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Lindsay Lohan

Bails Out

9/25/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just high-tailed it out of the Lynwood Correctional Facility after posting $300,000 bail.

As we first reported, Judge Schnegg reversed Judge Elden Fox's decision for Lindsay to be held without bail.

Lindsay will once again don the SCRAM bracelet and must submit to search by law enforcement at any time.


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What kind of a system of law do we have in this country? Why are people being so lenient on her as if she's special- if you will? You judges should be ashamed of yourselves because if you learned nothing else- it was first and foremost, to stick by your convictions against all odds. One fine day missy miss is going to run up against the wrong judge and they are going to look at her ridiculous record and lock her up for good. I don't know what to say about America's legal system.

1491 days ago


She has the right to bail like any one else..

1491 days ago


Lindsay just left Chateau Marmont with Margarita Nose, a dubie and a bottle of Jack's, with double jointed lesbo twins in a 1949 Packard hearse. Sunrise at Malibu!

1491 days ago

Home Skillet    

She has the right to jail like anyone else.

1491 days ago

Make it stop    

So basically the only reason the judge originally sent her to jail w/out bail was because he was being watched like a hawk. The minute she left for jail and the media hype died down around the courthouse he folded like a cheap suit. Way to go there judge. Maybe she'll OD while she's out on bail and we won't have to hear about her anymore.

1491 days ago


#17. She had her due process and blew it
I'm sick of the rich and famous being treated
differently it just highlights the corruption
in our judicial system' its not only doctors
who will do stupid things to feel like their buddies
with someone famous or leach off a little fame for themselves.

1491 days ago


with all due respect to everyone, I am not trying to start an argument but please learn the facts. These comments are out of control. This is THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It protects us all. Misdemenour offenders are eligable for bail. She paid the bail. She got released. If you get in trouble and can pay bail you will be released as well. The 1st judge stepped over that boudary so the 2nd judge over-ruled him. Frankly, I think she belongs in jail, but am very happy the system worked. It worked perfectly. She is an American citizen who is protected by our constitution. In this case, She has the right to be released. Now if you excuse me, im going to use my rights to buy some rum and New York strips and get ready for some football.

1491 days ago


This is such crap. The bitch should have stayed in jail the entire 30 days. I hope she had to use her lawsuit money for bail. The way she is going, she will be broke from legal fees and having to pay for rehab every month.

1491 days ago


Linsay and her mom should be locked up,Linsay for drugs and her mom for not giving a s*** for her daugthers life,Linsay you should be reading lines not snorting them,sweety,Liberace is remember for an extravagance gay man not for being a great pianist and you are gonna be remember as the white powder on a shoe girl...

1491 days ago


This just goes to show how much pull celebs really have. She needs to be in jail for breaking the law and violating her probation..then after the 30 days, she needs to be in a rehab for a long time. There's tons of drug addicts in jail..let them out then if she's allowd out..this is crazy! But for her to not have to pay for what she did is just absurd!

1491 days ago



1491 days ago


Now, next on her list is a trip to her drug dealer, then the Liquor store, then call all her "peep losers like her to join her at her house for a "PARTY"!.. by Sunday afternoon we"ll hear about the 911 call where Lindsey will be pronounced dead due to an overdose...great job California justice system...after all Nevada had to clean up your OJ mess and put his ass where it belonged over 15yrs. ago Arnold should be ashamed.

1491 days ago


Hey Lindsay,
Do you remember that show Beverley Hills 90210? Remember the episode where Dylan had a drug problem and he checked himself out of rehab and then rolled his Porsche off the hill after smoking heroin? Even fate has a sense of Irony

1491 days ago

Shannon Steward    

I am glad she got out, now she can do the world a favor and OD.

1491 days ago

Randy L    

It wouldn't surprise me if Schnegg was suddenly seen driving a very expensive new car, or getting ready for a rather luxurious cruise/vacation.

1491 days ago
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