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'NJ Housewife' -- Don't Make Me Testify Against Staub!

10/1/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Danielle Staub's former "Real Housewives of New Jersey" co-star Jacqueline Laurita desperately wants to avoid testifying against her nemesis in court ... telling TMZ, "I don't want to go back to that dark place."


Laurita has been called as a witness in a ferocious defamation case between Staub and her ex-husband Kevin Maher. As we previously reported, Maher claims Staub should fork over $5 mil for allegedly spreading horrific lies about him. 

Maher has tapped Jacqueline for his witness list -- and expects her to testify about Staub's "dishonest reputation."

But Jacqueline tells TMZ, "I didn't even know I was on the list ... it's not really a list I want to be on ... can I be taken OFF the list?" 

She adds, "I really don't want to go back to that dark place.  Every time I've moved on the tide tries to pull me back in.  I'm enjoying the sun.  Let me be."

As of now, Jacqueline is set to take the stand in February 2011.


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Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in.

1485 days ago


that jaquline lady is a milf!! i want to lay her on my kitchen counter and have my way with her.... oh yeah, shes a nice lady too...

1485 days ago


the jaquiline one is a fatty, the other one looks like the grim still do the fatty.

1485 days ago


I didn't know that Danielle had $5 mil. She was always crying that she was broke. Damn!! I just admitted to watching those whiny broads.

1485 days ago


Danielle is garbage. She's also one surgery away from looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein, but at her current plastic surgery level, she could easily play the Grinch.
Also, she should have her kids taken away for agreeing to release her sex tape. ANY mother that does that should have her kids taken away. It's bad enough that it looked like she had a pen!s, but to know they had to live with her wh*ring herself out like that is child abuse.

1485 days ago


#5 @disturbed----- You truly are disturbed if you actually purchased that tape and thought it was okay to describe it. TMI !

At the end of the day who is actually responsible for this entire diaster that is called Real Housewives of New Jersey ? Bravo must hold some responsibility by not backround checking Danielle Staub prior to hiring her for this show.

Who really cares about this Maher guy and his defamation suit. I'm not even clear as to why he is suing her. Did she write a book accusing him of the thing's he's suing her for ? Or did she just say something outloud to the other housewives ?

Well, well, well isn't that perfect timing for all the other wives on ths show. They lost the battle that was Danielle, but now they are going to win the war because they hold information about Danielle and they want to get back at her, that's why they are doing depositions with the other housewives.

Pathetic all the way around. Bravo should have never let things get so out of hand.......

1485 days ago


Jacqueline are you just now realizing that this the end result when you play both sides??! You can't buddy up to a "crazy" person and not expect consequences.

The RHONJ was the best of the lot though. It was funny watching them brag abt and flaunt money they didn't even have.

1484 days ago


Seems stupid and malicious to have her testify. What does she have to do with the divorce? I mean its their marriage. Everyone has a nasty divorce with bad lies. Its called dievorce for a reason.

1484 days ago


who does jacqueline think she is? if the courts subpoena her, she must go. i don't think i will be watching this show, it is not fun just a bunch of overweight (for the most part, trying to desperately look young) fighting, caddy stuff.

1484 days ago


Clive (#9), you dummy, it's not about a divorce. It's about a string of lies told by a sociopath who has a string of names: Beverly, no, today it's Angela. No, she wants to be called Danielle because that sounds classy, and as a stripper/prostitute/cocaine user and dealer/extortionist - clearly that is one classy skank.

1484 days ago


Enough of Danielle. Hopefully she is going down the road. Shame on Bravo for keeping her and her bodyguards with guns. Really

1484 days ago


So, your more comfortable with Carolines "close family friend" beig back on the show again, former New York State correctional and now a prisoner, Bernie Kerik on the show again. You know, the same Bernie Kerik serving prison time now that was the former New York City Correctional Commissioner who took kickbacks and gave NYC correctional construction jobs to organized crime members only. organized crime members that even completlely remodel his New Jersey home for free at the taxpayers expense.

1484 days ago


Man Up Jacqueline! I'm so sick of you behaving like a helpless doormat. You finally grew a set during the reunion show -- then you turned it all huggy, kissy, sappy. Stop being an idiot, do the right thing and testify. People like you are the reason Danielle gets away with so much.

1484 days ago


WTF is going on with the chick on the right? she looks like the beast in that Beauty And The Beast tv shwo from the early 90s.

1484 days ago


#9 Clive... This is not about a divorce. They have been divorced already. It's about all the lies and rumors and horrible crap she has said about her ex husband. Jacqueline and Caroline are testifying to the fact that ole grim is a pathological liar and malicious. She accused him of all kinds of horrible things. I hope she is found guilty and loses every red cent she has. Oh wait she has no money. Her car was just repossessed and she was thrown out of her house and is living in a one bedroom apt. HMM. Better get your prostitute heels out.

1484 days ago
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