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Meg Whitman on Gloria's 'Evidence' -- Not So Fast

9/30/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman's husband just admitted it's "possible" he saw the letter that Gloria Allred claims proves Meg is a "liar" -- but Meg's camp now claims ... the letter actually HELPS Whitman.


Earlier today, Gloria produced a letter the Social Security Administration -- sent to Whitman's house in 2003 -- a letter Meg said she nor her husband ever received. 

But Gloria fired back ... the letter contains a handwritten note from Meg's husband to the housekeeper -- proving they not only received the letter, but knew their housekeeper was in the U.S. illegally.

Meg's husband, Dr. Griff Harsh, now says while it's "possible" he scribbled on the letter ... "it's important to note what this letter actually says: 'this letter makes no statement about your employee's immigration status."

During a phone interview moments ago, Meg's camp further explained how the letter "completely contradicts the conclusions" made by Allred ... CLICK HERE to listen.

So we gotta ask...


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Here is a good of example of the dirtiness and digustingness that is our society now. There is no honesty or intrigriety(sp?) left. People now days are just rude and ungracious. Gloria must have been a schoolyard bully or a mean girl. This is why children act like they do now because the media perpetuates what it is to be vicious and vindictive.

1450 days ago


i will side with meg purely on principle, because of gloria allread

1450 days ago


"So what my understanding is, a doctor and a Ceo are not intelligent enough to understand that when the social security administration sends you a letter stating that numbers do not match up, that something must be amiss?"

Exactly my thought. You hire a Hispanic housekeeper in California and get official notification that something isn't right about her social security number -- an obvious red flag that her immigration status might have been fudged. Meg isn't off the hook with this one. She's either lying, willfully chose not to investigate, or is THAT dumb that she didn't understand what the implications of a wrong social security number might mean.

1450 days ago


As for Dr. Griffith Harsh, he is a BRILLIANT neurosurgeon, he took a tumor out of my head which was compromising my eyesight. He did the surgery; and my eyesight, which was not supposed to get any worse, actually came back totally and is now 20/20. Team GRIFFITH HARSH. You truly do rock. My family and eyesight thank you!!!

1450 days ago


"How did they get the letter a husband made notations on to his wife - seems the Mexican jalepano pepper woman and/or Gloria stole the letter. Last I heard, theft is a crime. If I've missed something tell me, having a hard day today - not really paying attention well.

Posted at 3:58 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by carol"

Lady, and I use that term very loosely, your white sheet and pointy hat are blatantly evident by your racist epithets / comments. "The Mexican jalepano" (sic) woman has a name, which you could have used, but then you would not have been able to make ractist comments, right? Add insult to injury: learn to spell. JALAPENO. Perhaps you should consider going back to visiting with your uncle dad and your cousin mom, and leave commenting to people who can actually articulate thoughts in coherent language and sentences.

1450 days ago


Meg's invested $120 Million into her campaign.

Jerry's spent less than $1 million.

Still, Meg is behind Jerry in the polls.

Like they say, Meg: 'If you can't buy it, beat it.'


1450 days ago


I wonder at what time they switched their maid's status from an employee at evidenced in the SSA letter to a 1099 contractor (as evidenced by Meg Whitman's statements that she has all the 1099s filed) and why? It got them out of paying employment taxes, now didn't it!

1450 days ago


If we could police those in OUR COUNTRY that are here illegally this would never occur.With all they under employed AMERICANS not to mention all the 1's on lay-off or the Americans who have fallen through the cracks WTF do we need illegal workers here for other than to benefit the rich???

1450 days ago


I am just wondering how Gloria is benefitting from all this publicity. I understand how the websites and tv stations benefit by more "hits/viewers" which increases their ability to sell advertisement. What is Gloria getting?? I really don't believe she goes out of her way to incense people without a payback - I guess I'm just too ignorant to figure it out.

1450 days ago


Gloria is an attention whore and should definitely be disbarred. Why is it that she seems to be involved in each and every scandal in California? I mean, I don't know how she can afford to actually serve her clients with all the press and media time she seems to take. She is a disgrace to her profession.

1450 days ago


Who'd have thought I'd live long enough to see supposed conservatives try to explain away an "illegal" as a maid-- just because it's Meg Whitman's maid! You should be ashamed of yourselves.

1450 days ago


Exactly, I love how all the liberals here are suggesting that someone the good doctor was wrong for not resorting to racial profiling when (if he actually did receive) he received the mismatch letter.

Neither he or Meg filled out her I-9, if he did give her the letter he was probably referring her back to the agency that hired her to check what do***ents they submitted on her behalf and wanted the clerical error resolved as it would result in her SS benefits being withheld.

I feel bad for all the legal immigrant Hispanics who are now going to find themselves terminated out of fear they are illegals because of unscrupulous women like Alfred and Nicky.

1450 days ago


Yep. Mexican housekeeper, notification from the SSA that the number is possibly bogus, AND on the papers they showed yesterday, the box was checked that she was NOT a US citizen. How many clues does this woman need? If she were a contestant on Wheel of Fortune, she would have to buy a vowel to fill in the last space, and she would still not guess the puzzle correctly. On the papers shown yesterday, the box was checked "NO" for "are you a US citizen? How would a non-US citizen have a SS card??? Hello employment agency!

1450 days ago


Should we be shocked that the other media whores (Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton) are not in front of the camera vilifying Gloria for hijacking Rosa Parks good name? Since this is perceived to help one of their democrat breatheren (JB), there won't be a peep.

1450 days ago


I love watching a good cat fight especially two white rich bitches. I would ask when have you ever know anyone, other than an illegal immigrant, to clean a rich white woman's toilets. Meg cant act as innocent as she wants, but she was the employer and ultimately responsible to ensuring her toilet cleaner was legal. After all according to comments above, the other woman was a "dumb Mexican" with "anchor babies" right?

1450 days ago
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