Danielle Staub -- Don't Call Me a Slut!

9/22/2010 6:30 AM PDT

'Real Houswife of New Jersey' Danielle Staub -- Don't Call Me a Slut!

Danielle Staub -- star of her own sex tape -- doesn't want to be called a prostitute, a slut, a whore or a sex tape star ... in court, according to the new legal documents she just filed.

It's all over the $5 million defamation suit the former "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star's ex-husband Kevin Maher filed against her -- claiming she falsely accused him of raping her on broken glass, sticking a loaded gun in her privates, and murdering her dog.

According to the new docs, obtained by TMZ, Staub wants to make sure any evidence depicting her as "a prostitute, or a slut, or a whore" -- including her sexual history and sex tape -- is excluded from the trial.

In the papers, Staub claims her dirty laundry would turn a jury against her.

Oddly, the motion to exclude makes no mention of her performance on 'Housewives.'