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'Sister Wives' Polygamist Husband -- 4 Dates in 2 Days

10/5/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown -- the head of the polygamist family on "Sister Wives" -- had a busy 48 hours ... going out on a date with each one of his 3 wives ... and the new fiancee ... while finding enough time to clean up after his 13 kids.

It started on Saturday, when Kody took wife #3, Christine, on an ice cream date.

The next day, Kody grabbed his motorcycle and went for a ride with wife #1, Meri ... before squeezing in some quality time with wife #2 Janelle (the one in the purple).

The new woman in Kody's life -- Robyn -- also got some face time with her man this weekend .... during a his-and-hers grocery store run in which the couple picked up an 8 pack of paper towels ... which will probably last about 10 minutes.

FYI -- authorities in Lehi, Utah have announced they launched a polygamy investigation into the family after seeing "Sister Wives" .... but the Browns claim the show is "worth the risk.".


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Absolutely nothing wrong with this!! If he can afford all of the wives and kids, and the women don't have a problem with it, hey, kudos to Kody!!! And to be quite honest, I wouldn't mind either. Just the fact that he'd leave me alone and won't bother me for a piece of _________ every other day, would work for me!!

1479 days ago


Well, whatever tickles their fancy. I can't see how anyone would want to watch this mess.

BTW, what is up with all the spammers in the comments lately?

1479 days ago


wow the machinations of what is considered acceptable has really done an number on all of you. from a basic scientific standpoint the dud is doing exactly what he was biologically driven to do. period. look at primates gorillas , lions, wolves etc. they all behave in the same manner. one alpha lion within a pride who impregnates all the women in his pride. What is the diffeence between a man going around his legal wifes back and screwing and impregnating 3 other women then having those women come ater him for child support take most if not all his $$ then causing the break up of his original family . Those kids in the original fam want nothing to do with him and all the children grow up thinking that they are useless or not good enough because their dad did not love them enough to stick around to see them grow up. so which man in the piece of ****?? Kody who honors all the children he has had with the 4 different women? or the dude out there that has 10 kids for like 4 different women who ****s all of them and the kids around? because we all know this type is alive and well in the world. I should know because my dad was the second type.. um excuse me my mothers sperm donor was the second type. Sure plural marriage is not for the most of us. but religiously it isn't said to be wrong. abraham, moses, kind david, king solomon etc all had multiple wives and concubines. in China not too long ago multiple wives, was done. in india in certain areas they practice polyandry ( multiple husbands) so what gives.
I disagree when they force children into marriage with old old men, this is gross and wrong . the brown's are not of this ilk and we should learn not to lump them together.

1479 days ago

Mary Mullowney    

Going on 4 dates with 4 different women in 4 days? Reminds me of the tv show THE BACHELOR.

1479 days ago

northern gypsy    

when i heard about this new tv show ... i decided right then...
this is sooo wrong...and have not tuned in...
right-on and thank-you everybody for verifying it !!!

1479 days ago


who cares what he does as long as he can afford this family but if they are on well fare then I care. Tired of paying taxes for those not in need.

1479 days ago


Wow i am surprised at how many people are quick to pass judgment on this family. I bet all that have said negative things and have some big negatives in their own lives. If you have ever watched the show you would see that the kids have there own opinions on the way there family is and not all of them want this for their own lives. These people are opening a door into a world unknown to most and i think people are interested enough to have TMZ cover the story.

TMZ i love the random stories that you cover from time to time and would love to hear about this topic during todays TMZ Live.

What are the legal sides of this story and how will the family be affected after the investigation is completed?

1479 days ago

Hey Now    

I want to smack these women into reality. How you could let yourself be coned into thinking this is cool is beyond me. So better to have no man than a piece of one!

1479 days ago


Actually, I"m more disturbed by his hair than his multiple wives. He looks like he can pass as one of the sister wives! giggles.

1479 days ago


Actually, I"m more disturbed by his hair than his multiple wives. He looks like he can pass as one of the sister wives! giggles.

1479 days ago


There is absolutely NO WAY "he" is supporting that huge family....from what I gather only one, maybe two of the 'wives' work outside of the home....everyone reading this knows how expensive it is for a husband and wife to raise three children in today's economic world....I just don't see how the math works on this one. It is strange and I personally believe it's unfortunate he is hiding behind "religion" to excuse his lifestyle...regardless of what the bible says...or what the lions do. I've heard at least one of his daughters doesn't believe in the lifestyle and says she will only have one it only leads me to wonder just how emotionally solid she is living with this kind of impression from her 'parents'....and btw I predict a major break-up coming his way...those women at times truly don't look completely happy.

1479 days ago


All of you screamed for TRADITIONAL marriage; well here it is and yet you are still screaming.

1479 days ago


I saw the advertisements for the show and was appalled! He is driving the car, talking to the camera about how 'they are okay with 2 wives, then they will be okay with three'...and he is smirking the entire time!!! I agree they all seem depressed....and definately have no sense of self worth...

What does he do for a living? How can he financially support all those wives and children? Or, is TLC supporting them now?

I agree with some that it is their lives to live...but does TLC need to support that type of inappropriate life?

1479 days ago

I'm a crazy person...    

Soooooo lemme get this straight: We DON'T have a problem with a man marrying another man or a woman marrying another woman, but we DO have a problem with a man marrying several women??? REALLY?!?!

If a man can marry a man and a woman can marry a woman, marriage has been COMPLETELY redefined and at this point should be open to anything seeing how it's not really even "marriage" anymore. Same sex marriage; multiple sex marriage; out-of-species marriage. Hey, it's 2010! Let em' do what they want!

1479 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Jesus, I have a headache just reading this. Disgusting.

1479 days ago
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