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Danielle Staub -- Don't Call Me a Slut!

9/22/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Danielle Staub -- star of her own sex tape -- doesn't want to be called a prostitute, a slut, a whore or a sex tape star ... in court, according to the new legal documents she just filed.


It's all over the $5 million defamation suit the former "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star's ex-husband Kevin Maher filed against her -- claiming she falsely accused him of raping her on broken glass, sticking a loaded gun in her privates, and murdering her dog.

According to the new docs, obtained by TMZ, Staub wants to make sure any evidence depicting her as "a prostitute, or a slut, or a whore" -- including her sexual history and sex tape -- is excluded from the trial.

In the papers, Staub claims her dirty laundry would turn a jury against her.

Oddly, the motion to exclude makes no mention of her performance on 'Housewives.'


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what an ugly ho id take paris anyday,at least she has a little class.

1457 days ago


....and by having this not mentioned in court will make her feel better? She still has a past, and what she did do is still there right?

WHAT is wrong with these "Housewives"? Are they all plagued with low IQ's? Could they all be this stuipd? They have to be, because most women of a certain age would never even consider doing a reality show. Dragging their families into their own fantasy about being a star. Dumb and even dumber.

Please say they act like this for the ratings, not that it makes it any better to watch grown adult 40 somethings, or 50 somethings, behave like 20 year old girls to get attention.

I want to puke just watching the promo's for this show. What ever happened to smart women? Where did they go?

Talk about bottom of the barrel, their Mother's MUST be cringing evey see your daughter fighting with other GROWN women like they are in high about humiliating for their parents.

1457 days ago



1457 days ago


If it swims like a slut and quacks like a slut...

1457 days ago


Who's Danielle Staub?

1457 days ago


Oh My I had a laugh when I read this and the do***ent. My take is that Danielle Staub has intentionally made her sex life part of the public domain intentionally and thus testimony and evidence relating to that should be left up to the judge as to whether it is related to the issues of the case.

In Danielle's words there are laws that protect people. She cannot continue to say whatever she pleases about people with no repercussions. If Kevin Maher did the same as Danielle says she did and learn from the mistakes and reform then what she has done has had to negitively affected every aspect of the man's life.

If he did not do these heanous things I hope the full weight of the law is levied against Danielle. That seems to be what she wants the law to do to others so it is only fitting that she accept it for herself.

1457 days ago


a pig with lipstick is still a pig.
wow how to make your children are a convicted coke whore...
love and light skank

1457 days ago


Then she shouldn't have become a prostitute, a slut, a whore or a sex tape star. Simple as that.

1457 days ago



1457 days ago


What IRONY!!! She wants to tell everybody about her ex-husband and how he treated her (which I don't believe). Then, she doesn't want her ex-husband to tell the court what kind of person she really is when he's defending his reputation! Oh one more thing....WHORE!!!

1457 days ago

none of that    

Delusional!!! You made your sex public on Bravo and now you think the judge will believe that you are a victim. We all watched as you offered Steve a bj in the bathroom when you were in the restaurant the first season. Your car was repossessed, Your Bravo paychecks are being held by the court, you are broke and broken. Just give up and go away!!!

1457 days ago


I really wish entertainment media and TMZ would stop giving Danielle a platform to spout her craziness from. She's just gross and crazy. She needs to fade into obscurity.

1457 days ago



I hate this woman!! she is a disgusting person. I hope her children come out of this normal.

I usually dont actually hate people on reality tv, but for some reason she really gets my blood boiling! She is a self absorbed, manipulating, delusion bitch!

1457 days ago

Mary Ann    

This person is DANGEROUS!

As for her daughters, they are being affected, big time. Did you see how scared they were when she made them hug the thugs she hired to protect her while meeting this Caroline? Then she forced the youngest one to sing when she didn't want to! These children need to go live with their father.

If she thinks the children don't know what is going....WRONG!!! They do, and their friends do too! I'm sure her girls can turn on a computer and read about their mom.

I hope CPS takes them away from her! Poor kids!!!

1457 days ago


such a role model to todays generation

1457 days ago
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