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Paris Hilton

Detained in Japan

Over Cocaine Case

9/21/2010 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Paris Hilton is a captive in a Japanese hotel tonight and can't enter the country ...  after being detained at the airport for hours over her guilty plea for cocaine possession.

A source close to Paris tells us she flew to Japan on business and was questioned by immigration authorities as she got off the plane.  Immigration authorities are allowing Paris to stay at an airport hotel until the matter is resolved.  For her part, Paris hasn't decided whether to stay or leave.

Paris' rep tells TMZ, "Paris Hilton was delayed by immigration authorities at a Japanese airport this evening after arriving for business obligations planned many months earlier.  Paris was contractually bound to her business trip and didn't want to let down her brands and many Asian fans."

An employee at the Consulate-General of Japan in NYC tells TMZ ... Japan is strict about letting people into the country with recent drug convictions but these matters are handled "on a case by case basis."

Paris' rep added ... she will fulfill her contract but right now things are beyond her control.

We're told there was a conflict within the ranks of those who questioned Paris -- some of whom felt it was for show.

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Check out this video made by some people somewhere in Asia. It's kind of funny I guess.

Believe it or not, the folks in Japan probably keep up with celebrity stuff in America just like TMZ does. They're going to have to do another video update about her being detained in Tokyo. It's probably front page news with the Japanese tabloid magazines. Paris could be in bigger trouble than she thinks.

They might try to throw Paris into one of their jails for awhile. In women's jails in Japan they make them do all sorts of stuff to teach the "bad girls" discipline like sitting cross legged on their knees in one spot all day long and not allowing them to talk to anyone. Sounds like that would be pure hell for Paris. Apparently it is pretty effective though.

I saw it on an episode of "Locked Up Abroad".

1493 days ago


Here's some video of that "Locked Up Abroad" episode about a woman who got busted for drugs in Japan.

They don't mess around with women in prison over there. They disciplined this American woman locked up in Japan in this video. Maybe they'll do the same thing for Paris for a few days. I kind of doubt it though. Money talks of course. You only get thrown in jail if you are poor or middle class and can't hire some high priced attorney to worm your way out of it.

Can't put the princess Paris Hilton in jail! You just can't! Her Mommy will save her! She's just too rich to be hanging around with the "common" women in some nasty smelling jail with no makeup, no private toilet, no shopping, no drugs, no booze, no iPhone, no TV, no parties, no gourmet food, etc. That's just unthinkable for a princess like Paris!

1493 days ago


#171..tracy.. It was a felony charge pled down to a misdemeanor. Simple possesion.

The only eason that happened and got pled down from a felony is because Hilton was not driving. Not driving, no drug test was taken.

Hilton, as part of her plea agreement, had to admit to the court and on her record... all her lies, each and every one.

Hilton had to verbally state in her words, that it was in fact her cocaine in her handbag she bought 6 months earlier, obstruction, lied to the Police and so on.

That's how it's working so far, until Hilton screws up again.

1493 days ago


HAHHAHAHAHAH Karma is a big fat biatch! I got booted off a plane for telling paris her upper lip smelled. She is a FOUL LITTLE WHORE

1493 days ago


Okay, so first Hawaii and now Japan?

Paris, you are almost 30 yrs old...Move on...Now instead of being a media "darling", you are becoming a media joke. tisk, tisk...The sign of a good guest is to know when to leave the party. And you're a Hilton...Didn't your Mother have a show about manners and such?

1493 days ago


oh come on

ehy japs ... comeeeee onnnnn

get lost with all of your gadgets (that the chinese keep copying and copying ...)

you ppl (used to) make all the money selling useless electronic toys and crap to the world.

1493 days ago


and non-stopping cars

1493 days ago


Paris get out of there

why don't you stop by Italy or come back to NYC and forget 'bout those morons in Japan

1493 days ago


"Paris Hilton in sex tape","Paris Hilton on Marijuana's","Paris Hilton on bad boys","Paris Hilton and BF on coccaine", "Paris Hilton arrested on DUI case"... WOW is She trying to destroy her family,country or herself?! OR Is She having any profits for merchandising the justice's system?! I DIDN'T RING A BELL!

1493 days ago


This is really about foreign trade. She is wildly popular there and is a player in the ladies fashion scene there and they resent her success.

The Japanese are famous for harassing foreign businesses that are too successful.


Hm, listen to what you are saying. She was going to appear at Japanese businesses therefore drumming up Japanese businesses. The only people losing money on this in Japan. Now, I don't know about the Mick Jagger thing, so perhaps that's true (and it isn't like any immigration system in the world is free of bias...) however I doubt he tried to go there a whole 24 hours after pleading. The law does say that time passed doesn't matter, but 24 hours is MORE than pushing it. They're not idiots, and they don't want people to think that convicted drug addicts are welcomed here. This has nothing to do with jealousy or businesses. Everyone in Japan LOVES Paris Hilton, and she's great for business- Japanese business.

They wouldn't deny her to "get back at her" for being popular, when they're the only ones who'd lose out money on it. They kept her out because that's the law and for once someone didn't overlook it for her.

A denial of entry lasts 1 full year. Perhaps, after her probation is over and her denial of entry expires, she'll go back and be let in just fine- which would be special treatment because an average joe would have no chance of getting back in. But she's not going to get in 24 hours after pleading guilty to 2 counts of possession of cocaine. That would make the Japanese govt and their laws look retarded.

I do hope the Ministry of Justice denies her appeal today.

1493 days ago


"some of whom felt it was for show."

So are they saying Paris "did it for the show"?

Sorry, getting Balloon Boy flashbacks here.

1493 days ago


#173. Is it the girls glamorizing it or the media following them around glamorizing it? I dont believe they invite the cameras to stalk their homes and the local bars. Instead of following them around and taking pictures why dont they offer help with their addiction.

1493 days ago

J D     

Things are not beyond her control if she would stop using drugs all over the world she would stop getting busted! So who is the idiot that wrote the words that it's beyond her control must be taking drugs too!! Can't you see they're expecting the dumb to have cocaine to be on her now or some kind of drugs because they find it all the time around where she's at so she's no longer welcome ! So do you really think it beyond her control? No she's a drug addict she needs to go get help!!!!

1493 days ago


Started with a potbust cause of the smell. Looks like Paris needs to take a lesson from college kids and invest in a Snozzle. Poor Paris

1493 days ago


It's a no brainer that anyone with a drug conviction cannot enter foreign countries. I am surprized her $2500 an hour attorney didnt tell her this. Paris may not have been served justice in the court - however she will be getting hers back like OJ.

1493 days ago
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