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I Refuse to Get Naked

for Money

9/20/2010 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With the threat of foreclosing still looming ... Octomom made a video statement today swearing she'll do whatever it takes to keep her home -- as long as she doesn't have to get naked.

After finally admitting she might need to seek financial help to keep a roof over the heads of her 14 kids -- Nadya Suleman told a photog, "I'll do whatever I can ... as long as I'm fully clothed."

Suleman was clearly referring to the $500,000 offer from Vivid Entertaiment -- in which the porn company claimed they'd fork over a check in exchange for one XXX Octo-scene.

As we previously reported, the man who holds the note on Suleman's house has already set the foreclosure proceedings in motion -- claiming Octo is thousands of dollars behind in payments.


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this vivid guy is s*** he waits until people are desparate at the lowest point in life and trys to get them to do things they already told him they would not do he's worst than a pimp hell use you for what he can get out of you then hes done im glad she didnt do it.

1459 days ago


Go here watch the real news

1459 days ago


She says that she is working really hard to try to pay the bills. Working hard at what? Begging, I guess. She has no idea what hard work is.

1459 days ago

Jane Blond    

I'm thinking Ron Jeremy....

1459 days ago


The reason she's not naming the sperm donor is obvious- she used an anonymous sperm donor. She doesn't know the name, she just picked one out of the catalog.
Posted at 4:00 PM on Sep 20, 2010 by kade



Looking at the 'tups, it is a bit strange that they ALL look so dissimilar to that of each other if they were to come from the same sperm donor.

She claims that there was a split in the embryo that created a single set of twins but that has NOT been proven.

EVERY single child that she CLAIMS came from ONE, SINGLE donor, in fact is a LIE since ALL of her offsprings barely resembles each other. Ranging from light to dark complected, freckled and ginged. Yeah.... those weird genetics came from a SINGLE donor?


Fu.cking FRAUD!

Why isn't the California Worker's Comp amongst others coming after her for fraud? There has been so much PROOF of FRAUD AGAINST her for the past 10 years. And yet, the state of California just made their FINAL payment to her recently?

WTGDMFF is going on?

1459 days ago


I just don't get it why she went out and had 8 more babies when she already had 6 kids at home. I have 3 healthy girls and they are a lot of work so I cannot imagine wanting to have 14 kids! She must have been delusional thinking she could handle all 14 kids and was living in a dream world that some rich man disguised as a knight would come riding on a white horse and rescue her. No man wants to be burdened down with all her 14 kids and be used for his money. Boy, someone needs to shake some sense into her but I don't think that will work as her mom tried doing that and they always ended up having heated arguments over her parenting skills and the kids. Her mom is broke as she had to constantly hand over her money to Nadya and her grandkids and Nadya needs to stop expecting people to bend over backwards and help her when she put herself in this position. As a last resort, I think she should do the porn because she will not get other offers as lucrative as this offer. Nadya, please do us all a big favor, stop going to the nail salon! You don't need all those fancy fingernails and you should put your 14 kids first and use that money to feed them instead of wasting it on some stupid fingernails. You need to start cutting back and live on a tight budget like so many of us do.

1459 days ago


She's got some nasty scars and stretch marks. She would do it, I know it, but she's so vain that she going to risk her kids home and beg for the money instead. That's exactly the way she is. It's always been about her.... She still thinks some rich guy is going to come along and save her... RIGHT!

1459 days ago


I say the Doc. that put all those eggs in her needs to support her now, not the system

1459 days ago


I'd like to see her nekked. . .of course if I did, that's one of those things where I'd probably wish I hadn't. I'm sure she looks much better in my imagination.

1459 days ago


I wish I had the money to help her. All of you pointing the finger should be really ashamed....this woman needs help and all you can do is be rude and mean and nasty. She may of made some mistakes, but her kids don't have to pay for it.

Posted at 5:01 PM on Sep 20, 2010 by daniel


Please do us all a favour and spend your money on this retarded moron.

Why defend a stupid gint who made more money than you did last year?

Yeah, I'm talking about that $1 MIL she raked in from retarded saps LIKE YOU whom felt sorry for her and her plight that she PLOTTED and PLANNED just to earn millions from shmucks like you.

Shouldn't YOU be asking HER why she didn't spend that money to ensure a solid and steady roof over her children's heads?

Why not demand to see where EXACTLY she SQUANDERED the money she received (not earned through working).

As a tax payer that has to throw a bit of green into the Federal coffers that SHE is STEALING from, I would LOVE TO SEE her audit for the past 18 months. I would LOVE to see EXACTLY where and HOW MUCH she spent on HERSELF and the ridiculous things. A logical person in her predicament would have logically moved to a city/state that was reasonably affordable and would have confined her living expenses within her means.

Local (random disgusted people) and pap sightings have do***ented to show that this unemployed PIG of 14 HAS and IS spending (pissing away) the money in a haphazard way.

Why isn't any child welfare authority stepping in? Oh, of course, CPS and DFCS are busy looking the other way because of low pay UNTIL a child DIES.

1459 days ago

get real    

I said right when she had the kids and all the Money was rolling in....... The Fame will stop sooner or later. The Money will stop rolling in. She should have paid that house off with the money she made, at least she would have a home for those kids... Gloria Allred was right. She cant handle those kids. She cant afford herself let alone half the kids.. She knew the Big Bucks would stop coming in from Interviews etc. Why didnt she save that money for the house??? Who is Paying for all the Nannys while shes at the park working out? She said she was way back when? Now who is Paying for them???????? The State?

1459 days ago

get real    

Did Octo think the Interview Money from Radar Online etc would roll in forever? She made Millions in the past 2 years. Alot more than You or I made. Where is the Money?

1459 days ago


Well, she just did two interviews . Give the man his money and shut up and go away now. Use your money from your beg site that goes to your corporation Harmony to buy the damn house and GO AWAY please. I hope some good truth comes out about Nadya during the Kamrava trial. We already learned every one of your treatments were fresh eggs not frozen and you lied lied lied like usual.

1459 days ago


No matter how she got this point or what terribly wrong decisions she has made, she isn't a bad person. I don't want the children punished. I'd rather pay for it as a Californian than watch 14 kids go without a roof over their head and food to eat. What a hard situation and I don't know if I could make the same decision as she has. When it comes to my family, I'd do whatever it took.

1459 days ago



1459 days ago
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