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Giraldo Would've Loved Gottfried Burn

10/4/2010 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Lampanelli didn't think Gilbert Gottfried was out of line when he cracked a cremation joke about Greg Giraldo just hours after his death -- in fact, Lisa thinks Greg would've appreciated it.


Lisa -- who Greg endearingly referred to as a "Circus bear in a pant suit" -- spent lots of time exchanging insults with Giraldo at Roasts throughout the years ... and this weekend in NY, she told us, "You don't do the Roasts like we do without having a sense of humor about it."

When we asked about Gilbert's self-described emotional issues -- Lisa told us, "That's every comic ... we make jokes about the stuff we're about to cry about."

Check out the clip -- it's pretty good.


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Bigfoot sighted!!!!!

1483 days ago


People say that they dont want people to be sad after they died but lets be serious......I believe in God...and in the bible it says that a dead lion is nothing compared to a dog who is also says that at the apocalypse God will bring the heavens to the earth and raise the dead...and THATS when he will decide who goes to hell or heaven...until then, they sit there in this abysmal pit of darkness getting there faith tested...[how long will they last before they start doubting God as they sit there in the dark] I think that when ur dead and ur sitting there in this abysmal pit of darkness and ur watching everyone on the earth u long for someone to show how much you've meant to them......because when YOU die, your basically saying goodbye to everyone you in a sense its like EVERYONE IN THE WORLD has died simultaneously...with my understanding of death, he prolly would have liked people to be more sad about it first, and THEN start doing the comedy thing later

1483 days ago


LL is absolutely right
All the comics would laugh at Gilbert's quip.

and the god squaders -- just STFU

1483 days ago


it's true, if you know and appreciate Giraldo comedy he would have loved gilberts joke. Giraldo was all about bustin balls and not being politically correct. He absolutely hated political correctness and would bite someones nose off if they made a big deal about gilberts joke.

1483 days ago


This whole thing is CLASSIC! He was hilarious in life & now that he's dead & causing even more of a stire - he's HIGH FIVING GOD for a good time still had on earth - GET. OVER. IT!

1483 days ago

Y do he got    

MAY B he thought those were all sweet tarts when he popped all those pills? od oh thats a gasman dead wow now thats funny...he should have made that his stage act maybe he would have sold out.DEAD FUNNY? I don`t know maybe not as funny as being fat and alive or a loser and an`t a standup act funny or not.I read somewhere he was broke and had two million in taxes so he made his OD look like a accident to get his family some cash.Loved his car yaa that funny a whole family got hit by a train that GREG was driving ha ha ha.I think you have to be alive to be funny and death isn`t funny unless your a cartoon.

1483 days ago

Y do he got    

CARTOON says hey you coaked to death on pills ha ha ha better luck next time in reruns rerun please? rerun no lights outs! roadrunner2 wildly E

1483 days ago


That had to have been the funniest thing I'd heard in a long time. Gottfried, I bow to your greatness...

1483 days ago

Y do he got    

He`s dead? for how long? who was he? oh he`s dead oh now his act stinks,he kind of stiff out there.he does his whole act laying down? I go to his grave and laff me tassys off man now you went and did it.When they run the lawn mower over him he stands UP ha ha ha

1483 days ago

Y do he got    

GREG was the funniest man dead since being alive

1483 days ago

Y do he got    

I just was reading he was dead and died laffN

1483 days ago


I'm trying to decide which is worse, being dead or being clowned by a joke telling jackass, hmmm...?

1483 days ago


Had the joke been told to Greg he would have laughed his ass off. He'd use it. The joke works and is by no means a slap at Greg. G.G hit it.

1483 days ago


Lampanelli just made Margaret Hamilton roll over in her grave; moaning, OMG she's a hideous wicked wreck of a woman!

1483 days ago


Who cares what he would have thought, have some respect for the kids he left behind. I am sure those grieving his loss don't see anything funny about it.

1483 days ago
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