Dr. Ryan's Reps: Beware of Patient Poachers!

10/1/2010 8:00 AM PDT

Dr. Ryan's Reps: Beware of Patient Poachers!

Beware of plastic surgeons trying to exploit the death of celeb plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan -- so say the people running Dr. Ryan's company ... right after they learned about another Bev Hills doc who's trying to swoop in on Ryan's clientele.

The people at Frank H. Ryan MD, Inc. just fired off an email to Dr. Ryan's former patients saying, "Please be aware that any person who attempts to solicit Dr. Ryan's patients is doing so without authorization."

As TMZ first reported, many of Dr. Ryan's patients are furious after another surgeon -- Dr. Gary Motykie -- obtained Ryan's patient list and blasted out an email in an effort to get their business.

Though Motykie's reps tell TMZ they haven't done anything wrong -- Dr. Ryan's people insist that anyone going after his former patients "may be in violation of patient privacy laws."