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'O.C. Housewife' Hubby Arrested for Domestic Violence

9/21/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Tamra Barney's estranged husband was arrested this morning on suspicion of domestic battery, according to law enforcement sources.


TMZ obtained Simon Barney's mug shot. He's in the process of divorcing Tamra, and sources tell us they were arguing over their dog when Simon allegedly threw the dog's leash at Tamra and hit her wrist.

Sources say Tamra called the police. Simon is still in custody ... he's being held on $10,000 bail.


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He obviously didn't hit her but he had it coming to him. This guy is a MAJOR *******. I wonder how the control freak enjoys jail.

1492 days ago


Once he ran out of money, she wasted no time getting rid of him. Hope he realizes how lucky he is without her and that LOSER son of hers.

1492 days ago


Tamra is such a disgusting skank. He hit your wrist with a leash and you called the cops? What a vindictive, psycho bitch! It isn't like he smacked you around you dumb bitch, if he'd actually hit you yeah call the cops, but this is petty bull****!

1492 days ago


Im sure its not news but I ran into slade in palm springs a couple weeks ago at an albertsons and Tamara was hiding the a black range rover as they pulled out I would have thrown a leash in her general direction also.

1492 days ago


OH GOOD GRIEf! A dog leash??? What has this world come to when domestic abuse is getting a owie from a dog leash on your wrist. now this will go his record for domestic abuse charge... there are people that are getting hurt seriously and she's taking the time up of the police for this?? Outrages

1492 days ago


He a lousy, controlling jerk who was completely insecure about his wifes outgoing personality.
I'm glad she's rid of him, hopefully we'll never have to see his ugly face again!

1492 days ago


wow, lock him up... what a wast of the polices time and yes cops should have made him leave... thats it....and tamra is a whore man 5 min after he filed

1492 days ago


I think the poor dog needs a better home without all the stupid drama.

1492 days ago


To be honest, I now actually lack sympathy for women in this situation. It's sad, given I'm a women, that I don't believe a woman when I hear her say domestic violence. It would actually take video and/or irrefutable pictures (a la Rihanna)for me to believe.

1492 days ago


Simon being arrested for domestic battery is why people do not take "real" abuse claims seriously. Based on the info provided by TMZ, I hope the DA doesn't prosecute. Maybe now he knows what Tamra is capable of & he'll not give her any possible ammo for domestic battery or anything else.

1492 days ago


The ppl from these RHW shows make the J.Shore bunch look like royalty. They are a whole new level of train wreck and trash.

This is more like adolescent antics and frustrated immaturity.

1492 days ago


$10,000? For hitting someone on the wrist? How does someone get arrested for that? The police know that if someone is going to assault someone thay aren't going to hit their wife on the wrist. I bet the cops are pissed that thay have had to waste their time and the taxpayers money on this kind of foolishness when there are real crimes being committed!

1492 days ago


Even though this guy is an idiot, his soon-to-be ex-wife is a horror show squared. That show is like a curse. They loose their houses, jobs, divorces, death. And for what? to go on national television and look like a douche bad. Congratulations. Each market the film is worse then that next.

1492 days ago


Reality TV is always trouble. I hope he doesn't let his kids on the show.

1492 days ago


I watched that show and Simon was scary controlling. Easy to see how he could become violent. I was glad to see Tamra get away from him. Run for the hills Tamra run!

1492 days ago
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