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Michael Lohan Makes Move for Conservatorship

9/29/2010 8:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan will ask a judge to establish a conservatorship for Lindsay Lohan ... TMZ has learned.

Michael met with attorney David Chon (left) today and will hire him to file conservatorship papers ... Chon specializes in trusts and estates.

We're told Michael has enough sense to know the judge isn't going to make him the conservator, so he has two other people in mind ... though he's not saying who.

Michael is saying, he doesn't want Dina Lohan or Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor, to handle Lindsay's affairs because "they're in it for themselves."

Our sources say Michael plans on filing a petition for conservatorship "within days."


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Let's just say, NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!! Michael Lohan abused his ex wife and scared Lynsay and her sister. He recently was accused of hitting his ex girlfriend. He has no source of income, other than setting up media opportunites on Lynsay for money. He is the worst excuse for a father ever. If this happens, California has a crazy judicial system (which I already suspect). Just go away Michael Lohan.

1487 days ago

Alan Carver    

First off READ THE DAMN article - he is NOT applying for himself as conservator but two others HE KNOWS. However, Judge Fox MIGHT be considering this already and NOT ANYONE, including DINA, MICHAEL, LOU or any one else they might (the LEECHES) might offer up. Completely out of character for a Judge to do this, but like BRITNEY it would make sense to do this, because as the article below indicates Lohan is not able to get off of probation because she continually relapses on probation. She is as of RIGHT NOW unable to handle her personal affairs . . . she has been to rehab NOW 6 times and each time she has lapsed back out - so this case will be interesting. Dina being her manager puts her already as a liability because she refuses to acknowledge her daughters addictions. Lou Taylor, too because she keeps fronting the monies to keep this relapsing-mess out of jail continuously. And Michael Lohan with is felonies and misdemeanors is not even eligible because of his prison record. So at this point a new person COMPLETELY UNASSOCIATED with Lohan needs to be in place and helping this drug riddled, pill-popping booze bag get back on track and that is not anyone of the current Lohan's or Lou Taylor. And one of the main reasons why this would be good for Lohan is that she needs someone in her 'corner' helping her and making she does not get completely sideways once she gets back out of jail. She is old enough to know better, but her vices, and habits are making that impossible. It is unfortunate that Lohan has these problems, but we all face them, deal with them and grow up! I hope that SOMEONE in the JUDICIAL COURT SYSTEM steps up and helps this train-wreck get straightened back out and ON the RIGHT TRACKS, as Lohan herself wants but is unable to do so right now. This really is not a bad thing for her! She is irresponsible with money and throwing what is left of her career down the crapper! We all can see that! No one is that blind but DINA-LING and the rest of that camp! LOL!

1487 days ago

Joe Blow    

If Nicole Enabler hasn't outed herself as Dina or one of her minions before, I think it's pretty clear that she is now. She's just repeating everything Dina has or would say word for word at this point. Go away Dina/Nicole Enabler, everyone is tired of your delusional Lindsay-do-no-wrong world that you live in and every idiotic statement that you make. Please tell us again and again how Lindsay doesn't have any problems and it's just an evil judge(s) and jealous media out to get her.

1487 days ago


@53 I agree it would best for her to have the judge appoint a totally independent conservator. However: this move by daddy dearest will make that harder for the court to do .

1487 days ago


This gut is like a bad rash,,,just will not go AWAY,,,

1487 days ago



1487 days ago


That is like letting Coronal Sanders Baby sit your chickens.....What the hell is he on besides his ego!!!

1487 days ago


He has nothing to do with Lindsey's life. He's just another ******* who want to take advantage of her daughter.

1487 days ago


I believe this is what he has had in his mind all along, by going to all her court hearings. He doesn't give 2 beans about this girl and is totally irresponsible! Linsey could do a better job herself than that loser! I hope the judge can see right through him! He's the reason she's in the mess she's in now! Don't make it worse!

1487 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Conservatorship only helps when the "parent" isnt a fame ho like this douche is. Brits father isnt into being famous, he actually cares about his daughter. Thats the big difference between these 2 cases

This. Therefore let's nominate Jaime Spears to look after Lindsay.

1487 days ago


I don't know what everyone has against Michael Lohan. He's apparently made a lot of poor choices, but whenever I see something he's said/is doing, I think he's the smarter Lohan. Lindsay is constantly blaming others, Dina is always in least Michael owns up to issues and tries to fix them, however misguided some of his attempts have been.

You'd think having been to prison would actually make him more qualified to him his daughter- having been there and all. No idea why he's getting so much flak for his own issues...many parents mess up their own lives and therefore know how to counsel their children away from the same mistakes.

1487 days ago


this pos shud just leave his daughter alone! geez maybe this is why she gets high cuz she has had this pos betray her in the media since day 1! note to daddy: let ur daughter come to u if she wishes stop forcing her to recognize ur fake ass love she doesnt have to have u in her life!

1487 days ago


Somebodys got to save her sorry azz!

1487 days ago


He just wants to look like the hero for his own pathetic reasons, probably to push a book deal or reality show.

1487 days ago


man , now that they know she has money , the circus is in town. she has said she is of sound mind. this could cause lindsay to get a restraining order . those parents will do whatever they can
to continue messing with her life . they love the drama that they can create. he has no right to tell her who her friends can be. michael's attorneys dumped him when he tried to get the attorney general and the dea and the medical board to investigate ... the dr's . at some point this becomes a issue of stalking and criminal harassment . getting conservatorship over your grown kids , is the new fad after britney's dad got one against her .

1487 days ago
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