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Lindsay Lohan Definitely Has Her Hands Full

9/23/2010 7:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Just two days before she faces Judge Elden Fox in court for failing two drug tests, Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving a friend's L.A. home carrying cigarettes, keys, cell phone and other items in her hand on Wednesday.


On Friday, Linds could be sentenced to 30 days in jail for violating probation.


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I have to say that she looks tons healthier with 5-10 extra pounds and back to her pretty natural hair color. I'm more "po"ed at the AKA justice (lol) system than another addict. I'm a nurse and half the adult people we see are (at least) addicted to prescription pain pills/xanax/ or Adderall type meds. That's just in general practice.

1499 days ago


No wonder California is broke. It costs the Californian taxpayer $45000 per year to keep someone in jail in California. That equates to $3698.63 on a 30 day sentence. The Californian taxpayer must be very happy bunnies, with their state dipping into their pocket books to finance all this nonsense, with their revolving door prison/probaation policies. Why jail her? she has hurt no one but herself.

1499 days ago



1499 days ago


If Lindsey doesn't get the full sentence for her probation violation(s), is it setting a precedence for future cases with probation and/or drug violations? If NOT then Lindsey was right when she claimed it pays to be rich and famous.
However, Japan was rigid in their dealing with Paris Hilton and when they put Paul McCartney in jail.

1499 days ago

Joe Blow    

Same ridiculous attention seeking pose. Same vapid expression on her face. Same clammy skin due to excessive abuse to her body. Yep, that's definitely Lie-ho. How long did she stand there and pose for the monkeys taking pictures of her? And some nutjobs here say that everyone needs to Leave Lindsay Alone!!(tm) and yet we've all seen time and again that she feeds off the attention and will stand around for a while, striking different poses, all for the media. Lindsay Lohan is truly a load that should have been swallowed.

1499 days ago


Maybe Lindsey sees a jail term in her future so she has her hair back to the natural color so her untreated roots won't show after a month of being locked up.

1499 days ago

Laffn Bear    

The Kasabians spend tens of thousands on purses in Paris and Lindsay is carrying everything by hand.
What does that say about her situation?

1499 days ago


Robert Downey, Jr got chance after chance after chance, too. That is all at least MY comparison ever is with regard to the two of them (I realize you weren't speaking to me directly, but just giving you my 2 cents as to why people compare them). Very true, that talent-wise there might not be any comparison. But he fell many times before he got back up. People kept hiring him and he kept doing drugs while in their employ; and he had crazy episodes "out on the town", too.

His episode where he went into a stranger's house and fell asleep was every bit as dangerous as Lindsay's car escapade. He could have been shot if the owners had been home and thought he was a burglar or endangered someone on his own in his drug-induced stupor. What if he was like that guy who broke into a bank thinking it was his house? What if Robert had thought he was in HIS house and attacked the owners of the house thinking THEY were in the wrong? I realize this is all a lot of conjecture and a bunch of WHAT-IF'S but it's all relative.

I realize Lindsay needs to fully accept her situation as HER fault now, and I don't know that she has fully done that; 1 Tweet doesn't convince me, either. Once she DOES, though, if she does her time and stays clean then people ought to give her another chance the same as Downey was given. Otherwise people are being sexist and hypocritical, in my opinion.

1499 days ago


It looks like she is carrying a pregnancy test...

Lilo...Have you taken your Linda Lovelace roll a lil TOO seriously?

1499 days ago


Why is this even a post on here? WHO CARES WHAT SHE IS CARRYING??? Seriously, how absolutely ridiculous is it that a picture of her carrying stuff makes it on to any website, like its news? Does anyone else see the problems with the glorification, justification, and constant reinforcement of media sites like TMZ feeding into the superficial world that has been created in Hollywood? It is insane and it is not a good thing...

1499 days ago


Ever hear of a purse? Oh yeah, that's where you keep your coke.

1499 days ago

Donald Ray    

She doesn't need a preg test, doesn't seem like she spends much time with men, maybe women with men's NAMES,though.

1499 days ago


LOL- You put the glass stem and drugs in the empty tampon cardboard. Then when people look in your purse, you dont get caught. She needs a good kick to the face

1499 days ago


"On Friday, Linds could be sentenced ti 30 days in jail..." but she won't!!! Anyone want to place bets on that? At best/worst, she might get some more time tacked onto her probation. @ #10 by Whynot "This girl is a result of her parents inability to parent"
Maybe, but my husband I come from a long line of alcoholics/addicts, and are both in our recovery ourselves, and have worked with other addicts & alcoholics, trying to get them in to treatment and as sponsors in 12 step programs. Anyone that's familiar with treatment, 12 step, and recovery knows that you can't blame others for your problems. I had parents that were way too lenient, encouraging us to drink (my father like having his daughters as drinking buddies, and bragged that his daughters could "drink most men under the table" However, as I worked on my recovery, I was taught over and over again, that "No one poured alcohol down my throat or forced me to smoke pot, etc." We are responsible for OUR OWN actions, and quit blaming the parents. There are pl who have parents that are drunks, druggies, and all other kinds of bad, yet some ppl choose wiser, and use it as an opportunity to rise above it!
Yes, IMHO.her parents made bad choices and were not the best role models, but she alone is responsible for her own actions, nobody held a gun to her head and made her take drugs, do cocaine, drive under the influence, etc!!!

1499 days ago


Say what you want about Lindsay, it doesn't change the fact that she's one of the most beautiful girls in Hollywood.

And a damned fine actress, too.

1499 days ago
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