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Polygamy Family Gets Really Good Lawyer

10/6/2010 7:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown and wives have a powerful new legal force behind them -- TMZ has learned ... constitutional law guru Jonathan Turley is now representing the "Sister Wives" family in the polygamy investigation, and he's willing to fight it all the way.

1006_jonathan_turly_sister_wives_EX3Turley -- a professor at The George Washington University Law School -- tells TMZ he is ready, willing and able to sit down with the Utah County Attorney and make a case why his clients should not be prosecuted.

Turley says absent some proof that the family is engaged in child abuse or other crimes, Utah prosecutors almost never prosecute for polygamy.  Turley is quick to note there is absolutely no evidence of child abuse or other crimes in the Brown family.

Turley points out ... although Utah prosecutors have a lot of discretion in deciding when to prosecute someone, people can't be hauled into the criminal justice system simply because they've gone on TV and become high profile.  In legalese, it's called "selective prosecution" ... and it's illegal.

Turley says his goal is to convince prosecutors to leave the Brown family alone. But he says if his clients are prosecuted, he'll fight it hard. Turley would not say outright that he'll make this a test case and push it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, but he made it clear ... he will do everything it takes to clear his clients if they're prosecuted.


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I dont understand WHAT would make a woman want to be in a marriage with three other wives?? Marry one man and hire a housekeeper, chef and nanny.

1468 days ago

Opening up a Pandora's Box    

I will admit I have NOT read all the comments on this board. With that said, I have to ask: Doesn't anyone see the slippery slope we're going down as a nation? If the prosecution of Cody Brown is NOT done solely on the basis that he has the right to practice a religious belief, then what is to prevent another religion from claiming female cir***cision is a practice of their religion, that Sharia Law is a practice of their religion, etc., etc., etc. Many cultures practice religious traditions that are contrary to the laws of the U.S.A. Where in the sand are we going to draw the line?

PLEASE give this practice VERY careful considertion. This issue is MUCH bigger than a man having more than one woman being treated as a wife. This issue is a very real threat to our Constitution in that a religious group can claim an unlawful practice as being done for religious reasons.

Your and my personal opinions as whether or not we "like" the Brown "family", Cody's haircut, the women's self-esteem issues, etc. are secondary. This is a nation of laws. We already have the illegal alien issue to deal with because the law has not been enforced. To have a lifestyle choice protected under the cloak of religion challenging our Constitution could continue to derail Congress from doing the necessary work to get our economic health restored. (H*ll, less urgent issues have already derailed THAT process!) Then when one of the women, or Cody, loses the ability to hold a job for whatever reason, their unemployment issue will be the least of our and their worries.

Without the rule of law, we WILL have anarchy. The line in the sand MUST be drawn NOW!

1466 days ago


Ok calling the ladies UGLY and STUPID and all the names i have read are so CHILDISH ! I do not believe that what they are doing is right. But how many of us are PERFECT ? the only perfect person died on the cross... now, how do we know if they applied for a MARRIAGE LIS. if so, then to me that makes it illegal. if not, then he just has 3 girlfriends and a wife. HOW MANY MEN OUT THERE CHEAT ON THEIR WIVES AND IT TEARS UP THE MARRIAGE.... TO ME THIS IS MORE OF AN OPEN MARRIAGE... I personally could not do it. But to each his own............

1466 days ago


I have always been raised in a monogamos house and was in a monogamos marriage for 17 years, excuse me, a monogamos marriage with a few affairs! I don't think this polygamy thing is all that bad an idea! As long as all the adults know what is going on with each other and are in agreement that it is all ok, then WHO of you shall cast the first stone? Give it up already and let them be a family like they apparently want to be! Everyones idea of family is different!

1466 days ago



i dont see what the prob is if there happy with there life style who are we to judge..... there not hurting no one they just want ppl to see that not every thing u here about there life style is bad... i mean yah its not a life for some ppl but its interesting to no how others live some times..... i mean come on its been a life style of some ppl for a life time and ppl think that u can just give it up its like telling a gay person they cant be gay cuz its the law or they cant be black cuz it the law i mean come on its what they are and how they where raised u cant at and u are wrong for trying to...... there are lots of things i noticed in the show #1 there not forcing there kids to have the same life style there leaving it up to them on how the want to live there life #2 no one is out on what changes are made to the family #3 the all no that in the long run there kids will all was be cared for and loved if any thing ever happened to one of them..... every one can see that those kids are feed clothed and make there own chose to what kind for life the want to live..... i mean yah its not normal to most ppl but than again what is normal... its there life if there happy and the kids are happy who are we to judge.

1435 days ago


Utah law needs to leave the Brown family alone. I have never seen or known a family like theirs but I have to say that I think it is fantastic. I have never seen a happier bunch of people (adults and children alike). I fell in love with every one of them the first time I saw "Sister Wives" on television. Kody is a living doll and you can tell that he loves every single one of his wives and all of the children. They are all committed to their relationships with each other which is much more than can be said for many so called regular marriages. I am not even of the same faith but if I was younger and Kody and his wives would have me, I would pack up and leave Oklahoma and move to Utah to be a part of their wonderful family. I have been in more than one "regular" marriage and didn't get a fraction of the love and attention that his wives receive from their husband.
We all need to leave them alone and let them get on with their lives. Who are we to judge them for what they are doing? They aren't hurting anyone and they all love each other. Isn't that what the Bible teaches? Love one another. You Bible thumpers out there need to look at your own lives/marriages and get things right in your own households and take care of your own lives and quit judging the Browns. Kody isn't out cheating on his wives and his wives aren't out cheating on him. They are working at their marriage, working at their jobs and obviously are busy taking care of their children. I personally find their lifestyle quite refreshing, loving and truly happy. I think the crime would be to prosecute the Browns. We just need to pay attention to our own lives and leave this wonderful family alone so they can get on with their happy lives. Of course they have issues but really who of us doesn't, single and married alike. They have one hell of a support system and they will work through any issues they may have, probabl much easier than those of us who have to work through our own issues either alone or with one spouse. I would love to have such a large support system. I think it's wonderful. I look forward to the new season. I can't wait to see all of them again. So if you don't like the show, don't like their way of life or simply don't like them...just don't tune in. It's a matter of choice so just choose not to watch.

1325 days ago

gladys mejia    

I think people should leave the sister wifes alone.These women have choosen this lifestyle.They are consenting adults they are not being forced to live like this is a choice.It may not seem normal to most people but its seems ok to me these children are not being held back from being involved in normal activites nor are they abused they just have a large family.There is so much bad going on in the world I cannot understand what makes any of us think we have the right to play God and judge these people.We all make choices in our life they may not seem right to others.I am honered that this family was brave enough to share this lifestyle with the world however this might not be my lifestyle I do respect it and have enjoyed learning about it.

1060 days ago
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