW 3,700sq ft home with 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms (with 2 master bedrooms one up @ a retreat one downstaris) have been selling in the low $200,000.00's. So Nadia if you have about half the money saved up for that house that isn't worth it you could pay cash for a new one and only have to pay property taxes in the future, something to seriously think about! That man has done nothing but take advantage of her as home prices were already falling when she entered into that arrangement with him. The house she's in doesn't begin to have the needed space for a mom with 14 kids.

1477 days ago


I can really understand how many of you fellow posters feel. Nadya Suleman certainly isn't the best example of a responsible parent; however, throwing 14 helpless children in the street isn't the answer. Considering how over burdened the foster child care system is, placing them there may not be the best solution, either. For starter, Nadya needs counseling, period! It seems to be much easier for her to escape her overwhelming responsibilities than to deal with them "head on". If any charitable organizations or individuals decide to step-in and assist her, (((in-depth))) counseling has to be a condition in order for her to receive their assistance. Realistically, with having so many children and some of them disabled, the likelihood of her earning enough money to independently care for all of them by herself is not very good. She'll always need some form of assistance to get by. If Nadya is, in fact, raking in money from any media outlets, child protection services should step-in and have a "court appointed" trustee monitor how this money is being spent. It makes no sense for her to be frivolously spending or sitting on money that should be used to pay for the expenses directly related to providing adequate housing for her children. If she can't adequately manage money, she shouldn't be handling any, period. Continuing to give Nadya Suleman assistance "without strings attached" will only hurt her children in the long run. As long as she's willing to become a much more responsible parent, helping her shouldn't be an issue.

1477 days ago
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