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Michael Lohan Makes Move for Conservatorship

9/29/2010 8:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan will ask a judge to establish a conservatorship for Lindsay Lohan ... TMZ has learned.

Michael met with attorney David Chon (left) today and will hire him to file conservatorship papers ... Chon specializes in trusts and estates.

We're told Michael has enough sense to know the judge isn't going to make him the conservator, so he has two other people in mind ... though he's not saying who.

Michael is saying, he doesn't want Dina Lohan or Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor, to handle Lindsay's affairs because "they're in it for themselves."

Our sources say Michael plans on filing a petition for conservatorship "within days."


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Cam Hamon    

If the judge was smart, he''d lock up Lindsays parents, not her.

1462 days ago

Pound Sand    

Yeah this is gonna go well!

1462 days ago


I agree Lindsay needs a conservatorship but I don't think Lindsays father or mother should be that person. Lindsay needs some kinda independant third party maybe a psychologist or psychiatrist as her conservator or maybe someone who runs a rehab clinic. Lindsay, Dina and Michael are all fame seeking, problem ridden people who have equally their fair share of issues. I feel bad for her sister.

1462 days ago



1462 days ago

Throwback kid    

He seems to have alot of time during the day and likes to talk about Lindsay at the drop of a hat. What does he do for a job?

1462 days ago


Why is it everytime I go to ROL a virus attacks my computer?

1462 days ago


Great idea to put this lying, cheating, druggie alcoholic scam artist douche in charge of someone's finances and life.

This guy should understand to leave Lindsay's life completely and I bet she would immediately get better.

Oh, and while he is at it (since he reads all these comments) He should leave LA too. We have enough douche bags here. Go back to NYC where you can beat the crap out of your GF.

1462 days ago


Conservatorship only helps when the "parent" isnt a fame ho like this douche is. Brits father isnt into being famous, he actually cares about his daughter. Thats the big difference between these 2 cases.

1462 days ago


Michael & Dina are unbelievable. Surely there is someone else to take care of their Linsey.

1462 days ago


Yes, Saw that on coming.

1462 days ago


@Throwback kid
His job is talking about Lindsay.
After the sentencing on July 6th he done at least 5 interviews.

Lindsay doesn't need a conservatorship on October 22nd she will have 290 days of probation left and be sentenced to 30 days in jail for failing the drug test.Shawn Chapman Holley will fight her getting a conservatorship especially Michael.

1462 days ago


Oh great, daddy wants Lilo's money anyway he can get it!! Any sane Judge giving him any right to conservatorship, or anyone HE chooses (ie: will do what ML wants) needs to retire! His daughter hates him with a vengeance and he has paraded every bit of dirty laundry she has through the papers to make money from his daughter, whilst doing his best to convince everyone it's Lilo being unreasonable for not wanting him in her life!! This man is s*** and I for one don't believe he has his daughter's best interests at heart anymore than Dina her mother!! Sadly, I do believe Lilo has two money hungry, pushy parents who will do anything to make money from their kids! Whatever Lilo's trouble's in life are, you can certainly put a great deal of her problems down to the two parents who have been selling her to the media for years then ML whines he doesn't get as much money from his daughter as Dina!!
Lindsay is over 21 and rather than a conservatorship which involves any of the Lohan family I suggest Lilo herself ask the court to appoint her lawyers to control her finances - they are legally responsible if any finances go astray and she can ensure daddy and mummy don't go on a spending spree with whatever she's got left in the bank!!! Let's not forget Michael did time in jail for offences related to money - he sure isn't going to worry if it's Lilo's money and not his since he already considers as her father he's entitled lol!!!

1462 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Conserve what? She's got no money, only debts. Linds is broke as a joke, she is 100% OUT OF THE FILM INDUSTRY. She can never work studio films again because no company will bond a film with her associated - that's the celluloid death sentence right there.
So, what's she gonna do? Party appearances? Nope, not for 3-4 years.
Commercials? For what, rehab houses? Valtrex? Prozac?
It would seem that Lizzie's exploits mean that all roads lead in one direction - porn. Vivid is drooling at the prospect of Lohan's girl-on-girl lickfest. Throw some midgets in there and you've got Avatar revenues.

1462 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Father of the Year right here boys and girls...WHAT A FA-KING DOUCHE BAG...

1462 days ago


Lindsay doesn't meet the criteria for conservatorship as far as I know.

His heart may be in the right place but CAN'T HE DO ANYTHING quietly. She is in Rehab which is what he wanted its time to STFU. He is so further damaging his daughter.

Michael Jr. seems like he has his head on his shoulders.

Why would the judge let friends of MiLo Sr be in charge?

If anything a court appointed guardian ad litem.

Lilo is supposedly in debt so I don't know what they are fighting over.

1462 days ago
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