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Dr. Ryan's Reps: Beware of Patient Poachers!

10/1/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beware of plastic surgeons trying to exploit the death of celeb plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan -- so say the people running Dr. Ryan's company ... right after they learned about another Bev Hills doc who's trying to swoop in on Ryan's clientele.


The people at Frank H. Ryan MD, Inc. just fired off an email to Dr. Ryan's former patients saying, "Please be aware that any person who attempts to solicit Dr. Ryan's patients is doing so without authorization."

As TMZ first reported, many of Dr. Ryan's patients are furious after another surgeon -- Dr. Gary Motykie -- obtained Ryan's patient list and blasted out an email in an effort to get their business.

Though Motykie's reps tell TMZ they haven't done anything wrong -- Dr. Ryan's people insist that anyone going after his former patients "may be in violation of patient privacy laws."



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Maybe Priscella Presley wouldn't look like a monster if more people in Hollywood shared their plastic surgeons.

1392 days ago


There is no patient privacy violations here. What should his former patients do wait for him to come back from the dead ? How was this doctor able to obtain the patient list ? Did he sneak into the dead doctors office and break into a computer and print off the list ? ? ? ? Doctor's die, doctor's sell their practice's, doctors form contracts.....this is just another story about nothing ! I doubt Dr. Ryan really cares what happens to his patients now, at least that's what I think !

1392 days ago


It's a very sensitive topic and I'm sure his former coworkers are sad over his loss, but at the end of the day, his clients do need a new doctor! Whether for follow up care, more procedures, etc. If the guy purchased a mailing list legally, you cannot blast him for this! Just because he has a client list does not mean he knows all about these people's private procedures with the former doc.

1392 days ago

who farted    

who the hell is going to see these people who need boob jobs and face lifts then????? this is a state of emergency!

1391 days ago


So should the patients wait for Dr. Ryan to come back from the dead to perform surgery?? Come on the Doctor is dead, someone needs to step up to the plate and offer the services. Everything is business and its fine!

1391 days ago

Dr D    

I like your term patient poaching. It is rampant in plastic tacky offices.

1391 days ago


I dont see what the problem is, they need someone to saw on their faces now that the good doctor is dead... or do they think he can perform plastic surgery from the grave?

1391 days ago


What's the problem? I give this other doctor credit for thinking on his feet. Dr. Ryan's patients will need somewhere new to go, so why not take him up on his offer?

1391 days ago


I'm a little confused here. He is dead right? His former patients have every right to find another doctor.

1391 days ago


May be a HIPPA violation punishable by law

1391 days ago


Dr Motykie is a better doc than doctor Ryan. He is one of the best in LA. Ryan's work was some of the worst around.

1391 days ago


im still not buying that Dr. Ryan's death was due to an accident. i believe in my heart there's more to it. if it's not being investigated it should be.

1391 days ago


The patient list is property of the Dr. Ryan estate the same way that the computers and the art on the walls are. Dr. Ryan's staff went to work for the other doctor and they stole the data base from Dr. Ryan's office. This is illegal and a violation of HIPPA laws that could land the other doc in big trouble. Dr. Ryan did not sell his data base to the other doctor and it is likely that Dr. Ryan's mother was working on selling that list to the highest bidder which is exactly what ususally happens in these cases. Regardless, the patient list is the estates asset and the estate has the right to whatever it wants with the list. Previous employees have no right to steal or poach that list. In any case the other doctor made a huge mistake and has obviously upset quite a few high profile patients and other local people. Now the medical board will likely step in and ding him for everyone to see.

1391 days ago

MISS Most    

Dr. Motykie is the best hands down.

1390 days ago


This Dr. Motykie is a total quack and a vulture; circling the remains of Frank Ryan's business practice and trying to pick over his remains. You see - I work in the skin care industry and two years ago - Motykie tried this same thing with my business but I was still alive and angry enough to chase his minions away from my doorstep! He hired a person to work for him which was just as unscrupulous as he was; and this male esthetician character began to pursue my clients - one at a time. I put a stop to this immediately but Motykie was the puppeteer behind this sabotaging attempt. Ironically, Frank Ryan and I were also friends and business associates at the time. That's why this latest ploy of Motykie's has garnered so much attention; he's a grave robber in the truest sense of the word. His efforts would be better spent in trying to procure clients in a legal manner rather than trying to steal from more sucessful practioners.

1388 days ago
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