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Michael Jackson -- To Pay or Not to Pay

9/23/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Jackson Estate made some interesting calls when it came to creditors -- who got paid, who didn't, and who's still waiting.

Michael Jackson Estate
The estate made a bunch of decisions on creditors' claims, but four stand out.

-- Dr. Arnold Klein submitted two claims for medical services in the months before Michael Jackson died -- totaling $58,522.89.  Pretty ironic, since some people in the Jackson world believe Klein contributed to MJ's death.  The estate has taken no action so far -- neither rejecting nor paying the dough.

-- Tom Mesereau, the lawyer who did a remarkable job in Jackson's 2005 molestation trial.  Mesereau submitted a claim for $341,452.05.  The estate paid the lawyer in full.

-- Kai Chase, the cook who was at Jackson's home the morning he died and the woman who interacted with Dr. Conrad Murray that day, submitted a claim for $8,000.  The executors compromised with Chase and settled the claim by making partial payment.  This one is interesting because some of MJ's family got pissed off when she made the rounds on TV following his death.

-- Raymone Bain, MJ's longtime publicist and friend who had a mega falling-out with Jackson, had filed two claims totaling $404,000.  The estate rejected the claim and Bain sued. The court tossed her case out.


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klein I hope you dont get one red cent. I am not surprised at your claims. You have been robbing, abusing, deliberatly disfiguring and betraying MJ from the word go. I dont know why these people are classified as MJ's long time friends by TMZ. But then again do i expect better from TMZ? Of course not... The CANT do any better because they dont have the brains with which to do better. With the exception of Tom Messereau whose relationship was a business relationship, none of these people mentioned were MJ's friends and most certainly NOT Klein. They were all users. Now Klein you need to get up of your big fat ugly a@s and look for work you cant rob MJ anymore you dracula clone extraterrestrial SOB.

1441 days ago


It is ridiculous that MJ should have had to pay anything at all to his legal team. Where is the justice? Janet Arviso and Tom Sneddon should have incurred these costs.

Posted at 1:02 PM on Sep 23, 2010 by Brigha from UK

Good point.

Posted at 1:22 PM on Sep 23, 2010 by Siggisiss

U are right, Brigha, usually this is the case, but in the States, I don't know if things are different as it was the State vs MJ. If this was the case, for MJ to round up such a good competent legal team to defend himself, yeah, it would cost mega bucks. Just saying. On another note, I think the executors were handling the claims fairly.

1441 days ago


further more Courtney #43 you or none of your friends (MJ haters) can define who MJ is or was. As I said before MJ IS a child of the most High God and nothing, absolutely, wonderfully made, who made huge mistakes by being too naive, and being too trusting and caring for the wrong type of people and for that he paid dearly, but God is his avenger and nothing you or your MJ hate pals do or say Can or WILL stop the fact that he IS a child of the Most High God who God is now enlarging his territory. MJ you ar now the head and not the tail, you are now victor and not the victim. I rebuke every tongue that rises up against you and in time my dearest one, in time it will all come together as it slowly has been every since the day your physical body seperated from your spirit. You needed a virtuous wife and unfortunately fate dealt you persons that should not have been in your life at all. But God knows best and people even the haters like Courney #43 usually are in your space for a season, and when their season is over they are shifted from around you. I guess you have been seperated long enough from the physical realm to understand that what I am saying is true. Dont worry about the haters MJ, they are just like a puff of hot air, in other words a bunch of farts. What is important here is to know that your fans love you, love you, love you. I love you MOST Michael

1441 days ago


The two Executives may be doing a good JOB, but where is FACTS and EVIDENTS their CLaims?

I still believe that they are Legalized PIMPS of MJ's Billion Estate!!

1441 days ago


Furthermore Courtney #43 you will never be able to define who MJ is or was. He was and IS a child of the MOST HIGH GOD and there is Nothing, absolutely NOTHING you or your MJ hate pals can do to stop that. You made huge mistakes by being too kind and caring and generous. But who on this earth is without sin. You were wonderfully made and despite the fact that Klein tried his best to deliberately disfigure you you were still extremely handsome, much more so than those who are constantly berating you in fact they CANT stand in you shoes dead or alive so they can go where they belong TO HELL, or better yet look for the nearest exit off the planet and once they go i hope door remains closed we dont need them back here because they have nothing constructive to offer

1441 days ago


MJ was closer to those doctors than his own family.....doctors have access to drugs and are supposed to keep everything privileged. He dies and the Jacksons want his $. The only other Jackson with a real career is/was Janet. MJ's mom is too old to be raising his kids.

1441 days ago

Lee lee    

Tom M Deserves his payment. He is a Lawyer not a charity case. I do believe that he felt great pity for the injustice that Michael was being put through.
He could have gone after Michael ruthlessly way before now for payment, he deserves his payment.

Kai ( the chef ) YUCK!!. Selling her story to every network that would take her, and going as low as to show private gifts and notes that the children had made for her ( just to make herself seem more connected than she was ) . Maybe she is owed a litle back pay...Im glad they settled for less.

Ramone ( whatever ) DOUBLE YUCK!!!..The estate say NO WAY. Move on baby , the boat has sailed.

Arnie( Michael Peed in a cup, and dated my HOT assistant ) Klein.....YUCKY, SLIMY, LYING, SLIME BALL. ....NO WAY JABBA !!!
I'm praying the estate kick your claim to the curb, the same way you did to Michael every time he came out of your office, after visiting you!!!...DR Feelgood. Pfft !

1441 days ago


I get so sick of hearing about Child Molestation, Americans should be proud that he was one of their greatest exports.
He was never proven guilty ever, Jordan Chandlers father committed suicide within months of Jackson's death, that tells me the creature couldn't live with himself,for ruining the life of a GENTLE SOUL that was loved the by all of the world.
When you talk peodophile please aim it at the true victims here,
all the young innocent boys that Catholic Priests abused, and have still not been tried.

Arnie Klien,what a vulture.

1441 days ago


The Fate executives could be doing a good JOB,but where is the FACTS and EVIDENTS to support their Claims?

I still believe that they are LEGALIZE Pimps of MJ's Billion dollar Estate!!

1441 days ago


Posted at 3:09 PM on Sep 23, 2010 by Lee lee

I agree with your post about the various claims. BTW, your post is funny too, the way u put it. Haha. On another note, do u think the reason, they haven't taken any action as to Klein's claim, do u think its anything to do with the trial. U know, how some docs in the Anna Nicole Smith's trial didn't get charged until way after, I wonder if this is an indication that something is going to happen, i.e. legally implicated. So, the estate could be taking a wait & see approach. Just saying, but overall, I feel the executors are handling the claims quite well. The former business mgr was a joke, but didn't some posters said she already became quite wealthy all of a sudden?

1441 days ago

mj fan forever    

None of them deserves anything!!!

1440 days ago


I want to file a claim!

1440 days ago


Please forgive me for my bad Grammar!!

The Fake Executives maybe doing a good JOB,but where is the FACTS and EVIDENTS to support their so-called CLAIMS?

I still believe that they are only Legalized PIMPS and Leechers of MJ's Billion Dollar Estate

1440 days ago
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