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'Sister Wives' Polygamist Husband -- 4 Dates in 2 Days

10/5/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown -- the head of the polygamist family on "Sister Wives" -- had a busy 48 hours ... going out on a date with each one of his 3 wives ... and the new fiancee ... while finding enough time to clean up after his 13 kids.

It started on Saturday, when Kody took wife #3, Christine, on an ice cream date.

The next day, Kody grabbed his motorcycle and went for a ride with wife #1, Meri ... before squeezing in some quality time with wife #2 Janelle (the one in the purple).

The new woman in Kody's life -- Robyn -- also got some face time with her man this weekend .... during a his-and-hers grocery store run in which the couple picked up an 8 pack of paper towels ... which will probably last about 10 minutes.

FYI -- authorities in Lehi, Utah have announced they launched a polygamy investigation into the family after seeing "Sister Wives" .... but the Browns claim the show is "worth the risk.".


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It seems as Kody hits the mid life crisis, instead of a new lexus sports car he got a new little wonder the other wives are jealous. you can use religion for a guise every time but i call it as i see it...a 40 something bored with his 16 year marriage(s) needs a new piece of least the other wives have helped each other cope with his philandering.

1457 days ago


This show glorifies a man. The women are all subsurvient to all his needs. Of course his new wife is slender, younger and more attractive than his other wives. Man you are the biggest
PERVERT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1457 days ago

darren harris    

#1 they are not on welfare like teh one say they would have to put all there incomes from the house and he makes good money SO KNOW YOUR FACTS BEFORE POSTING thanks

#2 he has not broke any laws he just has a wife and gf's but he is being a man and supporting his kids not like the deadbeat fathers that leave the single mothers.

1457 days ago

darren harris    

lmfao at 110 sad but true

1457 days ago

Lynn M    

Please read "Under the Banner of Heaven" by Jon Kraukauer. It is an interesting - factual - book about how pologamy came about in the Mormon faith. The TLC show presents pologamy pretty mainstream and sidesteps reality. Multiple wives with 15+ children -- how are they supported? Try state assistance - and a lot of it. Pologomy is octomom on steriods.


Read the book last spring out of curiosity. It would be laughable if it weren't for the fact that it is full for inaccuracies, misinterpretations of facts, and an inabilitity of the author to be unbiased. I knew some of his claims were untrue as I had read the personal journals of my great-great grandfather as well as had my own personal experiences being raised in the religion (agnostic at present). I appreciate my upbringing an the sense of family it gave me. Bottom line, if someone must write a book about a religion, which pretty much ends up as a religious bashing instead of an honest look at both sides, there is usually an issue with the author.

I feel sorry for those of you that claim to be former members that feel it is a necessity to bash the belief system. Just don't participate if you think its fantasy. Its called "free agency" and if you were really raised in the church, then you know we all have it. All I can say is that the members of my family are caring, decent, honest, and hardworking people who have never pressured my non-member, athiest husband and respected my choice to raise my children outside the church.

Oh, and my mother owned her own business, was married for 53 years, had seven productive children (all in their original marriages), thirty-two grandchildren (I contributed two and now wish I had not bit into the zero-population line), and had plenty of self-esteem.

On another note, my 27 yr old daughter who is visiting just watched a recording of "The Bad Girl's Club". I finally had to leave the room, it was so degrading. Talk about girls with no self-esteem. No self-respect whatsoever. Sad.

1457 days ago


who cares if he has all these wives. he can only be legally married to one. what is the big deal it is not illegal to have a wife and girlfriends. he just calls them wives. they should be left alone. it seems to have its advantages anyway. i wish i had a sister wife to cook my meal when i get home from a long day lol

1457 days ago



1457 days ago


This man could have an entire harem of girls and it still wouldn't be enough to satisfy him. What a ****ing narcissist. I bet his only criteria for selecting his potential wives are middle school drop-outs with daddy issues and low self-esteem. Who else would put up with this ridiculous lifestyle. Stop promoting this garbage.

1457 days ago


couple of points after reading the comments keep saying how can HE afford to support them all...HE doesn't...3 of the 4 adults work full time

2....they have 1 morgage and 3 the math...octomom as you mentioned has no paycheck and 1 morgage...again do the math

3....I could give 2 hoots for what they do in their own house...not one of those kids looks unhappy or unhealthy...same with wives and husband...they are hurting no one...

live and let live...we are not all clones and its not wrong to be different...and anyone who tells you different is the one who needs to be locked away...freedom of it love it!!

1457 days ago


I am polyamorous. I am not Mormon or a member of any religion. I support Polygamy and wish people understood that these women are not weak. They are not victims. They willingly chose to be married to one man. I think that the government should stay out matters of religion and marriage. They are not hurting anyone and the family is being supported by the family.
I personally engage in relationships with men and woman outside my marriage. I don't not believe in monogamy.

1457 days ago


This guy needs to tie his **** in a knot.
As well as Mel Gibson,Rod Steward,Eddie Murphy,etc....

1457 days ago


I first was curious about the show. I have been watching it since the beginning and although there seems to be a lot of repeating themselves and contraindications I don't see any reason why these people can't live a life that makes them happy. If you watch the kids they seem well adjusted and happy and well supported. If they are not forcing the lifestyle on their kids wheres the problem? If they manage to support all of them and are happy I think they should be allowed to do what they want in their own lives. It really doesn't effect us. I think people should be more understanding when it comes to marriage and how people live their own lives. Everyone deserves to be happy and marry whom they choose. Their marriage seems to work better than most I have seen and they have been together longer than most marriages! The only problem I have is when Meri said that she was unhappy but wouldn't take her daughter away from her family no matter how unhappy she was and Kody just stared blankly. She seems the most upset of all the women. I feel kinda bad for her. I have to wonder why now? Why would he feel the need to have a new wife enter when things have gone on so well for over 16 yrs? Maybe mid-life crisis? Either way I wish them all the best of luck!

1457 days ago


I think we should leave these people alone. Why can't people just live their lives the way they wish to? As long as nothing is seriously wrong, and its not harming anyone, and it's not invading other people's lives. . Leave them be. The authorities need to worry about people who ARE harming other people. If u dont like the show, dont bother watching it, and you dont need to comment on this either. I am not into polygamy myself, but I am a believer that everyone has a right to their beliefs and they have a right to live their life as they wish as long as it is not harming others.

1457 days ago


Basicaly swingers.So wen does the porno surface?lmao

1457 days ago

Mario Lavatory    

Hopefully the really fat one isn't the one he took out for ice cream. That wife should be taken on a date to a Weight Watchers meeting.

1457 days ago
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